Best time to shop?

It is 5 months and 24 days to go and it is Christmas time! Yeah, time flies so fast. Were you able to finish your goals for the first half of the year?

My ever cool wife who would always like to see the brighter side of things greeted me a Happy July first! What is good about July first? She said that it is the best time to shop to avoid the Christmas rush. Huh?

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Medical products for home use

I want to live long but I am afraid to be old and sickly. My wife studied geriatric rehabilitation and I was able to read some of her books also. I read about the need to use hydrophilic catheter and so many other things that an aged person needs especially when some his body systems are not that functional already. Well, it is a choice between wearing adult diapers or use of a catheter.

I would like to thank those who are continuously working hard to find ways to improve life. I must admit that this early, I am conditioning my mind that all of us will get old. All of us might need to be aided by medical products to survive.

I think even this early, we should invest or buy some health products and equipments. We already have a blood pressure monitor and of course a nebulizer which is being used by our asthmatic son.

Anyways, the best cure is still prevention.

Live a healthy life and live longer fruitfully!

Women and weather

I had the regular flu shot this year. For three days now, I am suffering from sore throat, cough and colds. It is really irritating. I do not like colds at all. I feel weak and moody. Maybe I caught the virus or I am affected by the fickle minded weather. In the morning until mid afternoon, it is always extra hot, as in real sunny. After 2PM, expect a heavy rain. I do not bring umbrella or raincoat always.

They say that women are like the weather. That fickle? I could tolerate their changing minds... what I could not bear is when they start to talk and do not stop at once. :)

Elvis and Michael

The rumor that Elvis did not actually die when they said that he died years ago was or is still being believed by the many. Now, it is Michael. Some people are saying that he might not actually be dead? Then, why come up with that pronouncement?

I do not think that death is something that should not be taken seriously. No one should play with death. Also, who would like to die? I do not think that Michael would like to exit like that.

Souvenir items

One of the things that the wedding coordinator thinks of is the wedding souvenir. Before, when you attend a wedding, expect that you would be given a candle or a picture frame or a figurine. You know,those usual stuffs. Today, there are so many unique wedding favor ideas to choose from. The last time that we attended a wedding, we received personalized chocolates. I think it is more practical. How many of us keep a cabinet with those tiny items? Better give something edible. The taste of that chocolate would forever linger in the memory of those who attended your wedding. Moreover, you could also give something that is usable like a tote bag, perhaps.

Anyways, leave it to the wedding coordinator? If you do not have one, http://weddingshop.theknot.com might be able to help you.

Computer mechanic

Go home early, Daddy! That was my son told me when I left home this morning. Well he knows that I am going to buy the needed parts for our desktop. He misses the computer a lot because he is only being given an hour to play.

My wife was constantly reminding me and sort of warning me to make sure that I would buy the correct parts. You know, I am not a computer mechanic. She was convincing me to just bring the computer to the repair shop. Or, maybe just buy a new one this December. But, I and my son could not wait anymore.

Anyways, I would give you an update if I am successful in the repair or not.

I am sunrise

You Are Sunrise

You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.

You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward.

Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.

All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.


Women love jewelries!

My sister loves jewelry. I have not given her any gift for her birthday the past years. Bad brother, huh! She had sold almost all of her true jewelries and she has stopped buying jewelries. Life is hard and she has two sons going to private schools. Education has always been her priority for her kids.

From time to time, our cousin abroad is sending her designer jewelry pieces. It makes her feel good. You know, women. They love bags, shoes, clothes and jewelries!

I am now secretly looking at a designer jewelry site that sells affordable costume jewelries. I am planning to buy some pieces for her and for my wife. They would never know how much is the real price not unless I tell them. I am sure that I could make them smile!


Sports minded

I think I need a new pair of eyeglasses. I thought my wife was searching for New York Yankees tickets all the while. Well, she was searching for New York State licensure exams requirements. Maybe I just incorporate New York to the Yankees. Who would not agree? Well, have you reserved your tickets, New Yorkers?

Here in our country, the only sport that I have watched live was the college Basketball tournament. That reminds me. I have to bring my son to sport events so that he would have some inclination to it instead of playing computer games the whole day.


I want to see my grandchildren

So, Michael is really dead! Thank you to Sandee for providing the link. It is confirmed. Now, I fear for my health. Okay, I am 48 years old. No, I do not want to die at 50. I still plan to see my grandchildren here on earth and never from above yet. My son is very young too! He is only five!

Before, I was telling myself that I do not like to get old, old. Or, maybe old and lonely? That is right. When I got married and now a Dad, I would like to live for as long as I can.

Death is fearsome. But, it is real. It would come to everyone. Let me be the last, please.

Study table

We need to replace the lamp at the living room. It is dim and not very good for reading. My son usually does his homework at the area. I am now looking for discount lighting because of budget considerations. Better yet, my son could just study somewhere else in the house where there is better lighting.

I am also thinking of making a study table with installed lighting so that it would really be more conducive for learning. Moreover, my son's eyes would not be harmed because of insufficient light. He could see his notes well.

I could still remember the one I made for my wife when she was still in College. If only I could pull that out from their old house. However, nobody lives there anymore. Too bad, she was not able to bring it here. Anyways, I would just make a new one.

Walk or jog

We have a treadmill in the house. Actually, we have other gym equipments. Call us health buffs? Well, we bought the treadmill four years ago and it still looks new until now! Nobody is using it. Now, my wife is thinking of selling it. She bought it for around 11K and someone is interested to buy it for only 5K. I told my wife that maybe if she is going to use that treadmill then she could get more than the monetary value it could give. Yes, those unwanted fats might just melt every time she walks or jogs on that treadmill.

Be healthy again

My wife is under strict blood pressure (BP) monitoring for two weeks. Her recent BP reading during her Physical Exam last week was 120/90. The doctor said that it is not good for her age and weight. Again, my wife was advised to lose some weight by good diet and exercise. Yesterday, she started her aerobic exercises but she only lasted ten minutes and she got tired already. But, it is okay. She is just starting. Now, regarding her eating habits, that she could not control. Maybe she needs to take an appetite suppressant this time. Well, she has to consult her doctor about it first.

I want my wife to be healthy again in the real sense of the word.


Goodbye, Michael?

MJ is in the news! He is dead? They said that he died of a cardiac arrest? Is it really true?

He is 50. Still very young!

I hope that a formal announcement would come out soon.

I do not want to believe hearsays... or I do not hear what I do not want to hear?

Yes, things that we could not accept, we hope that those are not true at all.

If Michael is really dead... let us all pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

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Read and check the labels

I like the new TV commercial of my son's favorite milk. It is very informative. It focused on the sugar content of the product compared with the other two equally popular milk product brands. It did not mention the other two brands but only identified as S and L. My son's milk is Nido. The commercial said that Nido has the least sugar thus we are getting more nutrition and value for our money. I am glad that we made the right choice. Thanks to my wife who is religiously reading labels.

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Sleep early, wake up early

I have not been around. Busy me. Classes here in our country already started. M son is in Prep now! I am so happy for him. He was excited to go to school. Would you believe that his schedule is 7AM? Even I could not get up in the morning to go out of the house that early! However, he sleeps early and wakes up early. Somehow, he understands and could calculate his need for sleep. Ha,ha,ha!

Til next time folks!

It is never too late

They say that regretting something could never be done first. Regret is always at the end. I should have taken any of the available online college courses in information technology because that is what I really want. I think I would excel in that field. Is it too late? Not at all. There is no required age nowadays. Anyone could go back to school and get a diploma without sacrificing their present jobs. Of course, it needs time and dedication. The school of choice is Capella University which had been in the business for more than ten years already. It had served more than 20,000 students from different countries. So, why not try it?

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Think more than twice

It is hard to decide especially when it seems that you really do not have any options in the first place. How ironic, huh?

I could still remember when I made the decision to go back home. There were rumors that our shop would close. I did not want to be jobless thus I just resigned from the job. I want to leave with pride, I guess. Now, our shop is still there, going strong. Did I make a wrong decision?

Before jumping into something, think many times.

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Always covered

When I was still working abroad, I remembered that my wife presented to me some travel insurance quotes. She said that her boss actually has this travel insurance so that he is sure that he is always covered. I did not listen to her. I told her that my company already paid for my travel insurance. She said that it was just the regular insurance that was required for every passenger. My wife wanted me to get a more comprehensive one.

I do not like to go bald

I color my hair. Okay, I am that conscious about having gray or white hair. Well, it shows my real age. Thus, why not hide it by using hair color? I know that it is not usual for a man to go for hair color. Moreover, I do the coloring on my own. Why not? There are many hair products available for sale. You just have to follow the instructions. How about another aging problem that is hair loss? Well, that is one thing I think I should give to the experts. Yes, I am considering to undergo hair loss treatments in the future. I do not like to go bald.

She is afraid to lose me

I ride the motorcycle. My wife always reminds me to wear my helmet and be careful at the road. I completely understand her worries because there have been many motorcycle accident reported cases that she saw in TV. Sometimes though, my wife has this long litany of what ifs and how should. She said that there are no lawyers here like that of a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney who would make sure that you get your claims or even more. I just laugh at my wife every time. She loves me so much and is afraid to lose me.