Health update: A malingerer?

I came home and I told my wife that the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me. My wife laughed. apparently, she had just told my sister about it.

The doctor asked me to do some arm motions and some finger motions. There was no limitation of movement yet I complained of pain? The doctor was confused. She just based her prescription based on what I told her. She said spondylolysis even without seeing my x-rays. My wife told me that it was not right, no wonder the doctor did not write her diagnosis on her RX paper with her name and license number. Wife said that I would just be given a placebo treatment and it would be even noted in my record that I am just malingering.

Maybe they are all right.
I am just afraid to grow old.
I want to immediately arrest any sign.
How could you run away from the truth?

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