Good host

Having a free hosted blog is really cool! You know, having your own space here at the web for free! However, they say that if you would like to have more control, you should consider hosting it to a private web host or paid host.

So far, I have not encountered a problem in this blog. Maybe because, it is just a personal blog and I am not really using it for business. It has some assignments, yes but I think that it is still of a personal blog. I did encounter though one blog with a very high traffic that I could not open or if I would be able to get in, it would immediately go down. That is because of a limited disk space? I really do not understand those technicalities yet.

I am sure that many of us are into paid hosting already especially those who decided to make it big on their blogs. For those who are interested to know more about hosting just like me, I suggest http://wpdesigner.com/. Maybe you already saw some of the featured web hosts there form affiliate ads. It is still good to learn more about them and each of use deserves a good web host or if not, just stay where you are now.


Valuable coins

I am fascinated with rare gold coins. Coins have this certain beauty. I think that is a form of art. It is! Coins are carefully designed. Moreover, coins are durable to stand the test of times. Historic, even, right? This potential could be the reason of Monaco rare Company to venture into the coin business. I guess, if you have the rarest coin in town, that could make you rich, right? Come to think of it, I should keep some of the present coins and put it in a safety box. I shall label those coins and tell my son about it. Well, who knows? In the future, the coin that we have now could have a very big value.

If you want to build your own coin portfolio, contact a Monaco representative now!

Peace of mind

Hoping for a take three!
My wife could not sleep again. She took an exam and she thinks that she missed out some questions. She is now praying that hopefully, she passed.
I guess, she has to pray hard.
I also hope that she would be given another chance if in case she really did fail.
Knowing how OC she is, I am sure that she would try to find out her score today.
For her peace of mind!

do not be a worrier

Time management. Time to work. Time to sleep.
When you have lack of sleep, what do you do?
My wife had lack of sleep yesterday. She went to bed at around 2AM and had to get up by 6AM. Well, she was sort of worried about her office mate who was shot. The guy is fine now though still at the ICU.
Now, my wife said that she had lack of sleep.

Do not be a worrier.
Entrust everything to the Lord.


I have skinny legs. Yes, I have to have some leg workout. I am not really into sports. Well, I do not like to sweat. I mentioned before that we have sort of a mini gym already having a treadmill, AB trainer, dumbbells, and other exercise equipments. I noticed that we do not have a pedal exerciser yet. I have been going through the products of AllegroMedical.com and I saw this pedal exerciser. I think I need that for my skinny legs, eh!

There are really many good products at AllegroMedical. I even found Polar Heart Monitor. I just do not know its use yet. I was just curious. There are diabetic supplies too. Check it out!


Things you do not like to hear

My wife has been quiet lately. I do not know what is running inside her mind but I like her being quiet. Men do not like loud wives, right?

My intuition was right. She was trying to tell me something. My wife is always careful about my feelings. she does not like to make me feel down or uninspired. That is why, when she has problems, she keep it to herself.

This morning, she finally spoke out. She said that she is afraid that there would be a retrenchment at their company. Moreover, she is afraid that she might be included. well, I just encouraged her that maybe it will not happen to her.

My wife is ready though. We have not been rich in our lives. We just live a simple life. Her only worry of course is our son. We want the best for him and to do that, we have to have jobs to earn and have money to spend for all his needs.

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Another honeymoon

I read from one of the celebrities that I follow that he has a travel emergency. Maybe he would like to visit Europe again with his wife. Oh, what a beautiful place. I think they had their honeymoon in Rome. This time, they already have a beautiful daughter to tag along. Honeymoon baby? That was four years ago. No wonder, he is having this urge to travel.

I would like to go and ride the plane real soon also. I miss the clouds and the vast sea. It is relaxing. I hope we could really have that much needed vacation soon. Another honeymoon for me and my wife? Why not?

We start our diet today

Well, we decided to stay home today. I just browsed through the pictures I took last time. I came across this one:

Aerobics forever, huh! I told my wife to join the club. She said that exercise has proven to beone of the best fat burners but it is tiring. She would prefer to take pills. Well, if she could lose weight while sleeping, she would definitely choose that option. Lol! No pain, no gain, Honey!

Today, she said that we will start our diet again. Yes, that includes me because I am also not a healthy eater. Well, for now, she only has one rule. What is it? A serving of vegetable at least once a day.


Health update: A malingerer?

I came home and I told my wife that the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me. My wife laughed. apparently, she had just told my sister about it.

The doctor asked me to do some arm motions and some finger motions. There was no limitation of movement yet I complained of pain? The doctor was confused. She just based her prescription based on what I told her. She said spondylolysis even without seeing my x-rays. My wife told me that it was not right, no wonder the doctor did not write her diagnosis on her RX paper with her name and license number. Wife said that I would just be given a placebo treatment and it would be even noted in my record that I am just malingering.

Maybe they are all right.
I am just afraid to grow old.
I want to immediately arrest any sign.
How could you run away from the truth?

Solid foundation

My sister's eldest son would be graduating in College this year. At long last! That was what came out of my sister's lips with a big smile. She is really happy and this early, she is looking for the best tuxedo for his son. She said that it is one last shot. She is expecting that after buying the graduation suit, all the expenses would be over. It was not easy for her bringing her child to College. She is joyful to know that at least, she was able to give his son the greatest gift, that is education. That is already a solid foundation for his future.


I could see and feel that my wife is not happy with her present job already. However, she does not like to undergo any kind of pre-employment screening anymore thus she decided to stay with her present employer. Well, it is really hard to find a decent job these days. Perhaps, she could just channel her energy to more positive thoughts like the generosity of the company she is working for.

In life, sometimes we get bored or seeks new challenges. However, there are things that we have to consider like responsibility.


We went to the park last weekend and my son had a blast! I am glad that there are many swing sets, see-saw sets, slides, and monkey bars set up that could accommodate many children. Well, yes, we did enjoy some swinging too!

This morning, my wife woke me up by the sound of her aging washing machine. She said that she would like everything done by Sunday so that she could have a real rest by then. I told her that I am thinking of another picnic at the park. She gave me a look.


Signs of old age

I am only 48 years old yet I feel that I am really that old. I am suffering from arm pain and I do not know what it is. My wife said that it is because of the fusion of my C6 and C7 vertebra thus the nerves exiting the vertebral foramen are being impinged. I really do not know.

I decided to go to the doctor today. My wife advised me to go directly to a specialist. I wanted to seek second opinion. The opinion of a professional and not of my wife, ha,ha,ha! Well, she is a graduate of a medical course and she reads a lot. Actually, you could already get all the answers from the internet. I just want to be sure and get the right prescription maybe. I have been taking pain killers lately and my wife had been constantly reminding me that it would be bleeding of my stomach that would be next in line if I continue to do so.

I have a sort of a health card. Thanks to the company my wife is working for. However, the outpatient benefits are limited. My wife asked me to go to the hospital where the laboratory fees are cheaper. Yes, there is no standard laboratory fee here. It depends in the hospital. If you go to an expensive hospital, then the fees are more expensive too. Well, it is in the amenities? Like in my favorite clinic, it is air-conditioned and you could watch TV while waiting for your doctor.

My wife had been praying. She believes in miracles. Yes, she believes that prayers could heal me.

Then it all boils down to a change in lifestyle. I guess, we should really be following a strict diet coupled with exercise and good habits if we would like to live longer.

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The sexiest woman for me

I was able to say to my wife before that outward beauty really fades. I do not know if she took it seriously but it started her journey to lose some weight. I might have hurt her feelings then? I hope not. I just hope that the diet pills that she chose to buy would really work for her. I could see her struggle with the flab. If only I could do something to help her. I just tell her that she is the sexiest woman for me. :)

The perfect wife and the perfect girlfriend

I fell in love with her a month before she was about to turn eighteen years old. I was already thirty years old then. Yes, we have a twelve year gap. Everybody objected and somehow doubted my intentions including her late Dad. I actually doubted myself also. Today, she is already my wife for ten years. We had a long term relationship of 8 years before we got married. Come to think of it, we have been technically together for 18 years. That is something, huh!

Our relationship was not perfect. Just like any relationship, it had its ups and downs. She had always been submissive and very understanding. She accepted me and forgave me every time I commit mistakes. I could say that she was the perfect girlfriend as she is the perfect wife today.

I could not say more about this lady in my life. All I could hope for and pray for is more years of togetherness and happy memories.
Today is our tenth year wedding anniversary!

Not a single centavo

One thing that I am proud of about my wife is her being wise about our finances. I worked abroad before and whatever amount I sent her, she did not spend a single centavo. She did invest it though at certain things like this house we are living in right now and she got a life insurance and an educational plan for our son.

Today, she does not stop and still look for free insurance quotes, house and lot quotes, and others from friends, newspapers, and the net. Well, she said that there might be something for us there and we just have to find it.

No shoes and clothes this time

Whenever my wife sees something that she thinks I like, she would call on me, Honey,Honey come here. She shouted so hard that even the neighbors could hear. That is how she gets excited most of the time. Anyways, today, she called me because she was browsing through the web and she saw a very nice outdoor furniture set. She said that it would fit my project. I told her that it could also be used indoor. What she saw was really pretty. I am glad that she is sort of shopping for household furniture and items today instead of shoes or clothes, lol!

My son's favorite stores

Going to the mall is really fun for my kid. He has his favorite stops. Number one for him is of course, the toy store for obvious reasons, huh! Well, it is a good thing that we could negotiate with him regarding what toy to buy. You know, some toys are expensive and some toys are more affordable. We go on a certain budget and we could only spare a few pesos for his toys. Well, our son is kind and has simple happiness. He just wants to have something then he would keep quiet and would ask us to already go home so that he could already play with his new toy. That is when we get somehow impatient especially when we are not yet finished with all our errands. What we do is my wife and I have to separate. One of us would just go on with the errands and the other must bring our son to his second favorite store. What is it? The pet supplies store! He loves it there! He has a fish for his pet. He also likes other animals but for now, a gold fish is enough for him. I think he could not maintain or take care of a dog or a bunny yet. In the future, maybe.

The shrimp story

My wife was craving for shrimps. It was already eleven AM and she wanted to eat shrimps for lunch. We decided to just buy fresh ones and cook it on our own rather than eating at the nearby restaurant. Well, it would be cheaper and we could splurge on a kilo to compare with four to five pieces being served in the restaurant. So, off I went to the grocery store with my motorcycle. I arrived home at around 1230 PM. My motorcycle stopped and needed some repair. That was one of those times that I wished I had brought a motorcycle jack so that I could easily find out for myself what went wrong. Anyways, it was just a spark plug and good thing that I was able to buy one at the repair shop which happened to be two blocks away from the place when my big bike stopped.

All's well that ends well. We were able to eat that very hearty lunch. My wife was satisfied. I wonder what she would want come dinner time.

The meaning of Cory

Last August 5 was a de ja vu for many Filipinos. The spirit of Ninoy Aquino seemed there at the funeral march bringing the former president of the Philippines to Manila Memorial park for her body to lay and rest. Thousands of people waited at the cemetery while the others accompanied the truck bearing the lady from the Manila Cathedral to the cemetery. It was around eight to nine hours until the final ceremony and finally the coffin was put in the grave.

The present government was pleading for the opposition not to use the death of Cory Aquino against the administration. IMO, the mere mention of the name of Cory Aquino is already a political statement. Cory Aquino means EDSA revolution. It means freedom. It means democracy.

Cory Aquino is now in heaven. She might be dead here on earth but definitely, I know that she would continue to watch over the Philippines. She is even more powerful now because she could go directly to the One Up There to ask her favors and not just by mere praying. ;)

thank you to shenbrood of photobucket.com for the image

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Rain or shine

The weather here is very fickle. In a minute, the sun would appear. After a few hours, it would rain. I admire the construction workers who brave the season. Our neighbor's house is somehow being renovated or let us say that the second floor and the third floor are being built. It has been two weeks now and the boys do not stop even if there are heavy rain showers. I could relate to them. I was once a construction worker. I am more involved in the electrical jobs, though. Thus, I do not have to weather any storm.

Something that you could afford

My wife believes in insurance. She said that it is force savings. It means that we really have something to look forward to in the future because it is just like a time deposit but longer. What more? You are covered. If something unexpected happens to you, you have less worries or the one that you would leave would be more secure. She said that there is actually no risk because you can find cheap term life insurance rates. That is why others are afraid to get insurance. They are not sure if they could pay the monthly or quarterly dues. In my own opinion, it is better if you get the plan that is suitable to your needs and something that you could afford.

Remembering Mom

Today marks the death anniversary of our mother. It has been a year since that very sorrowful day. I woke up with a call that our mother left us already.

I could still recall a week before her death, I and my son passed by their house and brought her some rice cakes. She was very happy. She loved sweet food.

I know that she is at peace right now.

We would be having a celebration of her first death anniversary later in the afternoon. There would be a mass offering for her soul. Then, there would be some food. I would cook merienda for everybody. It would just be only a family affair though. Everyone who would remember is welcome .

Wherever you are, Mom. Please continue to be our angel.

photo credits: BetoMatheus from webshots.com

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