Awareness on Asbestos Effects on Health

What is important is we are alive! That is what I hear everybody saying. The recent crisis in our life made me realize so many things. One, material possession is not important at all. These things could just disappear or be taken away from you anytime. The good thing, you could always replace a TV, or a computer when you already have the money. What about health? What about life? Irreplaceable! We have to stay safe and healthy. To do that we should be aware of certain diseases like malignant Mesothelioma that I am sure we are not that informed that exposure to asbestos might lead to that. That is why, we should always be careful. I am now planning to have our second floor be constructed, maybe by January and I think we should rent a place first where we could stay. Simple exposure to cement dust may be hazardous to our lungs.

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