Medical products for home use

I want to live long but I am afraid to be old and sickly. My wife studied geriatric rehabilitation and I was able to read some of her books also. I read about the need to use hydrophilic catheter and so many other things that an aged person needs especially when some his body systems are not that functional already. Well, it is a choice between wearing adult diapers or use of a catheter.

I would like to thank those who are continuously working hard to find ways to improve life. I must admit that this early, I am conditioning my mind that all of us will get old. All of us might need to be aided by medical products to survive.

I think even this early, we should invest or buy some health products and equipments. We already have a blood pressure monitor and of course a nebulizer which is being used by our asthmatic son.

Anyways, the best cure is still prevention.

Live a healthy life and live longer fruitfully!

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