Signs of old age

I am only 48 years old yet I feel that I am really that old. I am suffering from arm pain and I do not know what it is. My wife said that it is because of the fusion of my C6 and C7 vertebra thus the nerves exiting the vertebral foramen are being impinged. I really do not know.

I decided to go to the doctor today. My wife advised me to go directly to a specialist. I wanted to seek second opinion. The opinion of a professional and not of my wife, ha,ha,ha! Well, she is a graduate of a medical course and she reads a lot. Actually, you could already get all the answers from the internet. I just want to be sure and get the right prescription maybe. I have been taking pain killers lately and my wife had been constantly reminding me that it would be bleeding of my stomach that would be next in line if I continue to do so.

I have a sort of a health card. Thanks to the company my wife is working for. However, the outpatient benefits are limited. My wife asked me to go to the hospital where the laboratory fees are cheaper. Yes, there is no standard laboratory fee here. It depends in the hospital. If you go to an expensive hospital, then the fees are more expensive too. Well, it is in the amenities? Like in my favorite clinic, it is air-conditioned and you could watch TV while waiting for your doctor.

My wife had been praying. She believes in miracles. Yes, she believes that prayers could heal me.

Then it all boils down to a change in lifestyle. I guess, we should really be following a strict diet coupled with exercise and good habits if we would like to live longer.

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