My wife at the rehab

My wife worked as an intern in rehab centers. She was telling me about the handicapped toilet being used by one of her patients. This patient of hers was quite grumpy already. She did not want to feel any pain or she would snarl at her. To think that she was a member of a religious congregation. Yes, my wife worked in a convent or a sort of house of nuns somewhere there at the cold part of our country. Anyways, this patient of hers had brittle bones at the age of 92 thus even her toilet seat must be really comfortable and custom made for her.


No more excitement at American Idol

I lost my excitement over watching American Idol! What for? I already know who would win. Adam Lambert! Well, there is no competition anymore. Unless they tell Adam to slow down and give way to other contestants to shine. It is not good for Adam too. You know, it is like winning in a contest where you are the only contestant. I think it is not healthy for him. Maybe he is loosing his excitement also. Well, you know, I would like to watch a game full of thrill. With AI today, it is really lack luster.

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Healthy repair

We are going to do some repainting jobs. Our roof is rusty already and our bedroom is also quite dusty to look out. Summer here is the best time to do those repairs and fixes. I am scheduled to paint our bedroom by Sunday if plans would push through.

As usual, my wife would like to make sure that the paint that would be used is asbestos free. She is afraid we might acquire mesothelioma.

The vulnerable Paula Abdul

I thought Paula was about to cry! I must agree though that Adam Lambert delivered "If I can't Have You" very well. I am just confused though because I thought it was disco night. well, you could dance slow or "sweet" as we term it here in our country in a disco. Yeah, it is not always fast songs.

So, it is already Adam Lambert. He would definitely sweep it out! What is the point of the contest then? Hey, American Idol contestants, wake up! Make Adam at least have a competition.


A talent search!

There is a talent search in the office! I could sing but I am too shy to join. It is interesting because the organizers would pattern it to a popular show here. Have you heard of Dream Academy? Anyways, it is not like that they are going to stay in a San Diego California hotel for a period of time but there would be weekly sessions where the contestants would be taught some singing and dancing styles. The graduation would be in time for our company's anniversary this July. I think it would be exciting!


Simon Cowell: The Antagonist

The judges of American Idol saved Matt. However, Simon, as usual commented...no need to celebrate because two contestants would be eliminated next week. Simon, the antagonist! Anyways, I think the contestants are just having fun. Kris by the way so honest to himself that he is in a stage where other contestants are just better than him. What a confidence? What is he doing there then? Maybe he is just enjoying the limelight.

Yes, it is obvious that Adam, Danny and Allison are better than the rest of the pack but as Ryan says, it is America's decision, still...

Good figure

Oh, my wife was telling me last night that she saw one of her previous office mates yesterday. She was surprised because the lady was so perfectly thin, as she puts it, huh! So, she asked what was her special diet. Fruits, half rice, fish, no meat and no dinner. Now, my wife is attempting to do the same stint. I told her that maybe she could just look for the best diet pills in town rather than punishing herself. Anyways, I am not worried at all. I know that she would go back to her normal eating habits after a day or two.


Kelly Clarkson: a real American Idol

I decided to watch the past seasons of American Idol at Youtube and look what I found! The very first American Idol, Kelly! Now, that is a singing contestant who gave her best, not afraid and really meant some good business. As I am watching AI right now or for the past seasons maybe, I have never really seen someone who could step up the way Kelly did in the first season. Yes, there is Adam right now but still, I think Kelly is better. Well, as they say, the first is always the best one!

Here is the video that made me fall for Kelly.

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Travel necessities

When you travel, there are many things that you pack. My wife is always a girl scout when it comes to that. She thinks of our son every time. She makes sure that our kid has milk, cookies,toys and his medicines. Our son has asthma and the pediatrician said that we should let him drink his asthma medication even before an attack especially if we know that he would have some tiring activities.

I read about this Mexico family vacation package and I am impressed. The site discussed how much it could offer for a stress free vacation. Moreover, since our child is not really an eater of all kinds of food, he could have his own diet there! The restaurants there could cook the food you like and you could even make your own menu. Just in case you do not really bring medicines during your trips, they have refrigerators not just for food but for medicines also! The activities that you could enjoy there are so many to mention. There are ones for both the adults and the children.

Mexico family vacation


A person who could sing and entertains with the X factor

Adam Lambert, 26 years old, the American Idol 2009 winner! Do you agree? After Kris's disappointing performance, he totally lost his chance for the title. Danny is actually my favorite but who would not see the very loud and visible Adam? He is a person who could sing, has a voice and is not afraid to showcase his talent working around that stage and owning it! He had been given a standing ovation already for his Mad World rendition! He deserves it.

Congratulations, Adam.

Now, I have to watch if others could still catch up or would just remain as decorations Adam's show.

Allison has the most distinctive voice though. She has the chance to the top three I guess.

So my bets for this season? Allison, Danny and Adam.

Hmmmmm... all Adams seem real good, huh! :)
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Food and good looks

My wife, instead of losing pounds is continuously gaining it. She was in a party last night and her recent project that involved lots of eating are some of the causes. It is vacation time also and she just stays inside the house. Sometimes, she could lie down all day and just get out of the bed to eat and response to some calls. You could not imagine how big she is now. She needs an ultimate fat burner like Stimerex ES already. I hope it works on her because she is getting desperate with the way she looks but could not give up food. What a dilemma!


Better late than never, my biggest thanks!

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It was time for the pretty face to go

It was the 26th episode of American Idol and Meagan Joy was eliminated. That is the problem with contests, one has to win!

I think After Kelly Clarkson And Carrie Underwood, it has been hard for a pretty face with a voice to emerge as the winner of the contest. Oh, I should not forget Jordin Sparks. Anyways, the boys are real good this time around for the second year actually. Remember last season, David VS David.

Kris Allen , I think is the dark horse in this competition. He could play the guitar and play the piano. Moreover, he really got a sweet face and voice. My wife was swept away by this young man. I think he has some Brad Pitt angle or aura.

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