The meaning of Cory

Last August 5 was a de ja vu for many Filipinos. The spirit of Ninoy Aquino seemed there at the funeral march bringing the former president of the Philippines to Manila Memorial park for her body to lay and rest. Thousands of people waited at the cemetery while the others accompanied the truck bearing the lady from the Manila Cathedral to the cemetery. It was around eight to nine hours until the final ceremony and finally the coffin was put in the grave.

The present government was pleading for the opposition not to use the death of Cory Aquino against the administration. IMO, the mere mention of the name of Cory Aquino is already a political statement. Cory Aquino means EDSA revolution. It means freedom. It means democracy.

Cory Aquino is now in heaven. She might be dead here on earth but definitely, I know that she would continue to watch over the Philippines. She is even more powerful now because she could go directly to the One Up There to ask her favors and not just by mere praying. ;)

thank you to shenbrood of photobucket.com for the image

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