Like father, like son

We are a family that loves music. I could sing and so does my wife.One of our fondest memories as boyfriend and girlfriend was when I played the guitar while she sang to its melody. Pretty romantic, was it not?

We are thinking of enrolling our son to a piano class. Another option is , a piano teacher could just come to our house for his piano lessons. We just hope though that our son would love to play the piano. If not, I could just teach him to play the guitar. Like father, like son?

Good job, Mr. President!

I am not talking about Obama here or about the president of our country. We have a woman for a president, here! Anyways, I am talking about the president of our home owners' association. I think he is doing a good job. Our house is opposite their house. This morning, we were awaken by the barking of so many dogs. Apparently, there is an anti-rabies campaign going on. There is free rabies vaccine for all the dogs in the neighborhood.

Yesterday, there was the owner of the popular junk shop in town collecting all the old newspapers, plastics and used bottles and other kinds of useful junk. That is a lifetime campaign.

He has other projects and one that I would like to materialize involves security. Our subdivision does not have a security guard. Anyways, we are a small community. I heard also that others do not like to pay additional monthly dues.

Anyways, I would like to say thank you to Mr. President for all his good projects. I hope he reads blogs. Well, we are not that close and I am not really into politics. I prefer to stay at the sidelines.
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Loneliness has to end soon!

Believe it or not, I am looking for wholesale computers. I would like to give my nephews who do not have a computer yet. I think that it is a very good gift for Christmas. Actually, I want one for myself too. The desktop computer in the house is ruled by my son and the laptop could only be used by my wife. You know what? Whenever both of them are busy with their computers, I feel left out. Nobody talks to me and I just have to watch television to entertain myself. Anyways, that would end soon. I hope to find a good deal because I am planning to buy two to three units of computer.

The most useful electronic equipment

One of the most used electronic equipment in our house is the Linksys router. It is really very useful. My wife could bring her laptop almost anywhere in the house. Actually even our nearest neighbor could get some wifi signal. Well, sorry but upon learning that, I have to put a lock code so that we could control who could access our internet connection.

My idea of a family vacation

Our son always dream of a family vacation at the snow. Yes, playing with snowballs and making a snowman. His idea is that he has a baby brother or a sister whom he would throw snowballs at. He said that there would be two teams. He would team up with me and the supposed little brother or sister would team up with his Mom. It is really funny.

Anyways, that is not my idea of a family vacation. I want to go to a private resort by the beach where we could enjoy exotic food and good service. I would like to go to a place where I could really relax. I read that in Mexico, there are so many private beaches, virgin at that.

Maybe when my son is bigger, we would fly him already to different places. As of now, we have to content ourselves with the swimming pool.


Gates issue: a classic case of misunderstanding and miscommunication

The neighbor was concerned. The black man was sensitive and tired. To add, he might have been so much tired from his trip and he could not enter his own home. Then came the police, who just responded to the call of the concerned neighbor... however, the police do not know every face of every owner of each house, right? I just do not know how was the approach of the policeman in trying to identify or to catch a suspected robber who happened to be the actual owner of the house. Oh, how difficult the job of a policeman could be, right? What if the reported two black men were real offenders? I am sure the story would go the other way or be totally twisted.

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Everybody gets sick these days

Everybody gets sick these days. Yesterday, we heard that my nephew fainted. Maybe due to so much stress. He and my wife work for the same company. My wife assisted him with his health benefits by coordinating with the HR department. I would visit my nephew this morning for a visit. My wife already interviewed him and according to her my nephew was dancing when he fainted. After that he vomitted. His mother worried about him so much. Though the health benefit is the benefit that nobody would like to avail, it helps in emergencies like this.

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Thinking ahead

We would like to manage our finances. No, we are not that rich. actually, we are just starting a life. We are still young on the so called life, really. We have lot to learn. In Filipino, there is a saying that we still have lots of rice to eat. We have not really taken this matter seriously in the past. However, we noticed that our child is growing bigger and we would like him to have a better future. Except for this house we are living in, we do not have any other thing yet to give to him just in case we would be living the earth soon. No, we are not going to another planet. You know what I mean. Anyways, the first step, I guess is to know our credit standing. Do we have to hire an accountant? How about getting a credit report?I think that it would be easier. I believe that in the US, you could get a free credit report? Good for you, guys. In our country, I have never heard of such. We just know our credit standing whenever our application for a loan is approved or not. If it is approved, it means that the bank trusts you and believes that you could pay. reading about credit report, I think that if we have that here in our country, then we could do away with much paper work. I read that a credit report actually contains your personal, financial, and employment history. Though there could be cases that there are some discrepancies, you could always dispute that and it would be updated, right? I have not really been researching about credit report here in our country but I might just do that next time. If there is none, then I think that we should have one. I am sure that if we would be provided a totally free credit report, then many would get one for themselves.


New account?

I am watching a late TV show right now. You know what? The term they are using for a new relationship is "new account". Funny, huh! Well, it is supposed to be a late comedy night talk show. Anyways, it keeps me awake and keep me company as I watch my son who is sleeping here at the living room. He does not feel well and needs more ventilation. Our living room has the biggest area in the house.

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No wasted effort

Infliction of personal injury is actually a very common case. However, I think that it is actually one of the most neglected cases also. Meaning, more often than not, such case would just be dismissed. That is very true for our country. I never heard of someone or an attorney here that is very much like that of a Morristown personal injury lawyer who is an expert in such cases. If there is one here, then maybe the victims of personal injury would really pursue his or her demand without hesitation that his efforts much just go to waste.

The authority figure in the house

My brother has a twelve year old son who is beginning to be confused about himself. It is hard to bring up a teenager. i was able to experience it when we were all still single. Of course the one who was responsible for the younger ones would be the older one. I have three younger siblings. The girl who came after me was easy to manage but the two younger boys, it was real hard.

I have a son and this early, I know that if not guided properly, he might grow to be spoiled being the only son. I am glad that he sees me as the authority figure in the house. I am more the disciplinarian. His mother is more tolerant.

Well, we parents can only do so much. After doing our best, all we could do is pray that our kids would grow up to be the persons that we want them to be. As our prayer goes, to be God fearing, God loving and a good member of the community.

One year supply

One of my brothers work for a construction company. He paid a visit last weekend. He was inviting us for the birthday celebration of his youngest daughter who happened to be a nurse. My niece graduated last year and also passed the nursing board the same year. Oh, my brother could never be so proud. One thing that he does not like though, it is whenever her daughter tells him of so many kinds of diseases like mesothelioma. That worries my brother because he is exposed to asbestos. I told him that his daughter is right. You know what he did? He bought one year supply of masks.

The daughter who loves gadgets

My friend's daughter loves taking pictures and videos. After taking some shots and motions, she would write something about it in her blog. She is nineteen years old. She is studious too and as a matter of fact, would already be graduating from college this March. For her thesis, she asked her Mom for a laptop! her mother gave in to her request since she knows that her daughter really needs it. Just a while ago, my friend called me and is asking about camcorders. She said that her daughter is asking for a camcorder this time. Well, I do not see anything wrong with it since it is a good investment. If they buy one, they could use it for a long period of time until they decide to replace it with a new one. I just told her to choose a good brand.

Stomach health

If there is an honest review about a colon cleanser, it is the Colonix review. It tells about the pros and cons and the precautionary measures that you need to keep in mind when you start taking the product. I never read such a review like that.

Anyways, I might start looking for a good colon cleanser. It is very important especially for me because I was diagnosed before to have some stomach bacteria. I spent a hefty sum for my previous medication. They say that I should do some detoxification at least once a week or better yet, avoid oily foods.


Thanks for the rain

I do not know if many people love the rain. I do. I love the rain. I would like to go out of the house and literally sing in the rain. I always think of rain as a blessing. Imagine, free water from the heavens. I love to water the plants and I do not have to that when it rains. Maybe I was a frog or a plant in my past life.

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My nurse friend

I am excited for my friend who is on training as a nurse right now. Well, she is already a registered nurse even in US as she recently passed the CGFNS. She would really like to land any of those jobs in health care. She would like to serve as a nurse. I admire her determination. She is one workaholic person. To think that she is still single and does not have much responsibilities like me. I pray that after her training, she would get that slot in one of the prestigious government hospitals here. She does not think of the salary anymore. She is more of to be able to use what she had learned and practice her profession.

Pretty and proud

Pretty and proud, is it not? That is how I see this elliptical. My wife is begging me to buy another exercise equipment. I am thinking of buying this elliptical. What do you think? I just hope that she would use this and would not just be another display in the house like the treadmill. It is rainy season here and we could not go out to jog or walk outside or else we might catch flu. Thanks to the inventors of these running machines, we could exercise at the comforts of our own homes.


Trendy look

Shopping is one of the things that I also like to do. Ironic for a man? Anyways, what caught my attention the last time that we went to the mall were those branded eyeglasses. I do wear eyeglasses already and I am thinking of replacing it. There are designs that I liked but those would not fit in to the budget. Then I remembered the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. Yes, I could just search from there the design that I liked.Great news for parents who have kids who need prescription eyeglasses. Buy your children not only one but even more than two of those eyeglasses. It would also encourage your kids to wear the eyeglasses for better vision because of trendy looks available.This optical shop is now becoming more and more popular these days. I hope you catch Zenni Optical on TV!!!

Well, let your kids choose what they like and say, High Five to Zenni Optical!

Earth Song by Michael Jackson

This is one of the videos I love. This portrays Michael Jackson's love for the Mother earth.

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Pure gold

They say that everything would go down but the price of gold would not. I believe so. Actually, I am in favor of investing in gold. It does not have to be in form of a jewelry as women see that as an excuse to buy more jewelries that sometimes I find useless. I might be more convinced if you would ask me to invest in a gold bar or even gold coins. After all, appraisers or gold investors go for the actual grams of gold and do not look at its design or any other form of enhancement. Pure gold is still better.

Satellite disc piracy

Satellite disc piracy. Have you heard such thing? Well, who would not like nice TV reception for a one time fee?

I pity those who invested for that satellite signal.

We are paying monthly service fee for our subscription. Most of our neighbors do not. I already warned them that their service would disappear in no time because they are sort of just robbing it somewhere. In a nice manner of course.

do I envy them having the service for free? Not at all.

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