Sugar free

I want to cry! Well, as a man I should not. All is just inside my mind. I did not control my diet and now, I really have to use that treadmill that seemed waiting for me all these years! I am certified diabetic. I am still at this hospital bed with my blood sugar being monitored. I am quite ashamed of myself. You know, it is hard to be sick. Being sick means extra expense. I could not compute the budget in triples! Sugar free items are really expensive.


Like a King and Queen

My wife has been telling me about Cancun All Inclusive Family Vacation. Well, that is her technique when she wants something. She will feed your mind with ideas. As a result, you will then be the one to sort of initiate or suggest the thing that she really likes to do. Clever, is it not?

By March, I think we really need to have some breath of fresh air. The four corners of our house is already suffocating us. Lately, she told me that maybe other couples do not fight because they have a maid or a house-help around. Wifey seemed exhausted already from all the household chores and office work.

So, what is her idea of a family vacation? A place where everything that we need is there. We do not have to bring anything like a bulky stroller or packs of medicines. We just have to go there and relax. A few days of being treated like a king and queen.

It is Christmas once again

Exactly one week from now will be Christmas time! Are you finished with your holiday shopping? I am not much of a gift giver... sorry friends! Kidding aside, I really prefer to give cash to my loved ones. It is easier and more practical. I leave the gift giving to my wife. However, I know that we have to teach our son the importance of giving or sharing... yes, the it is the thought that counts value... My wife is an expert on that because she is very easy to please. Give her a note and she will cherish it forever...

Giving gifts should come from the heart and should not be an obligation. You should not be forced to do that.

Christmas time now is very commercialized. People even tend to spend beyond their means just to comply.

Let us all think and remind ourselves what Christmas is really about.

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Motorcycle riders

There are many people who prefer to ride a motorcycle nowadays. It is faster and lighter and most of all, it is very affordable to purchase a motorcycle. The missing item is SAFETY. Yes, it is never safer. However, it depends on the rider as always. Even if you are driving a car if you are really reckless, then there is no difference.

I ride a motorcycle. Could you see me in the picture? No, I was not there. : )

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Comfortable and safe

There is only one hospital that we go to whenever any of us gets sick. That is because of its cleanliness and non-hospital like atmosphere. The hospital is complete with different kinds of exam tables to accommodate both child and adult patients. I could still remember when my child had to undergo series of lung X-rays at different views. During normal lung X-ray, the patient is usually standing. That time, my child had to lie down on that exam table. It was comfortable enough because it has cushions and wide enough so that the patient will not fall down.


Give me a new mobile phone

I need to buy a new mobile phone. The one I have has been with me for decades. Of course, it is only a figure of speech. But really, this one is an unlocked phone given to me by my cousin. It is pre-owned by her. It is still working but out of model already. I want a new one, please. I think it will be a good Christmas gift from wifey. I hope she will hear me! Give me a new mobile phone, please.