Kids are innocent. They are pure. They do not know yet what lies ahead. They just depend on you.

We are trying to fix our things, err, our house when my son reminded me about his Paintball jerseys. I told him that I just have to buy him new ones. We have to buy new clothes, actually. It is not that all were burnt in fire but all are wet.

I found this store, ZephyrPaintball.com. Well, it could answer for all your paintball needs. I am happy to know that there is free shipping and the price is also reasonable.

It is written

Life is like a library owned by the author.In it are a few books which he wrote
himself,but most of them were written for him.

Harry Emerson Fosdick

True, is it not?
My wife will be on leave from the office for four days.
She will stay home, or she will make another home?

After the flood has taken away most of what we have...

She has to stay with me as we face this challenge in our lives.

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After the rain

It is a Sunday morning.
I almost could not sleep last night or could not sleep at all.
I was not lying on my own bed.
I was in another place.

It was a shocker.
I looked at my son.
He was so innocent.
He was crying last night, saying let us go home.

I praise God this morning.
That we are alive.
That we are safe.
That we could start a new.

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Meet Mickey

I am imagining I and my son holding Disney Tickets and we are about to ride the plane going to Orlando! Actually, my son has not met Mickey Mouse yet. He is into Tom&Jerry, Ben10, Diego&Dora and other cartoon characters but not Mickey yet. I am sure he will love Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters once we go in Disney. When that would be? When we got our visas already! Paging, US embassy!

If we culd not visit US yet, maybe we will settle for Hongkong. However, I really do not know if other attractions like Epcot Food and Wine Festival at the Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot theme park, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are also available there.

Farmville tutorial

I think I need a farmville tutorial. My wife was telling me about her officemates who are addicted to farmville. Well, I love to go on farming, real farming. Maybe, playing Farmville will be a good practice. When I have time, when I have time. Right now, I still have other things to do.

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Many people are stranded right now. Those who went at the office are stuck inside the buildinh. Others wanted and insisted to go home, now they are stuck in traffic. What is happening? The worst typhoon hit Manila after so many years. I feel devastated. My wife is at her office. I told her to stay there because the roads going to our place is closed. Besides, she is safe where she is right now. I hope the typhoon will leave soon.

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No more asthma

The most important medical equipment that we have inside our house is the nebulizer. We have been using it eversince my son was diagnosed of asthma. Thank Heavens, he has not been experiencing any attacks lately. Maybe his system has been immuned to the allergens causing it. I really hope so. It is hard seeing him suffer from shortness of breath every time his asthma attacks. Good thing we have the nebulizer to arrest the condition.

Sense of security

My wife would like to resign from her job. She said that the only benefit that her company could boast of is its health benefits for employees which has an unlimited coverage. However, who would like to get sick? She said that there is an affordable health insurance which we could always purchase if what we want is the sense of security that we will be accepted at any hospital that we would like to go to when the need arises. I told her to think not just once or twice but many times. It is hard to find a good job nowadays.



We really need to have a first aid box inside our homes. For those needs, you could shop at Allegro Medical online! Yes, you could find there everything you need.

My friend who is thinking of going to riviera maya vacations is already packing some things and I told her not to forget medicines , band aids, rubber bands, gauze and ointments. She is already excited to feel the natural beauty of Mexico. Actually, it would be a second honeymoon for her and her husband. They only have one child and they want more! I hope they could make twins there!


Boxing Sunday

Yes, it is Boxing Sunday once again. Though we will be watching it on a delayed telecast here in our country, I am still excited and expecting a good fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez. I actually woke up early and started washing clothes and cooking for lunch. Yes, it is me and not my wife. I could sense that she is tired from a whole week of work. She is not saying it but she seemed worried about some things again. She is quiet this time. She did not eat much last night. Well, she does not have to tell me. I know her. I hope that whatever is bothering her would be gone in a second. Right now, she is still inside the room, sleeping.

Okay, I have an hour to finish all tasks and be able to sit at the couch!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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New TV

Our television set is really old. We have been using it for more than seven years already. I would like to buy a flat screen TV by December. During our recent visit to the malls, there are flashing designs that I really liked. Moreover, there are promotional offers like TV packages with another free small appliance, an extended service plan, and another option to buy another big appliance for a discounted price.By December, by December...

Ready for occupancy

We went to a housing project yesterday. No, we are not going to transfer to another house in the nearest future but we are trying to search for a new place. My wife told me that her office mates are excited about this new subdivision thus we decided to take a look at the model house. The unit is not really that outstanding. The door knobs are ordinary. There are no finishing touches yet. You will get a bare house upon the turn over. Well, it is affordable, that is why there are only few units left. We were able to speak with an agent and she mentioned that there are house owners who are into reselling. Now that is what we wanted. We would like a place ready for occupancy. The new subdivision is only in its ground breaking phase. Yes, no roads yet, just plain farm land.

Getting serious

My wife was chatting with her friend who is in USA last night. Funny but they are talking about some serious matters rather than the usual women talk like shopping, huh! Our friend was asking about Blue Advantage. My wife is not an insurance agent but she somehow understands the insurance system. This friend of ours is thinking of getting an extra health insurance. She wanted a more comprehensive package.

Design the box

We have so many empty boxes inside the house because of our recent moving in. Now, I am thinking of how to recycle those and put it into a good use rather than throwing them away. I think I should buy a box cutter. I would also do some research of designs. I went to a bookstore yesterday and I should have bought that book about recycling things. I might just go back there today to finally buy it.


Good referral

I could still remember my previous boss and office buddy. Yes, he is one and the same. It happened that this manager of ours was very friendly. One time, he asked me to find him a nice place with a beach and a golf course. He mentioned about Myrtle beach golf packages. Funny, he was asking me to search for it yet, he already had one in mind. Anyways, he made my job easier. Maybe somebody referred that place to him. Well, Myrtle is such a nice place. I hoped that he asked me to with him. I really do not know how to play golf but the place is very beautiful to resist. Good referral!

I am her bestfriend

I was not able to sleep well last night. My wife came home late and asked me a hypothetical question regarding work ethics, memos and others. Well, I used to issue memos since I was a boss before.

At first, she presented it as a theory but eventually, she said that she was sort of involved.

I really appreciate it that we are having some bonding again. Well we have not been talking to each other like that for the longest time. She told me that she needed to talk to me so that her worries would be away. We slept at around 1AM already...and we have to wake up at 530AM as always...

I saw in her facebook account or twitter, I think that she is thanking God for having me as her bestfriend.

Thank you too, sweetheart....

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