Yes or no

We always have this conversation before going to sleep. My wife always does create that so that she could keep me awake while she watches her favorite TV shows which happened to be at late prime time. Thus, we normally go to bed past twelve midnight. You just do not know how much I love sleeping. While I was trying to read about affordable term life insurance rates, she popped the question which was our topic for the night. She asked me if I will say yes if ever the Lord Above will give me another chance to life. Yes, granting that I will go to heaven, huh! I answered ,NO, NO MORE. It is not that I do not like or am not contented with my life right now but as I see the world right now, it is not a safe place anymore. Anyways, I already know the life here on earth so I might just enjoy the eternal life there, right?


There is an answer

It pays to read reviews be it a movie to watch or a new product to try. Just do not let those reviews make decisions for you though it is the purpose. Seriously, you have a choice. Even if you are already inside, I am sure that there is always a way to get out of it. That is why, it is best to get something that promises some guarantee, right? It also applies to web hosting. My friend told me that she got the best mysql hosting. That is as far as the review from WebHostingChoice.com is concerned. She told me to go to this site and read about web host reviews so that I could finally decide to get my own web host. My friend has her own web host already and so far, she is happy with it. What she values most is the always available technical support whenever the need or any problem arises. But, what about me? It is hard to get into something that you actually do not understand.

So, I took a peak at webhosting choicecom and I really like the site. I particularly concentrated on the frequently asked questions. Well, almost everything inside my mind was there and has an answer!


Trying to improve my Alexa ratings

Most bloggers know the importance of high Alexa rating. Since I have been away from real logging for almost a month, the Alexa rating of this blog dropped to more than 5 million! That is really bad for our online friends. That could be the reason why they are not that visible lately.

Today, I tried doing some EC dropping and commenting on blogs that I feel like commenting. I am also making a new list of blogs to drop on. I saw that those in my lists are blogs where the writers have not really been updating. If they have no time to write something in their site, then maybe they do not have time to return the EC drop too. I do not want to be compensatory though.

Anyways, I have a few friends in the blogosphere and I thank them for always dropping by. Special mention to Sandee of Comedy Plus. Well, she does not tire in leaving comments here. Thank you, Sandee.

See you in the blogosphere, folks!


The name to beat

More than five million! That could be the price tag of gold bullion? Maybe when I got a bunch? Ah, I am talking about my alexa rating. I have not been blogging much and that is the end result.

I am busy thinking of ways to improve our family income. We sort of have to start anew because of the recent flash flood that hit our town. Almost all of our personal belongings vanished. Just like that! My wife saved some of his gold jewelries. That really made me realized that buying so many unimportant things is not really smart. Buying gold or other precious metals are better. I should have listened to my wife in that aspect. however, we should always make sure that we buy from a trusted source. As of precious metals, Monex Precious Metals is the name to beat.


I hope to be back

Except for some assignments, I have not really been into blogging lately. As I have written in one of my previous posts, we lost our desktop because of typhoon Ondoy. It was washed away by the flash flood. We were able to save my wife's laptop. However, she does not allow us to use it as we use our desktop. I understand her. That is why, I could just write an article or two from time to time. I have ceased EC dropping too. Some of my favorite bloggers already dropped out from EC, though. I guess, I really have to do real deal blog hopping and commenting now if I want to improve that Alexa rating at my sidebar. It is down,down,down to more than 3M now! I think not everybody would like that especially my very good friends.

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No to dark circles

I want the dark circles around eyes, around my eyes to disappear. I look like I lack sleep all the time. Moreover, I look sick. I never really stay late. I always sleep on time. I know the importance of an eight hour sleep.I just do not know why these dark circles appeared and threatening to stay! Yes, you can say that I am vain when it comes to my face or my looks. Why should I not be?

Buy smart

It is back to school after two weeks of vacation after the biggest typhoon that hit our place. It was only yesterday that I realized that we lost so many things including my favorite high fashion eyeglasses. Now, we have to buy new pairs. Thank you to Zenni for their $ 8 Rx eyeglasses . if you have friends or kids who needs prescription eyeglasses, you do not have to buy the expensive ones. You will get the same quality with Zenni's eyeglasses. This is the answer to the question, How You Can Start Spending Smart? Start with buying affordable eyeglasses without sacrificing quality and durability.


New desktop

I need a new desktop! I do not have a computer anymore! The laptop adaptor/charger is also broken! Well, good thing the internet connection is working fine. But, what for? Oh, that is one of the worse effects of the typhoon to me! Pretty shallow huh!

Seriously, the recent typhoon, Ondoy that hit the Philippines has worse effects. It destroyed so many properties. Most of all, it destroyed spirits. I hope that the spirit of my son who had to be put in a plastic basin or else he would drown was not damaged. My wife, eventhough she does not talk about it that much, I know, is worrying inside.

Amidst all of this, thank God we are all alive!

Real rest and relaxation

We are almost done in fixing our house. Cleaning the floors and washing all the clothes inside the cabinets have not been easy. My wife endures all of that. Actually, after today, she would be back in the office after a very long leave. This is not a good vacation at all! What we have in mind are beautiful places like condos at gulf shores alabama! You know, enjoying the view and the sun while having a massage by the pool or by the beach would be perfect! That is real R&R!

My college bud

My College bud Auggenne is one of those cross country movers. She always say that or tell about that experience whenever we meet. Well, she is a travel PT. Thus, she said that better have a van where she could put all her things. There are months that she would really move from one country to another and stay in one then move again. Pretty tiring but she enjoys it! Oh, how she love to travel!

Wave goodbye

We have been working straight hours for the past eight days. We sweat a lot. Oh, if only you could smell us. Indeed, we could have lost some pounds because of this. I noticed though that my wife is still gaining weight. Well, maybe because of the pressure, she tends to eat a lot. She finds relaxation in eating. Who does not? Grabbing our favorite chocolate bar from the refrigerator has been tempting and she could not help it. Now, I hope that she does not forget the best weight loss pills that she was planning to buy before. I know that she still would like to lose some of her fat. I hope she would really try to wave goodbye to those flabs soon!

Excited for Halloween

My wife loves receiving Halloween invitations. She wants our son to enjoy parties with kids. This early, she is already thinking of the costume that our son would wear. Last year, he was a witch boy. He is big right now and looks like an eight year old boy in his age of six. Maybe we should be more creative this time.