Dad and son time

My son sees me as the wolf in the house. He is afraid of me. I am the disciplinarian. I sometimes apply an iron hand to him especially if he is getting unruly. He loves to test my patience. I do not let him succeed though. He knows that I will always win over him.

Tomorrow, I will take him to Spongebob! That will be my reward to him for being a good boy. Tomorrow will also be the last day of their second grading periodical test. For at least an hour or two, he will see me as an angel.

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Four front teeth

Four front teeth? Could you imagine it? My son has it! Now, I might need a Plano cosmetic dentist because of this. At six, my son has not been to a dentist yet. I know that it should not be the case. I am proud to say though that he does not have any tooth decay yet. He has not experienced tooth ache also. To think that he does not really brush his teeth three times a day. Maybe because he is not fond of eating chocolates and candies. Moreover, he is not into solid food yet. There are only few kinds of food that he eats.

Going back to his four front teeth, the usual two front teeth are now at the front line.Those two move forward. Then another set of two front teeth grew. I really could not explain it but when he smiles, he has four front teeth!

Make them smile

The shipping boxes are ready. These are loaded with gifts for all! Why? It is Christmas time! The smell of imported chocolates, apples, ham, cheese and the Christmas air is around the corner! People who work abroad are somehow expected to send something to their loved ones here in the Philippines. I should know because I was once an overseas worker too.

Christmas is lonely when you are far away from your friends and families. Knowing that you could make them smile by the small things that you give to them would make it lighter and somehow make you move those facial muscles upward too!

Great bonding moment

Indeed, watching the Pacquiao- Cotto fight was a great bonding moment for all Filipinos around the world. My brothers came over to watch with us. My wife also watched with us and she was the most hysterical every time the PacMan received a punch from Cotto.

It was a very good fight. Of course, a Filipino won. But, I admire Cotto. He seemed pure and a family man. Untainted...

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In time for the Holidays

Holiday Fun Eyeglasses are perfect for the season!You could actually buy many as long as you choose the $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. Very affordable, indeed! There are so many designs available especially if you look at the New Arrivals! Yes, there are many choices. I am wearing eyeglasses and it is high time for me to buy a new pair. I have been using these pair for almost three or four years now. That was just the length of time when I replced the shades with the reading lens. Meaning, the frame has been with me for almost a decade!


Save time and money

I had as a Boss, one of the most successful businessmen in our country. He is quite old now and his children inherited his businesses. Yes, there are so many of them. The kids or the business? Both! Kidding aside, my previous Boss is really a successful man. He is very industrious too. Hes still works yp to this day. He also has businesses in other countries thus he tours the world within a year in every year. That is how hands on he is in his ventures. He wants to see it for himself. He is quite strict and is in full control all the time.

I wonder if they have tried the online business. I hope he will. He has many retail businesses and selling online would be a good idea. Since the products he sells are already known or already has a name, all he needs is how to market it online. I think that there is somehow a different attack when your shopping mall is really at the malls or if your shopping mall is actually at the world wide web. Thus, he needs the expertise of a Marketing Company that could help him jump start his online business. Well, I am sure that he has a marketing arm in his company. Still, hiring experts in the online business would save him time and money.

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Be known

Because of reading about SEO Boston and what it could do for your business, I now have a better grasp of what search engine optimization (SEO) means. I tried searching for my blog and I was quite disappointed because I got tired of clicking the pages yet I was not able to find it. The secret is in the keyword used. I changed the keyword and finally, I saw my blog in the search engine. I tried searching for another word, this time the word laptop. I was expecting to find a famous brand at the top five spots but I was wrong. It was another site that is at the number one spot. well, being there, many should have read or took a glimpse of that site. That is the start. Someone has to know your site first. You have to be introduced. After being introduced, then it is now up to you. If your business is good or your products are proven to be of good quality, then definitely people will keep coming back.

So, what do you think about search engine optimization? There are free trials that you could try or even free analysis of your site. I think I might just try that in the future. For those who are in the online business, you really need this.

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You could be big too

Branding is really important. It is like a tag or a mark or an identity. A product is naked without a brand. If you would observe products and services that have been here for decades and are here to stay for long, it is because those products are good brands, so to speak.

Inside our homes, what products do we use? I am sure that you are using branded products from your toiletries to laundry bars and other cleaning products to bigger items like your clothes, shoes, appliances, you name it. I think even the nails you used in building your house is branded or at least came from a construction company with a name.

When we shop, what do we usually look first? Branded ones, of course. Just like me, I am looking for a new desktop computer. I want a branded one. Good thing that there are many branded computers already. There is a wide range of choices now. A branded product does not have to be always the expensive ones. It could be affordable too. There are products that are being patronized by consumers because of its affordability yet of high quality standards.

If you are looking for help to market your product for it to have its own brand, you might want to seek the assistance of http://www.brandidentityguru.com/. Who knows? You might become BIG too!

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Fight the virus

Much as our son loves to wash his hands, he loves hand dryers too! It started when we brought him to restaurants. Of course, he has to wash his hands every time. His favorite part is the drying up. Now, he is asking us to buy one for our home. Kids are really innocent sometimes. But, washing the hands is a good habit. It is just that, even in school, his teacher informed us that our son always stays long at the comfort room. After a while, she will find out that my son is playing at the sink washing his hands. Uh,oh!

Come to think of it, why didn't I took a video of him while he washes his hands? There was a contest in the office before in connection with the wash your hand campaign to fight the AH1N1 virus.

Floor area

That is our flooring after Ondoy, the typhoon. We used to have vinyl tiles. Would you believe that those vinyl tiles were older than our son? We have a choice to put those back or maybe just let the floor like that forever as my wife always says. She has not recovered yet from that disaster. According to her, she is afraid that there will be a flash flood again that will wash away all our things. I told her to forget about it. I am thinking of putting area rugs and maybe a carpet. Tiled flooring will also be good. There are lots of things to replace.

Saturday make up classes

It is a beautiful busy Saturday morning. It is like a weekday because everybody has to wake up at 530AM! Son has to go to school for his make up classes as mandated by the department of education. Students here in our region had a two week rest during the typhoon Ondoy and its aftermath.

Hohummm!!! I am sleepy. Tomorrow, finally, time to rest? Maybe not until the afternoon. My wife already prepared our clothes for the morning mass tomorrow.

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