My son's favorite stores

Going to the mall is really fun for my kid. He has his favorite stops. Number one for him is of course, the toy store for obvious reasons, huh! Well, it is a good thing that we could negotiate with him regarding what toy to buy. You know, some toys are expensive and some toys are more affordable. We go on a certain budget and we could only spare a few pesos for his toys. Well, our son is kind and has simple happiness. He just wants to have something then he would keep quiet and would ask us to already go home so that he could already play with his new toy. That is when we get somehow impatient especially when we are not yet finished with all our errands. What we do is my wife and I have to separate. One of us would just go on with the errands and the other must bring our son to his second favorite store. What is it? The pet supplies store! He loves it there! He has a fish for his pet. He also likes other animals but for now, a gold fish is enough for him. I think he could not maintain or take care of a dog or a bunny yet. In the future, maybe.

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