Brilliant minds

I think I should work for a Marketing Company. I have lots of ideas inside my mind about certain products or am I just that opinionated. Really now! I proposed an idea to my boss last month and she said that she would study it first before giving it to our marketing arm. I told her that it was fine with me because I would just like to suggest it because who knows, if it might be a successful one and might help our company. Actually, I was not really expecting anything for me. All I wanted was to help our company in this time of economic crisis. It came to her anyways that everything starts with a single idea. Anyways, maybe she was too busy and I got no news about it anymore. Guess what? Our competitor is now offering the service that I proposed to my boss. Well, I did not inform her about it anymore because it might add salt to the injury or it might just be as awkward.

Anyways, for a company to succeed, it should listen to brilliant minds that have colorful imaginations that might just become real and be a success in the future. If you could not afford your own marketing arm, then you could always depend on project staffs or outsource it.

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