Certified diabetic?

The triad is polyphagia,polydipsia and polyuria.
I am only guilty of polyphagia, I guess.
I always feel hungry.
Last night, after dinner, I even drank a glass of my favorite drink.
My wife was tryig to tell me to stop.
I told her, I still feel hungry.
Maybe because we are not really water drinkers?
We prefer juice or soft drinks for water.

I have not gone to the doctor after I finished my one month program. I lost weight. I felt better. However, I went back to my old eating habits too.

Anyways, it would be June 1 on Monday. It would be a good date to start my health watch again

The kid in me

Summer is about to start! Where are you headed? If I were to be asked, I would like to take one of those Orlando vacations. There are packages that you and your kids would surely enjoy. How about a trip to the Sea World or play with their favorite cartoon characters, live in person? One of the places I would also like to go is the Universal Studios. You know, picture taking with the stars! I would also like to watch the featured 4 D movies there. I am sure that it would be thrilling! Okay, it is most of all for my kid and of course, the kid in me!

Battle with the bulge

The longest and most difficult battle my wife is still facing right now is her battle with the bulges! Now, she is reading diet pills comparison books. I could not tell her but really, the secret maybe is cutting on her food intake? I might be affected too if I would say that to her! :) I do not want to get hungry! Only she needs dieting. Not me!

Play, fun and more fun!

Who does not like to have the Disney experience? It is both for adults and children. It is fun to see Mickey and friends. Though there is Disneyland in Asia already, I would like to go to Disney Florida. Yes, I would like to set foot on the green land. Why Florida? Why not? There are still more to Florida after Disney! I would like to go to Westgate too! After the play and the fun at Disneyland, there is still more at Westgate! You could enjoy swimming with your kids. You could also do boating and fishing! How cool is that!

In time for the school days

Our desktop is busted! I have been trying to repair it and it is still down for almost five days now! My son is quite sad because he could not play online anymore. My wife does not allow him to use the laptop for computer games. She is afraid that it might be go down too.

Well, maybe it is time for our computer desktop to go? It had served us for more than six years already, anyways. Now, I have to convince my wife to buy a new one. However, I know that he got a point when she mentioned that it is a blessing in disguise. School days are here again and without the computer which serves as a temptation for my son, he would be able to concentrate on his studies.

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So what if he is gay?

Hello to all! I have been quite busy! It is obvious, huh! I have not updated this blog for so long.

So, it was Kris Allen that won the AI season! My wife was right after all. Adam Lambert might have been the most talented person in that contest but it was still a voting campaign? It meant that more people love Kris?

One of my friends who is a gay said that maybe it was because of his admission? I would like to think that it was not the reason. So what if he is gay? I know that America is not discriminatory. People just love Kris.

What could I say? Congratulations to Kris Allen though his triumph is still being questioned by Adam Lambert's fans.


The signal is clear

This new direct TV service gets my interest these days. I am a member of a forum of people who are interested and use satellite service. In our country, there was only one provider of the service until this new provider came into the picture. It is promising as one of the members of the forum posted the screen shot of their LCD HDTV opened showing a local TV show. The signal was really clear!

My nephew and the SD

My nephew was navigating my wife’s phone yesterday. He was so curious about it and he tried to remove the micro sd from its slot. When he put it back, there was a disk error prompt and instruction to remove it then insert it again. He panicked. My wife told him that he had nothing to worry about because he is more important than the micro sd.We could just buy a new one if ever it was corrupted already.

Burn the fat

She is reading a weight loss pill review again! One of her office mates told about her about this diet pill that seems effective to her. According to her colleague, she is only on her fourth day of taking it and she already saw some visible results. Her flabs were starting to feel soft as if the fat stored there are slowly but surely being burnt.


Nobody wants a sickly employee

My wife kept on ranting about her salary increase for this year. She is thankful though about the increase. The company she is working for has always been generous. I asked her what went wrong. She said that her being late most of the time and her being absent from the office when she was sick affected her evaluation. She understand it very well though. She told me that nobody wants a sickly employee.

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Flash that dashing smile

Gone are the days that you are going to wear false teeth or dentures. Though it could still be an option, the better solution now to get to start flashing that dashing smile once again is through dental implants. Okay, I will tell you a secret. I have a fetish for a woman who has complete set of teeth. The original ones, huh! To think that I myself am wearing dentures. I loved candies when I was still a child, you know. Actually, unitl now/ I really could not be proud of my set of teeth . My wife is convincing me to go to the dentist and see what they can do for me. Who does not want a sweet smile, huh?

I hope we have certified dentists like those that they have in Arizona. If you want an implant, go to the Arizona Implant Dentist . But they say that implants are painful. What to do? Nothing to worry about because the Arizona Sedation Dentist would take care of that. Actually, there is a site called http://www.azimplantsedation.com featuring implants services that they offer. You could also see pictures of the before and after teeth of the patients. What great about the site is you could also ask an Arizona dentist questions. It is like having a dental consultation online .

It is Kris Allen in the finals!

So, my wife's still correct after all! It is Kris Allen in the finals! I think if only Adam Lambert is not a better singer, Kris has the chance to emerge as the winner!

Kris really has the charm. I am sure he got more votes more than the other two contestants!

I am not excited to watch the finals though unlike the past seasons. Why? Because the winner is obvious. But you know what? I think there are more people who like Kris.

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Step by step towards success

What do you look for a Branding Agency? Do you look for something that could provide you with the marketing plan so that you could put a mark in the business or moreover be on top or be BIG! Then you need brand identity guru to help you. Especially if you are just going to start your own business be it an online business or not, you need an extra hand to help you with the marketing side. Actually, BIG could give you more than letting you be known in the industry that you would go in but it would also help you create an image that would be instilled in the minds of your target customers. I think it is very important. You have to be a household name. You do not have to be generic. You must have a brand! You must have a sounding recall.

Brand identity guru could help you with your logo design which is another aspect of creating an image. Most people are visual thus a logo is really necessary. Other services that they offer are brochure printing, brand roll outs and web design.

It is time to get BIG. Let you be guided step by step towards success.


Kris or Danny?

Okay, I would watch the AI episode today. Well, not until 7PM here in our country. I do not like to see the final three performance at YouTube or at AI site. I want to see it on TV. Anyways, I would just like to know who would join Adam Lambert in the finals. Kris Allen or Danny Gokey? My wife loves Kris because of his boyish look and he is really charming to girls. However, Danny is more talented?

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When you talk about Branding, what comes into your mind? My wife said that the products and the services of the company she is working for are now branded. Since she works for customer service, she said that she is not sold to the idea that they would provide customer service according to the brand. Meaning, those who pay high would get better service. Those who pay low would still get the usual service but not as much as those who pay high would get. She told her Boss that she thinks it is discriminatory. However, in a businessman’s point of view, I know where they are coming from. A brand or a good brand is something that you worked hard for. It is not something that is given to you right away. Thus, a good brand deserves all the perks that would be given to it. Just like a good product or a branded product, it has a corresponding price tag compared to the generic ones, right? That is because that product could be better thus it has a loyal follower and really popular. Branded as it is.

Even services could be branded. Good or bad? New or old? Even blogs could be branded. How about you, what is your brand?

The most delicate issue between husbands and wives?

It is hard when money becomes an issue between a husband and her wife. They say that it is the most delicate issue of all and should not be talked or discussed about. WRONG. Let us face it. Money should not be an issue when it is enough. But, when you could not make ends meet, you really have to stop and think and talk about this or else you would go bankrupt.

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Seek help from the experts

My wife asked me recently to think of a good business. Saving money is not enough because it is just it. Yes, I feel some pressure because I am the man in the family and I really should be the one to make sure that our future is secured. But, how and when to start? I am really not comfortable of spending the whole chunk of our savings to a venture that I am not sure would succeed.

She suggested that maybe we could offer services online. After all, everybody is into internet these days thus there would be a sure market. Now, we have to at least have the idea or the data of who the internet users are and what they want. After that we could decide on what service or product to offer. Next is to work on our image or what you call, Internet Branding. I am thinking of hiring the services of Brand Identity Guru. I read from their site that they could really help us to get BIG. I know that success would not be overnight but still it is best to seek help from the experts. By doing that, I could even save time and would be able to jump start my internet business the soonest.

Brilliant minds

I think I should work for a Marketing Company. I have lots of ideas inside my mind about certain products or am I just that opinionated. Really now! I proposed an idea to my boss last month and she said that she would study it first before giving it to our marketing arm. I told her that it was fine with me because I would just like to suggest it because who knows, if it might be a successful one and might help our company. Actually, I was not really expecting anything for me. All I wanted was to help our company in this time of economic crisis. It came to her anyways that everything starts with a single idea. Anyways, maybe she was too busy and I got no news about it anymore. Guess what? Our competitor is now offering the service that I proposed to my boss. Well, I did not inform her about it anymore because it might add salt to the injury or it might just be as awkward.

Anyways, for a company to succeed, it should listen to brilliant minds that have colorful imaginations that might just become real and be a success in the future. If you could not afford your own marketing arm, then you could always depend on project staffs or outsource it.

Up to the minute details

How important is Corporate Branding to a company? I worked for a duty free shops store and the owner of the company was very particular from the very minute detail to the most complex ones that had to do with the business. I was a store manager and he had some expectations of me. Beginning with the employees, my boss would like us to project an image of quality and good customer service. However, internally, he would like a line between the higher ups and those who are just employees in his eyes. I was sort of jolly to everyone and I treat all as my equal. He said tha t it was wrong and bd for the image. He said that how would the customers know that I was the boss if I was not acting like one? According to him, there was a certain formality that a manager should possess towards his subordinates. He would like us to act and dress like the high and mighty. He said that it all starts on the outside then everything would follow. He would like us to have a class brand.

That particular store is still living up to its brand until now. It is known for that.


Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all!

My wife had been receiving mother's day greetings since 6AM. Let me share to you one text message that she received:

Mothers are the sweetest gift from God to us. There is no way we can ever really thank our Mother for all she does for us nevertheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us. Mother's Day is the best time to say in words how much you love and care for your mom.

Mother's Day


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New house for brother

My brother is now looking for a Moving Company. Yes, they are moving to their new house sometimes next month just before the classes begin here. I am so proud of my brother. Before, his mindset was different regarding owning your own house. I would like to be honest that for the longest time, we lived at a place where rent was even free! Eventually, there came a problem thus they had to move out and really rent a house where they could live. It was not hard before because they only have few things and the distance from their original place to the new one was just a breath away, like a five to ten minutes drive only. Now, it is different. They have lots of things to move out and their new home is really far as in twenty to thirty minutes away. He really has to find a good moving company. He should find an enclosed van especially that it is raining here most of the time. One whose personnel and staff could help him also with packing and maybe give him storage services also just in case that his things are too many for his new house.

Congratulations again, brother!


Let them lead you

If you are an insurance agent, you know very well how important a life insurance lead is. That is where your income actually depends on. If you got no lead then you have no one to sell to. Good news! There is a site that could guide you to get them. The fee is minimal compared to the prospective clients that you would be able to get from their leads.

Healthy living

It is raining here! Time for some coffee and conversations. As we smell the coffee aroma, I and my wife talk about anything under the sun...err under the rain this time, lol! My wife is getting more conscious nowadays. Diet? Oh, she just finished reading phenphedrine reviews. Actually, she said that what concerns her more right now is healthy living in general and not just losing weight. I would like to support her as always. She just gained two pounds though and I think that makes her rethink about health over and over again. That would pass, I am sure.

Kris Allen: Charm, good looks, talent and that X factor

Okay, I did watch the eliminations night of American Idol for the top three. Allison is out! I love this girl because she really got the talent in singing. She lacks charisma though. Maybe because female population dominates the world? Also, not everybody loves a rocker? I think the AI organizers tried to pull it up for her making it rock theme last night. Still, it's charm, good looks and X-factor that matters. Yes, some talent too!

Congratulations to the top three especially to Kris Allen. As I've said before, it would be Adam Lambert to win.

I enjoyed the show today seeing Paula and Chris D. performed. If only for that, it was still worth watching. I missed Taylor Hicks though.

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What coin do you have in mind?

My wife was cleaning the house and she found an old silver coin. She asked me if it belongs to me. I told her that I did not have a silver coin. She was wondering if it was made of real silver. It looked nice and still shiny eventhough it was already old. She kept the coin and put it in a safe place.

That got my interest to search for silver coins and its value. Who knows? We might have found a gem! If so, then we might invest on something like that. Anyways, I should be getting more silver coins from the trusted company in US that is Monaco Rare Coin company. They could even locate a specific coin you might have in mind.


Good business

I want to build unique hotels if would be given the chance to do so. Big dream, is it not? Anyways, my wife’s boss is a contractor. They had built big buildings before and houses. I was able to visit one of their projects located in one of the tourist spots in our country. In that same town, there are already boutique hotels. These were featured in a morning show. Now, my wife’s boss is thinking of venturing into that also. Well, you always have to find new ways to improve towards the satisfaction of your clients. Now, that would mean good business.

Boys are conscious too

One of the dreaded things during adolescence is pimples! Those break outs would eventually develop to acne if not properly treated. Sometimes, they say that it is in the blood. Believe it or not, all of us boys in the family got so conscious about it and we even used astringent to clean our faces religiously every night. It paid off for me but for my younger brother, until now he has some pimples that appear on his face from time to time. He is now looking for the top acne treatment.