Thinking ahead

We would like to manage our finances. No, we are not that rich. actually, we are just starting a life. We are still young on the so called life, really. We have lot to learn. In Filipino, there is a saying that we still have lots of rice to eat. We have not really taken this matter seriously in the past. However, we noticed that our child is growing bigger and we would like him to have a better future. Except for this house we are living in, we do not have any other thing yet to give to him just in case we would be living the earth soon. No, we are not going to another planet. You know what I mean. Anyways, the first step, I guess is to know our credit standing. Do we have to hire an accountant? How about getting a credit report?I think that it would be easier. I believe that in the US, you could get a free credit report? Good for you, guys. In our country, I have never heard of such. We just know our credit standing whenever our application for a loan is approved or not. If it is approved, it means that the bank trusts you and believes that you could pay. reading about credit report, I think that if we have that here in our country, then we could do away with much paper work. I read that a credit report actually contains your personal, financial, and employment history. Though there could be cases that there are some discrepancies, you could always dispute that and it would be updated, right? I have not really been researching about credit report here in our country but I might just do that next time. If there is none, then I think that we should have one. I am sure that if we would be provided a totally free credit report, then many would get one for themselves.

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