Popular gift

Paper. My wife loves paper. The journal 1st anniversary gift that we received on our first wedding anniversary, she still has it. She also collects stationery and post its and index cards and others. Sometimes, I could not get it. Anyways, I just think that it is a very affordable collection compared to others like shoes, bags and slippers and jewelry!

A journal, together with planners and calendars has always given out during any occasion. It is a popular gift. I am sure that you receive one this Christmas! I did!


Act now and save

It has been a year! Almost. Well, with only few days left, let me be the first one to greet you Happy 2011! Another year to make plans. I dare not to look at my previous resolutions because I feel that I was not able to accomplish anything. You know, all those things I wrote about savings and investment like buy gold bullion and all. We have not really realized that yet. I know that we should not be hard on ourselves. One of our friends always says that life is short and we should make the most out of it. Live and let live? I do not know… Our son is only seven years old. I always put that inside my mind. His future is very important to us. Thus, I guess, we should stop procrastinating. We should act now. Plans are good. Implementing is better. Benefiting from the previous two is best!


Weight loss or weight gain?

My wife has been going out lately...a lot! Eat there, eat here, eat everywhere! She already gained ten pounds! Blame it to the season? Just a while ago, her friend posted the picture of the blueberry cheesecake that they tried at a Vienna cafe. She said that it was very delicious. She also mentioned that she will try that in our favorite bakeshop. I cannot help but comment that she will definitely need weight loss products again. She said that maybe she was able to buy the wrong supplements, instead of weight loss tablets, she got the weight gain supplements. I could not agree more!



We were shopping for toys yesterday. My son's favorite cartoon character is Ben 10. Well, thank you to the show. There are popular items and even collector's ones and I asked my son if he wanted one of those. His expression was, "a trophy"? It really made me laugh. Maybe he was able to say that because we just saw some baseball trophies in gold. It happened that Ben 10's figurines were also made of gold.


Focus on weight loss

Okay now. The problem of my sister and my wife and all overweight women in the world is how to lose weight. Obsessed sometimes but yes, they are always backsliding whenever the see cheesecake! Well, good food is really irresistible. At least, they will be able to lose it again by dieting afterward. Yoyo, it is.

Health is wealth. Obesity should be out of the picture. How can somebody really stay focused in losing weight? It is not me, asking.

In my eyes

My wife woke up at around 4AM. She said that she is going to the surgeon very early in the morning for wart removal. I told her to also ask about home remedy for blackheads. She has so many blackheads too. She is a very busy person and sometimes, she forgets to take care of herself physically as in her outside appearance. Anyways, she will always be beautiful in my eyes. I hope she reads this. ;)

Taste test

I think it is time for our son to go back taking multivitamins. We have given up to the fact that he is not ready yet to take in solid foods. What? How? You may ask. Yes, he is not lie other kids who love chicken and spaghetti. He eats noodles though and yogurt and potato chips of a particular brand only, and of course, his milk. He even failed his exams about different kinds of tastes in Science because he really does not know or have not tasted yet sour and bitter. Maybe we have not taught him also about sweet and salty... but his favorite chips flavor is sour 'n cream! His yogurt is more of sweet and sour too, right? Anyways, I know, we have to focus on that in the coming days.


Quality and time

I can do it in a minute. I can do it in less than one minute! The time left in the dashboard said that I only had less than a minute to submit that assignment! Yey! I was able to do it! I just do not know if what I have submitted makes sense. Hush, hush you can say. Anyways, I am back on track. I somehow lost or forgot the password for this blog. Thank you to Google that it is very easy to request for password reset.

So what is new with me? I will be turning 50 by January! My wife told me that we should celebrate it in a big way. Well, I want a gadget instead. As usual, huh!

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No more what if

My business partner before asked me to invest in gold bullion. I was not that decisive then or should I say that I was afraid to let go of a big amount of money especially that I am not really a businessman. I am more of an employee, meaning work under someone and be paid regularly rather than be challenged and be my own boss. Should I say that I regret that decision? Yes and no. The money that I was bale to save lasted us for many years. But then again, it lasted and was depleted. What if I invested some of it in a business? There is the what ifs! If ever I will be in that position again, I will definitely do things that I think will be for the better. I will definitely shy away from indecisiveness and no more what ifs!


Everyone is into diet

Facebooking. Everybody is dieting. I wonder why there are still no ads about appetite suppressants over the counter. Almost all of my wife's friends are into this lifelong diet struggle. My wife herself already lost some pound, real ones after almost seven years. ;) Seriously, she is now down to a XL from 2XL. I just do not know after a week or two because she went back to eating... Yes, she sort of lost her appetite because of this beverage. She stopped for a while because of the colds thing. She believes that she will not get well if she will continue dieting...

Colds, colds go away!

All of us are down with colds. It might be because of the change in weather. Too bad for our kid who has asthma. Right now, he could not eat anything because he will just throw it away afterward. He is lying down at the couch right now and trying to feel better by watching his original favorite cartoon show... Dora, the Explorer! He learned speaking the English language because of that show. Thanks to his Mom too, of course.

I hope that son gets well soon before Monday. School time!

Who is the best?

There has been a very long debate about the best diet pills for women. One company claims that their product is the one and the other company also does the same. The battle is with advertising and endorsers. Posting of testimonies in written form and pictures of before and after are always included. But you know what? The real one or the person who is to be congratulated for any successful diet is the dieter herself. Do you agree?

Be updated

One of the things that a business should have is a company website. Do you agree? Internet now is the place where everybody goes. Thus, a company website is a good medium to advertise your products and services. Just make sure that it is always updated so as not to turn off your potential customers. I just had an experience with that when a telecommunications company offered a particular product in their website but the details are incomplete and moreover, their customer service hotline representatives seemed not aware of it.


Bag it

Christmas season, bonus season. Lots of offers around...Well, you know, sellers. They sell anything and everything. You will be offered insurance quotes, house quotes, car quotes, and others. In my wife's office, look around and there are shoes, bags and clothes for sale! The place is being turned into a small shopping mall! Almost everyday, wife comes home with a plastic bag. Ooooppppssss, good thing that in some days, those are grocery items for me and my son.


Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao!

Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao!
He won again.
His eight?
He was asked, how about Mayweather?
He said that he does not need him and he is contented on what he has accomplished so far. But, if ever there will be a fight then it will be good news for boxing fans!

After twelve rounds Pacquiao got his eight win! We had finished a can of candies and maybe all of us will go to the dentist tomorrow. We had our chicken porridge for lunch but still the fight was not over after past 1PM.

It was a good show. Congratulations, Pacquiao!


The agony

My wife is a Physical Therapy graduate. During her internship, she had encountered several orthopedic cases. She even had one patient that she monitored even at home post op. During that time, she told me stories about her patients and the pain that they had gone through especially after the operation. One case that she specifically got attracted to was the hip patient who happened to be our neighbor. The post-op experience was really painful and she could see that agony in her patient's face.

I wonder...could it be that she was one of those patients who should go back for another surgery? I just read about this DePuy Hip Replacement lawsuit and there was or there are really such cases. She could file for a liability claim.


Stay at home

Can you actually just stay home and never go out? My wife can do that. I must be thankful that she is not very outgoing. Sometimes her friends think that she is boring or kill joy. Maybe because she grew up in a family that is like that. You know, home, school, home, work, home, church, home, market. I am actually the one who is encouraging her to have some social life. Her world revolves around me and our son.

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Nokia N8

My wife gave me a new phone. It is a fully loaded Nokia N8! I never thought that she would buy something like that for me. We promised ourselves that we will not spend big anymore on mobile phones. Besides, my cousin abroad just gave me a preloved one. I really appreciate such gesture. Thank you, wifey!

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Improve the life that we have now

Vacation! Our child's sem break is here in time for the All Saint's Day. Now I have more time to go online and search for some good businesses. I saw bullion and I think it is promising. I just have to research about it because we could not afford to let go of a big sum and not profit from it. Worse, loose it in the process. Return of investment is very important and of course, stability in the future. Sometimes, I could not help but just blame Adam and Eve whenever there is hardship. Anyways, we must move on and just find ways to improve the life that we have now.


We had plans for yesterday but it was not pushed through. My wife was very busy with facebooking adding friends and commenting here and there. I just allowed her to because she was really sad because some of her friends already resigned from office. I am now thinking if she was really sad or she wanted to join them?


Bridge Over Troubled Water

I would like to dedicate this song to all of my friends who are in doubts right now. Those who are feeling insecure. Those who might be losing trust. Hey, this song could actually be a gospel song. I really like this song.

To all of my friends, enjoy this song, Bridge Over Troubled Water!

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Rush or advance

Hey, guys! Are you thinking of advance Christmas shopping? Actually, it is already November in a few days and you might experience the Christmas rush already. I already searched for gifts and I am glad that coogi shirts are on sale! There are actually many offers for the season especially those inventory sale as next year, I am sure that there will be new designs. Excess stocks must go also thus, why not take advantage of it?


I have not seen my friend who is a businessman lately. The last time I heard, he will invest in gold bullion. I wonder if he has been to United States Gold Bureau already. I need to contact him immediately. There might be some extra cash flow in the coming months and we also want to try putting our own business already. We are sort of tired working for others already. It does not mean that we will stop working though. It is just good to have a fall back always. We do not know the future and the only way to be able to live is to think in advance. Draw the future as they say. Write it. Be what you want to be. The only way to realize that is by preparing for it.


Not a hearty eater anymore

My wife will never stop in trying and testing diet plans that work. She came home last night with two boxes of a certain beverage. According to her, it has been effective. It works as an appetite suppressant. I noticed that she is not a hearty eater anymore thus maybe it does work. She really loves to eat. Last night, she told me that she misses eating ice cream. We have not bought one for a long time now except for those desserts at restaurants. Maybe I should give her a weekend treat then through a gallon of strawberry ice cream which is our favorite. But, wait! She is drinking that beverage right now.


During rainy days

I get tanning bed lotions during rainy days. Why? That is because when the demand is low, the price is lower too. Sometimes though, we see on sale products for the season. Going back to tanning, I am sure that those who have gone to the beaches this summer tried to get that perfect tan. Beautiful, is it not? Good business for the makers too!


I saw another business opportunity in the web and that is through weight loss affiliate program. It is just easy. You just have to convince people to purchase weight loss products or join gym programs. Actually, you might be doing that already but not being paid for it. Well, I know people who write about their experiences about certain services and products. I actually think now that they might be affiliates already. Why not? That is one job that is somehow effortless. Now, it got my interest. I will research more about it and maybe I can become an affiliate too.

It can happen to anyone

Money could be spend fast. In no time, you will not even notice it but your bank account is zero! Oh, that happened to one of my friends. As they say, regret comes last. Good thing he has supportive parents who are there to help him rise up again. He promised that he will buy gold bars instead of merry making all year round as if the world will end any minute. he has learned his lesson.

It is really hard that when you are on top before then suddenly, you will be at the bottom of the wheel of life. It can happen to anyone.



What is outsourcing?
For me, outsourcing is just like having a manpower being managed by an external source or not by the company itself.
Sometimes, it means that the company that needs the employees do not actually employ people but instead employ another company for its manpower requirement.
Most people think that outsourcing is similar to contractual but it may or may not be the case.
There are many definitions but one thing sure, a regular employee does not want to be turned over or be released because his or her job because the company is lowering its cost.
If I were a businessman, yes, I would agree to outsourcing but maybe from the very start and not when you have regularized employees already.

Jealous over a game

I cannot speak to my wife these days. She is very busy. Well, she is always at the writer's block...actually, it is a game in facebook, Writer's Blox. It is like scrabble though the letters have the same score. You have to place all the letters inside the block forming an array of words connected like a crossword puzzle. Funny, my wife competes with herself. I do not know what satisfaction she gets from it because she stays late until wee hours of the morning playing that game. Well, she found some new or unfamiliar words already but is it worth it? Okay, I am jealous over that Writer's blox.

The friend's husband

Regency Beauty Institute is the school to go if you want to pursue that dream of beautifying others! Check out the cosmetology school in Phoenix. I wonder if the wife of one of our office mates is studying there. They have decided to go for that long distance love affair even though it means lot of sacrifices. It will pay off in time, anyways.

The husband of one of our friends is also a hair dresser. He said that he might go to Regency Beauty Institute for more knowledge. He plans to have his own salon too. His wife, who is actually the friend of my wife will be the one to spend for his education. It is a good investment. Now, my wife is asking me if I want to go too! :)

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Our talkative son

Our son is very talkative already. It is nice to see his development. He is more sociable now and he has lots of stories. Sometimes, because of his innocence, he does not know if what he will say will hurt someone or not. Good thing that most of the time, it is only me who can hear his stories. Like one time, he asked me why the face of one of his teachers has many bumps. I found out that the teacher is in need of the best acne treatments there is in the market. I do not know how to answer his question in a very good manner. Well, Mom is always there to the rescue. I told him, ask your mother.

Together now

A certain tablet, bananas, milk and others are believed to be insomnia treatments. Do not forget reading a boring book or watching a dull film. I do not know but I think I need to consult the doctor regarding my sleeping pattern. Could it be voluntarily as I do stay long hours in the computer or I really could not sleep early? I am easily disturbed also that is why I really sleep alone in the past. Yes, we sleep in separate beds before. Anyways, we are together now and maybe I should just change my habits.

Courageous woman

"Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared."
- Eddie Rickenbacker

Ironic, is it not? You are courageous but at the same time scared. Very true for us. We tend to be brave when we are afraid of things to happen. We pretend that we can do it, then eventually, we really can.

One courageous woman I know is my wife. I really admire her strength and courage at all times. She moves me. I hope that she will not tire taking care of our family.

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Wake up call

Our son is showing signs of becoming a businessman in the future. I do not know how he gets the idea that we need to earn money but at least he already has this sense of hard work if he wants to have money. Well, his last attempt to earn is through writing. He loves to draw and he got the idea that he will earn by writing from his mother. One time, he has this notebook and he was busy for almost thirty minutes. Then, he presented to us what he has been busy with. Would you believe that it was sort of like a comics? He told me publish it so that we will have many money. I asked him why he wants money. He said that he wants to buy many toys. Millions of toys! That made me laugh! I was expecting gold coins! Kidding aside, I am glad that at least, he still maintains that innocence.

On the other hand, we should really learn from our kids sometimes. They give us a wake up call at times that we tend to be complacent and contented on what we have. I do not mean to say that it is wrong. However, as of me, I think that I should learn from my son. I should strive harder for his future. He is still very young. I am thinking of considering United States Gold Bureau. Well, yes, investment in precious metals. Gold, maybe. I have not decided yet. I have to learn more about it at http://www.usgoldbureau.com.


Water droplets

It is raining hard. Perfect for pond plants? Well, at least the water in the pond will not dry up if it is a Sunny day. Too much rain will not be good also or the plants might be washed away. I just love to see those lilies with water droplets after the rain. What a great capture if only I have a good camera.

It is still raining. I hope that it will stop in time when all of us have to go out of the house already. We do not have our own car thus it will really be uncomfortable for us to commute when it is raining.


Her own

My wife and I are as usual having this argument about our home. Well, she wants a more defined dining area where we will actually it. Believe it or not, you can only count the times that we have eaten there. We usually stay at the living room most of the time in front of the television. So she said that she will just place the dining table in the living room. For me, it is not a good idea because I do not like a small living room. Then she started her litany of not having the say in any part of the house. she even said that she will buy her own house with her own money and will decorate and arrange it the way she wants it to be.

Even our bathroom, it has become an issue for us already. Well, it has not been completely furnished yet. She wants it to be finished before the end of this year. Good thing there is betterbathrooms. I might just get some ideas there or maybe get the complete package so that I do not have to think at all. Moreover, I know that it will make her happy and I will gain a point! Better yet, I should ask her what she likes this time.



There is something wrong about her. Maybe she is feeling something again but she could not tell me. Maybe she is just on PMS? Sometimes I am having a hard time understanding her or maybe I am just being a man. You know, insensitive and all. Would you believe that sometimes, we converse through the internet just because if we try to talk face to face it would mean WAR!? Sometimes...

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Sure business

Silver or gold bullion? Which is which? How about ingots? Oh, my friend told me that she badly needs an investment. Why? She is not getting any younger. It is hard to get old and at the same time feeling like financially unstable. Yes, life is short and we have to live life to its fullest. But what if we live longer and because we did not think or did not prepare for it, then our life will be miserable. Getting into a business is still the best thing. Once you establish a good one then you are on your way. It is just a matter of planning, positive thinking, working hard and yes, should I include luck? In everything we do, careful study is needed. Business should not be an adventure and not knowing what lies ahead. Business should be focused and sure. So, if you want to be sure and always want to win, go for gold. Contact United States Gold Bureau.

I got a new phone: F906i

I got a new phone: F906i!

Thank you to my cousin who gave me her old phone.
Confused? Yes, I got a pre-loved mobile phone from my cousin. I still have to go to a phone shop though to have it opened so that I can use it here in the Philippines. It was actually my wife who needs a new phone but she is loyal to Nokia. She said that she will just buy a new one. Well, she deserves it. She should really think of herself once in a while. Until now though, she has not decided to buy. Maybe I should just surprise her.

Meantime, I am excited with this new phone. It might not be popular but it is worth discovering.

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Heavy downpour

The skies welcomed the new month with a heavy downpour. My wife was quite scared because of the memory of Ondoy. Last September 26, it has been a year since Ondoy. It was deja vu because it was a Saturday morning then and she was also watching a TV show online. Then it rained. She told me to be alert and watch out. Oh, I thought that she has recovered already. Maybe not fully.

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Serious about a business

My wife always asks about gold particularly gold coins. At first, I thought that she was just kidding or it is just part of her daily stories. To my surprise, she is serious about it. She said that the Christmas money that she will receive must be put into good use this time. Well, I am actually asking her a new motorcycle for me. She said that it must be set aside. She even encouraged me to read about United States Gold Bureau so that I will understand. I really hope that she will be successful in her plans to put up a business. I will just be here to support her all the way.


No matter how expensive your shoes are

Glee is here! Many Filipinos are waiting for this popular American show because Charice Pempengco is a guest star! We really hope that she will break a leg there! Way to go Charice!

What is admirable with Charice and her family is that they remained humble in spite of the international stardom that Charice is having right now. Her mother told Charice that no matter how expensive her shoes are, it remained stepping on land... Yes, no need to fly high since you do not have wings. Well, you know what I mean, right?

Go, Charice. Continue make us proud! Surely, we will love you and your charcter in that show.

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Hoping to wear it again

My wife got a call from her friend who lives in the States. Apparently, she is now into selling of good weight loss pills. She got one client in my wife knowing how big my wife has become since she gave birth. It has been a long time since my wife could fit in that skinny jeans. I really hope that what she will take will work this time so that she can wear again those clothes that she has not let go of. Yes, she did not give away her favorite pair of pants, some skirts and blouses hoping that she could wear those again.

Living testimony

My sister and my wife are not the best buddies but they do have things that they agreed upon. Guess what! Food? Kids? House? Problems? Believe it or not but they are both on the heavy side and yes, they love to chat about fat burners that work. My sister encouraged my wife to try a particular brand as she said that it worked for her. Funny but my wife could not believe her instantly because my sister is still big. Yes, she needs more proof. That is why my wife seemed to trust the one selling that miracle shake in their office because according to her, the one selling is real slim and sexy. A living testimony of how the product she is selling really works, huh!

Bright kid

Bonding time! Guitar time! Play time! My son excitedly told me that they do not have classes tomorrow thus he could play Guitar Hero with me! It will be their Sports fest also come Wednesday to Friday. No studying! My son is really not the studious type but he can catch up. I am proud to say that if he will be like the other students who reads and reviews everyday, then he might be one of the top in his class. Yes, I am a proud Dad saying that my child is a bright kid!

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Maintain a healthy skin

sometimes that there are particular products that are prescribed to use for certain conditions like for example the body acne wash. I wonder if you can use that also even if you do not have acne, like if you just want to maintain a healthy skin or maybe to prevent any break out. What do you think? You know, like drinking health juices that boost immune system. Oh, pardon me for thinking this way. Women are interesting and so are their obsession with beauty.

Men should look good too

It is not only women who could be beauty conscious. For all you know, men could be more vain. Browse through your male friends' profiles in the social network and look at their pictures. You know, how they also transformed all through the years. Sometimes, it is true that some might have applied the best face cream and now they gained that flawless skin. Others, they just did some tricks with the photo shop. Anyways, there is nothing wrong with that. If woman should look good all the time, men should too!

Struggling to lose weight

As usual, my wife is obsessed again in finding the best fat burning supplement. Everyday, she reads about this diet program and somehow trying to convince herself if she will invest in it or not. Her friends did already. However, her friends are really disciplined and following their diets strictly. I really hope that she will find that determination too. I can see how she is struggling to lose weight.

Here she goes again

My wife came from office and then attended a wake. She told me that the father of her office mate died from complications of diabetes at the age of almost 76. Whew! I would be happy if I reached that age alive and kicking and just die the natural way. By that time, my son would be around 32 years old. Maybe I already have a toddler for a grandchild also. My wife said that if I want that to happen then I should go back to my doctor and go back to my diet again.

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Career path to follow

Sometimes you still want to pursue a higher education but you cannot do it because you have a job to keep. That is what we all thought until online education has been invented. Even those who serve in Military can enroll at MilitaryDegree.com. Yes, even if you are currently serving the country or even those who have ordinary jobs can actually go back to school and study again! Besides there are military benefits and one of those is educational benefits so you have the resources to pay for your schooling. Go and research degrees that you might like to take. Choose the career path that you would like to follow.


Son shines

My son is a lovable child. It is hard for fathers to express love to their sons. Sometimes, we are hard, trying to protect our image. I hope that my son still loves me even though I am quite strict on him most of the times. Wife says that I am getting into the level of cruelty already.

You know what? My son still shine on me. He loves me still as her Mom asks him if he wants me to work abroad and just see me through chat. At first he will think about it. There was a long pause... Then, he will say, NO. Then he will flash that sweet smile. That melts my heart... I do not show him though.

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I-Pad or I-Touch 4

Thinking of a Christmas present for the family. Will it be an I-Pad or I-Touch 4? Why for the family? Well, because all of us will surely use whichever of that gadget we are going to purchase.
My friend told me that there will be a new model of I-Pad to be released soon. Just like I-touch 4 which already has a camera and a videocorder for that matter. It even has a facetalk...
Anyways, there are actually lots of other options for us to choose from. We are also thinking of an LCD TV, a new computer, and a motorcycle.

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I am a Heart fan too!
I am glad that Barracuda is in Wii and it is one of my son's favorite game.
I found this at YouTube and I really like this one.

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Last read

It is 1240AM here. I must go to bed and wake up earlier than usual after six hours maybe? Well, for my last read, I have Accutane Lawsuit. Anybody of you who have heard of that? Let me change my question. Do you know anybody who had suffered other diseases because of acne treatment? That is the Accutane Lawsuit. Taking accutane could be harmful to you. If you already have the symptoms, then stop. Actually, the product has already been shelved from the market because of known cases. You do not like to suffer from IBD or Crohn’s Disease. All you wanted was for that Acne to go away. You were given a medication that was very harmful causing worse conditions. If you suspect that you are one of those affected, then go and consult a lawyer that could help you.

Only the three of us

I have always been good with sales jobs. Having worked in a department store for more than five years is proof enough. I did direct selling as I was the only one in that store. Oh, with one saleslady and a bodyguard of course. Selling inside airports was real thrill for me as I got to meet many people from different nations as our place or the country I worked in is a tourist destination. Yes, I miss working. I miss selling. There is always that satisfaction or fulfillment whenever you are able to please a customer with a product or two then they will come for more.

Touch screen

My wife is still having second thoughts of buying a new mobile phone for herself. She has always been like that. Always practical and all. She worries too much of the future also. Anyways, if I have enough money, I might just give her the mobile phone that I like complete with iphone 4 accessories. Yes, we have always wanted an I-phone. It is just that, for now, we have to be contented with our I-pod Touch also from Apple. But then again, the idea of buying a new mobile phone should be pursued. Let us all embrace the modern world of touch screens!


It is a happy day today. Sundays are always family days. I had almost everybody here at our little home. My son enjoyed the company of his cousins as they played Wii. My two brothers came too. There was good food courtesy of my sister and my other brother who gave the money but he was not able to attend this small party. What was the celebration? It is my late Mom's birthday...


Gold profile

Almost everybody wants to have his own business. Nobody would like to just be an employee all his life. Well, there will come a time that whether you like it or not, you have to retire from work. It is best to have a sideline. If you are thinking of that, better start early and make sure that what you will invest in will not fall. Nobody wants that, I know but it only means that you have to do a lot of preparation before going to a business of your own. How about, buy gold bullion? Gold is a good option as many already benefited from this business already. Much more, someone could actually help you along the way. I am talking about United States Gold Bureau. The people from this organization could help you build your gold profile.


Turning 50

The year is about to end in no time. I will be celebrating again another year in my life. I will be turning 50 years old! I feel so old already. I think that I must have a lifestyle check. My wife always tells me that I must live long... long enough to see my son graduate from college. I will be 63 years old by then...Okay, I must work on having my body or physical condition to be ten years younger than my actual age. That would mean hard work and lots of sweat.

Shop for all

My wife seems getting tired to wake up everyday and go to the office. She said that she wants to just stay home and have control of her own time. You know, be her own boss. I could understand what she is going through right now. It is not good since I can see that it is affecting her in a major way. So, be it! Let her stay home and just have her own business in wholesale apparel. That is the nearest that we can think of and something that might succeed. She loves to shop so now, she can sell and shop also at the same time but not only for herself but for her future clients as well!

Think again

The Black Friday madness is very near! Have you made your list yet? It is better to be prepared on what to buy so that you will be able to buy more! Shop, shop, and shop. It is a good venue for your Christmas shopping. I am sure that you find many good things that fit your budget at the same time! So, for those who are thinking of early gift buying, you might think again. You might want to wait til Black Friday!


The main thing

I have written in the past my wife's obsession with hotels' bathroom suites. She dreamt of a big bathroom. Maybe she got it from cousin who lives in the States. Her cousin has a real big house and a big toilet and bath, yes hotel-like!

There are millions of ways to beautify your bathroom and turn it into a place where you might like to stay. The basic one, of course is to keep it clean. Put some bathroom accessories. You can also change its paint from time to time. There are tons of designs to choose from. What is internet for, right? Find a model that will fit your space too. You might be taking a look at a bigger one that will fill all of the house area already, then it will not be possible. You might want a motif too, from shower curtains to towel bars and cabinets and all. Decide also if paint or tiles. Carpeted or not? Whatever suites your budget.

Another thing that makes a good bathroom is the main thing. The shower, faucets, sinks and the water closets. Make sure that you have enough water supply too!And, oh, do not forget those bath soaps and shampoos!


No more coffee in the house

My wife told me that I should cut on my coffee in take. Well, I am hypertensive and coffee might not be the next best thing for me. Anyways, we love to take a cup of coffee in the morning. We have stopped dieting and my wife is getting worried. She always reminds me to go back to my doctor also. One day at a time, I guess. She has to make me healthy food if she wants me to be healthy. :)

Going back to coffee, just like anything, there are good and bad effects. These days though, the good benefits are more popular. I guess, the best thing really is to consult my doctor.

Good design

Last night, my wife was asking me to get up and look at some of the pedestal sinks that she wants us to buy for our bathrooms. Yes, she wants an additional feature in one of her favorite rooms in the house. Anyways, I was really sleepy and I told her to just bookmark it and I will check it out in the morning. Good choice, huh! I also like one design. Moreover, I am sure that it is available here in our country.

I want a pair of shoes

How often do you buy a pair of shoes? For women, they say that they should have at least thirty pairs. That many, huh! Well, no wonder my wife always look for shoes whenever we go to the mall. As of me, I am not much into footwear. However, I would like to purchase a pair of mbt shoes. There is an ongoing sale right now and the discount is real huge! I hope my cousin in the States who will be coming home for Christmas will be able to grab one for me!


I love Beatles

I did not search for the actual date anymore or tried to find out if there is any truth to the claim of the morning show that Aug. 31 is Beatles' anniversary. Anyways, the show celebrated the legacy of the Beatles.

I love Beatles. When I was younger... okay I am not about to sing or write about the popular song, "Help"... :) Anyways, what I mean is that when I was younger, I even had that haircut. My former girlfriend and I even had Paul and Wings as code names...

Today, I have more than 200 songs of the Beatles in my I-pod.

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I have a friend who loves to invest. I will not be surprised if she will be able to buy gold bars anytime soon. As of the moment, she already purchased a condo unit and a brand new car. In five years time, she will be able to pay these two investments thus she is set for a new one. What is good about her is she actually projects her plans and really saves for it. she asked me about gold bars and I told her that I am really no expert. I suggested that she visits sites that might help her. United States Gold Bureau is one. Just yesterday, she told me that she went to the site already and she was impressed.

Excited for his 7th day birthday

Do you also make it a poin to celebrate your child's 7th birthday? Our son is in grade 1 and he has received many invitations for the 7th birthday celebration of his classmates. Others were held already at school when the date falls on a weekend. My son's birthday will fall on a Saturday, no classes. I was actually thinking of just celebrating his birthday in school because it will be more practical. He said, no, there should be a place because it is a Saturday... we still have to convince our son about other things...

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At the arcade

Playing at the arcade? Imagine a 49 year old male playing guitar hero at the arcade... Say that he just know how to enjoy? Okay, he was just accompanying his son! Well, that is me! I find fun in playing at the arcade once in a while. You know, having some audience applauding your talent! Hahaha! Kidding aside, I was just comparing the guitar being used there and the one that I have right now. Well, the one in the arcade has to be that heavy and durable enough as many people are going to use it everyday! ;)

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Stop then start

My brother went to our house yesterday. We were not home but my sister was there as she was tasked to be with our son who opted to stay home. I learned that he was sick and needs some assistance with his medicines. He is jobless these days. He used to work in the seas as a seaman. He used to have high salary enough to buy a gold bullion. However, he was not able to invest. If only he had known of the United States Gold Bureau who could have helped him with a business. Anyways, what are families for, right? We hope that he gets well soon and all his problems go away in no time. Once that he is back to work, he knows what to do already. Save, save, save, invest, save, save, save and save! Look who is talking, huh? I am also a spendthrift just like my brother. I am just luckier because I have someone to tell me when to stop... then start.


The first cardigan

The BER months are in a few days. That means cold season here in our country. I should look for women's sweaters as my wife does not have new ones. She has outgrown her "winter outfits". Seriously, the first cardigan I gave her is still intact and she is still using it but it is already 19 years old! Yes, I gave it to her when she was 18. Realizing that, clothes are good investment besides the fact that wearing one is a must. ;)


Son in the clinic

I do not know what happened but maybe it was too hot that my son had nose bleeding again? I received a text message from an unknown number asking me to fetch my son at the school's clinic. My son has asthma. He also has cough and cold all year round? That is what my wife always says. We treat him with decongestant and nebulize him also so that he could breath freely. He was cognitive and we were still reviewing this morning... I wonder what happened.

So, he vomitted. Because of the cough. He was sent home for him to rest. Now he wants to watch TV. He has to rest, I told him. I hope he gets well soon.

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Have I mentioned that I stopped working for a while now? My son needs attention. My wife recently attended the parents- teachers first interaction to check on the child. She met parents who are problematic about their kids' standing school because according to them, both parents are working and no one guides the child. One daddy told her that they ended up hiring a tutor so that their child could catch up. Anyways, I think I am doing my job as a good Dad modesty aside, huh! Son is not that super intelligent type but he is okay. I am proud of whatever he has accomplished so far.

I am just having some second thoughts right now. With the increasing expenses along the way, I am afraid that there will come a time that we have to tighten our belts. I do not like that to happen. So, should I go back to the corporate world? If only we have an investment like gold bullion then maybe I will not be having these fears. Anyways, maybe in the future, we will be able to have one. The United States Gold Bureau offers impressive packages. For now, we just have to maybe spend more wisely.

Next time

145AM. I am still awake. Insomnia? No, just finishing some tasks. It is hard when you do not have anyone to talk to at this very quiet dawn. You could not turn on the TV or you might wake your wife and kid up. That will not be good. Anyways, I hope to finish in a few minutes...

147AM... sometimes your mind just go blank. You want to just stare in the darkness until your eyes get tired...

You bet, I am trying to write a poem here. Not successful though. Maybe next time.

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Rain or shine?

What do you prefer? Rain or shine? The fickle minded weather affects us already. People get sick. Common colds, cough, flu, viral infection, fever, and others are all around. No matter how you try taking care of yourself, still you might be hit because you do not have control of the people you will meet everyday in the office, while you travel, at the groceries, or anywhere you go.

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The answer

My niece stopped schooling. She was supposed to be in third year College already taking up Business Management. I asked her what can I do to help her. She is my goddaughter also. She said that she wants to shift courses and would like to enter one of the hair schools in Wichita. I thought that she was just kidding. But then again, she told me that she is really serious about it. She has been into cosmetology courses last summer and she enjoyed it a lot. That kept me thinking. We have been looking for the right business for so long. Maybe a beauty salon is the answer. It will be like killing two birds in one stone. We will be able to help my niece go to school and we have our own manager in the making. I hope wife agrees.

A celebration

In a month's time, there will be a celebration here in our house. My oldest brother decided for a family gathering. He said that he will bring food. Wife said that we should cook also. I am sure that it will be a big celebration, a sort of family reunion. I just hope that everyone will be present since it is not often that I see my siblings.

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Smart's TGIFreeday!

Have you heard of Smart's TGIFreeday? The largest telecommunications company in the Philippines offer free mobile internet for the third time. It is being done every Friday. I just do not know how long it will last. I am sure, many would like it to be a permanent freevice! Yes, I call it free service. I have read from other forums that people are not satisfied with the regular internet service. But you know, compared it to the millions of subscribers that use Smart, I am sure that the satisfied ones outnumbered those few discontented ones.

I am proud to be a Smart subscriber. I have been using SmartBro for three years now and I have not encountered any major problem.

Go, Smart! Keep up the good work!

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Dinners and gadgets

Arguments cannot be avoided. You are two different people and do not jive all the time. My wife and I are no exception. We quarrel from time to time. I do not like to admit but sometimes we fight over our finances. Between the two of us, it is me who do not spend wisely. I love gadgets and when I see one that I really like, I buy it. She on the other hand spends much on dining out. Of course, that includes the whole family, thanks to her. Yesterday, we sat down and discussed our finances. I told her that we must limit our going out because if we sum up all the money we spend for dinners, it is enough to buy gold coins. She retaliated by saying that all my gadgets are already worth a fortune. We decided to agree. From now on, anything that we spend for dinner and gadgets, we must put the same amount in our savings. Sounds reasonable?


Another pair of concert tickets

It was quite a long time ago since I purchased concert tickets. That was the first and I hope not the last paid concert that I watched with my wife. We were not married yet during that time. Would you believe that it was more than a decade ago? We have celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary last August 8. It was raining and we had to shop for our kid's school clothes. It is Dengue month and the school administrators thought that wearing long pants could somehow help preventing the mosquitoes bite the kids. Yes, I am saying that we did not have a formal celebration. I am quite sad that I did not follow my wife's lead a day before that. Well, a famous local artist held a concert last August 7 and my wife was asking me if I would like to watch. Oh, me! I was not even able to buy her a gift. She on the other hand gave me a guitar. Anyways, maybe we could watch another artist. I will definitely plan to buy another pair of concert tickets.


Take care of your body

Diet pill names are very catchy. One example is detoxufree72. It is obvious that the main word is detox. I need that. everybody must do a detoxification to wash out waste materials from the body. You can take pills, take supplements in other forms and do not forget to exercise and include fiber in your diet. That is coming from a healthy buff like me. Seriously, we need to reassess our habits. Only you have the control of your own body.



If there is such thing as the Transunion Settlement here in our country, maybe I am already rich. I think that I have been exposed in some ways. I receive phone calls and text messages from people I do not know. Mostly, they claim to be representatives from financial institutions. I am being offered all kinds of loans like salary loans, car loans, house loans, and others. I also get offers to sign up for new credit cards. When I asked how did they get my contact number, they will just say that I am one of those who are listed. I really could not believe it because I did not have that hefty income when I worked here in my own country. I am really wondering.

I changed my theme

I changed my theme. I realized that I have been using the old theme for such a long time already. Go with the times. Blogger offers new themes for free so why not take advantage of it? Well, if you frequent this blog, you can say that it still got the old feel. Clean and blue.

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Do not settle for less

For anybody who wants to invest in any form of metal, it is best to consult the best authority regarding that. If you want to buy gold bullion then get in touch with the United States Gold Bureau. When you are going to a certain business of course what you want to achieve is not only return of investment (ROI) but moreover, profit. Sometimes or most of the time, you cannot do it alone and you have to depend on the expertise of other people. Make sure to get your money's worth in securing such service. Do not settle for less because you deserved the best!

Another boring boxing match

I watched another boring boxing match a while ago. It is between Johnriel Casimero and Ramon Garcia Hirales in Mexico. It was a painful loss for the Filipino boxer but he really did not perform well that time. My wife eve got mad at me as she wanted to watch another TV show. She kept on saying, why can I stand such a boring match like that?

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Support the dieter

If she does not eat, then nobody eats. I do not know if that is one of the rules in diet found at www.loseweightfast.net but I do understand that dieters need all the support from the people around them. Just like my wife who has been struggling to lose weight ever since she gained those unwanted pounds that made her double. Yes, she said that she feels like that. Well, from barely 110 lbs to almost 180 lbs, that seems true? I just tell her that she still looks beautiful in my eyes. That is truthfully speaking, huh! I am proud to say that we are going to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary this August.


Retirement age

I think I have written here that I always want to buy gold coins. I actually have a jar of coins in the house because I save it for Christmas to give to the carolers. The gold coins are of course of a different thing. My wife actually is the one who is more into it. She would like us to have an investment. Something valuable enough that has a good increasing value. As I have also mentioned also in my previous posts, we want to save for our old age. Thus, we must have something that could get us by when we are already at our retirement age.


Bernabe Concepcion did not use his head

I am disappointed with the boxing match I just watched in Puerto Rico. Through TV of course! I am still here in the Philippines!

I just wonder, while some boxers run around the ring, Bernabe Concepcion did the other way. He was being beaten already by Juan Manuel Lopez but there was no sign of retreat in him. He was already broken physically yet, he wanted more hits! He did not use his head at all. If he did some pacing then maybe he could have won the fight. Thank you for the entertainment but what we want is a win. He showed strength also by hitting his opponent once. I think that was what he wanted to prove, that he could land some jabs also. Yes, he could. He could have done more though.

Anyways, congratulations to Donaire who won his fight.

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PNoy's tardiness

PNoy or President Noynoy Aquino is being criticized for his tardiness. True, he follows traffic rules and does not use wangwang or siren but is it really for the good of the Filipino people? Setting an example is good but how about other traits like being early for work? If he is really going to burden himself the traffic then he should wake up early for him not to be late. Better yet, stay in Malacanang where the President should stay.

I think that PNoy is observing for himself the traffic situation and maybe be able to come up with something to improve it. In time, he might use the wangwang already or maybe will have no need to use it anymore once the traffic problem has been resloved.

All eyes are on him. It has been a week since his inauguration. Too early to judge the man, I know.

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Let the skin breathe

I really do not know if I had offended my friend who has an eczema like lesion on his left arm. I was not really looking at it but my eyes went toward in that direction. He immediately covered it and gave me an angry gaze. This friend of mine has sensitive skin and maybe even the clothes that he is wearing is irritating his skin. Someone very close to me is like that. My sister also has eczema. It really pains her because she could not wear anything of leather material. Her skin could not breathe in that.

Unexpected things found

My wife was trying to find her mobile phone's USB cable. She sort of misplaced it or forgot where she placed it. When she is looking for something, she brings the whole house upside down. Funny but things that you do not look for appears. Would you believe that she still has unconsumed prenatal vitamins in one of her bags? Oh, that was more than six years already. Obviously, those are already expired. She immediately threw all of that in the waste basket. How about the USB? Nothing yet. More things to be found.

Sleep early

Sometimes, women are annoying. They dictate men what to do. My wife is not an exemption though I love her very much. Last night, we had a disagreement and she wanted me to sleep early. She even told me that she will put sleeping pills in my water so that I will go to bed early. Well, I must admit that lately, I have been up until the wee hours in the morning. I was still awake until 3AM. Because of that, we woke up late also at 9AM. Last night, my wife insisted that we sleep early. Her reason? She has to wake up early and leave house by 6AM.

Who won in that fight? My wife was late in the office today.

Animated stories

We just had dinner. After eating, we had some bonding time, meaning talking about what happened to both of us during the day, my wife and I. Well, as usual, girls have more gossips. She was telling me about the person she stumbled upon at the grocery store. Wife said that the man looked like that because of human growth hormone side effects. I asked her, was she able to see incredible hulk? Sometimes, she is full of animation when she tells me stories. She just said that she had not seen anyone as muscular as that man. Anyways, I jokingly told her that I am beginning to get jealous of that guy since she seemed amazed. ;)


You Are My Boss

Congratulations to the Filipino nation! We found a public servant in the real sense of the word at least according to his inaugural speech yesterday. He said, "You are the boss so I cannot ignore your orders." It is refreshing.

Noynoy Aquino, the 15th Philippine President. He represents hope. There are even campaigns today trying to ignite among everyone to do his own share too towards progress.

So, Filipinos, let us all do our part. As PNoy said, " if many of us will bear the cross we will lift it, no matter how heavy it is."

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In plastics and drums

Not all residents here in our country has a garbage disposal system. Usually, we keep our garbage in garbage plastics and others then store it in a stainless steel drum. What we have right now is a plastic drum with cover and it is really wearing off. I guess I really have a steel drum the soonest especially that rainy days are here and the garbage collector has less visits. Yes, I think that the city mayor or just the barangay captain should look into that or sanitation situation will become worse.


His idea of saving

My son is trying his best to save money. At the age of six, he already has this idea of saving money for the future or for buying things that he wants. That is why, he always wants us to let him buy some of the things that we missed in the grocery at the nearby small store. What does he do then? He asks us for the change then he will put it in his coin jar. Clever! Anyways, if he will buy books, then it is fine with us. His mother did not buy the book about dinosaurs and dragons that he has been asking for since we watched that movie about dragons.


Manage it right

Do you want to be rich? I think most people want to get rich or at least have the basic things in life like own house, own car, some savings, and maybe some business. Now you might say that it is not basic at all, huh! Anyways, who would not like to just buy gold bars whenever he wants to right? Okay I must wake up! Kidding aside, I believe that if we work hard then we will reap what we sow. There could be some obstacles or trials along the way but still if we live a clean and honest living then there is no way that misfortune will come along the way. We just have to know how to manage our finances and of course we have to put our money to right investments.

Young crush

Yes, I am watching PBB teen edition. For those who watch Big Brother reality TV show, there is a local version here in our country. The episode today tackles young love or young crush. It feels good going back to the past, you know. I could still recall my first crush too. Oh, girls really make boys smile.

People grow up though. We do not stay young forever. We could just smile reminiscing those memories. Somehow it makes us feel light and somehow young again even in our hearts. :)


Faithfully and Somewhere Over The Rainbow

One of the songs that is greatly popularized by the band journey is Faithfully. I am proud that the lead singer of Journey today is a Filipino. He is Arnel Pineda. The season 1 finale of Glee featured the song, Faithfully. That made me feel more proud. Arnel Pineda sings that song so beautifully and perfectly.

Speaking of Glee, I really liked that final episode especially the song, To Sir With Love and of course, the last song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

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My only option

My wife told me to research college degrees that I could take while I am at home. I have stopped working and is now taking care of our only child. We could not find any nanny or leaving our child in a kid's center is not advisable here in our country. So, I decided to resign from my job and be a house husband. Yes, you might think that it is not a good decision but for us, it is the best for our child. Anyways, I will go back to work when I get bored. Kidding aside, we are planning things and for now, a parent with our child is necessary. So, should I just study online? I think that is the only option left for me.

There is no place like home

There is no place like home. It is true for all. We are the kings and queens in our own homes. We can do everything inside our houses and no one will command us what we could not do.

Remember my Aunt who I sent to her sister a few weeks back? She arrived yesterday. She mentioned so many reasons why she decided to go back. She said that she prefers being along inside her own house. I totally understand her but I worry for her. Anyways, I just told her that our house is always open for her. I hope that she will definitely come to a decision and realize that yes, there is no place like home but when you are old and weary already, you need someone around to take care of you.

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Creating an e-mail address

Creating an e-mail address is not that easy anymore. Well, at least for robots. I created a new e-mail address and I was required to enter a mobile phone number for the verification code. I did eneter my mobile number and a text message with the verification code was immediately sent. I just wonder if I was charged for it. Anyways, a small thing for a free e-mail address? I think it is just fair.

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More time please

It is June already! Imagine that! One morning we will wake up it is already December! Time flies real fast! Sometimes it seems not enough for all the things that we want to do. Just like my wife, she was telling me yesterday that her rest day is over and she has to go back to work again. She said that she still needs more rest. To think that she slept almost the whole day already, huh! Anyways, she said that she is preparing herself for all the activities that she has to do for the rest of the week. Does it include exercise? She wants to. Besides the weight loss supplement that she is taking right now, she wants to couple it with a religious work out. Her feet could not carry her weight anymore that is why she complains of aching feet when she gets home from work. I hope that she could really keep her goals.

Career shift

My wife's books are still new even though we have bought those a year ago. She planned to have her review but then again I wonder what is keeping her to do so? Actually, she has so many excuses. One time I caught her reading really seriously. I thought that finally she has started but then again, I saw that it was just pronexin reviews. She said that reading her medical books makes her sleepy. She could not finish a page. Maybe her brains are telling her, why read again? What is the purpose? It is hard to make a career change especially if what you have right now is already rewarding.


Fast forward

I could still remember when I and my wife went to her OB gynecologist to know what will be the gender of our child. My wife was around five months pregnant then. The doctor asked us what we wanted or was expecting, a boy or a girl? The usual parents will answer as long as the baby is normal. We were kidding around and was able to even think that if in case our son will be gay, it will be a very big blessing too! There are so many successful gays. The usual imagination and fast forwarding of my wife happened and she told the doctor that she will send our son to the best beauty school like at Florida Cosmetology School. Our son will have his own business and he will be very successful. Yes, of course you know it already that our child is a boy. At present, our son does not show any inclination yet but yes, it is okay for me whatever he might venture to in the future as long as it is legal business.


Retirement plan

I went to my Aunt's place in Cavite. She has a big house. She lives in a middle class subdivision in the town. No wonder my other Aunt wants to live there instead of staying at our small house. The environment was good. There is less pollution as there are many trees planted along the roads. Indeed, it will be a suitable home for the aged.

My Aunt, the youngest among her siblings has only one child. Her daughter is abroad. Too bad, the laws in that country do not allow non-citizens to overstay. In that country, it is either you are a citizen or you are an OFW. No relatives of OFWs allowed. For those who married citizens of that country, it does not mean that they could bring their whole family like a mother and live in that country too. That is so sad. Now, my Aunt is all alone. Worse, she was not able to prepare for her old age. Nursing home is actually not popular here in our country. It is like a sin to bring your old people to a nursing home. It is like a responsibility of the children to take care of their parents when they get old. Thus, parents do all their best to give their child a good future and hope that when they get old, they will reap what they sow. But, not all people are lucky.

Preparing for old age has been a priority for me and my wife. We do not like to go old unhappy and regretful. We do not also think that when we get old, our son will take care of us. We do not like him to have that burden. Yes, I entertain the idea of being brought to a nursing home when I get old. But of course, as much as possible, I would just like to stay outside and enjoy the rest of my life with my wife. We could do that if we age gracefully and do not get sickly, right? Most of all, we should always have that retirement plan that we could depend on when the time comes.

Miracle food

When you are on a diet, you are usually instructed to shy away from food. Good news to dieters! Try food that burns fat. Yes, there is such a thing. I searched for it and would you believe it? Some of the fruits that I love are included! From now on, I shall religiously eat my apple. For spices, cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger are advisable! Speaking of cayenne, my wife had told me about it already and as a matter of fact, she really uses it in all her meals. I wonder why she is not losing weight at all? Well, obviously, these kinds of food will not do miracle. To get that figure that you are dreaming of, you have to work hard for it.

Starting all over again

It is time of the year again. The rainy season is here! Yesterday, it really rained cats and dogs. I am quite worried. Last September, a big typhoon hit our place and we lost so many things. We had to buy new bed mattresses, pillows, linens, chairs, tables, towels, clothes, kitchen utensils, and so many other necessary household items. It was like starting all over again. My wife even got depressed for a few months during that time. Paranoid and afraid of the rain. We really pray that nothing like that will happen again.

Old and sickly

Somehow, I gained a little bit of weight already compared to the previous months. I was on a strict diet then. I know that I should not deviate from it but then again, I really look odd when I am thin. I am now taking the best supplements so that I do not have to depend on too much food. Somehow, I really have to be still in control of my intake. I should not be complacent that I am feeling okay right now. Backsliding is never an option. I should still follow the doctor's instructions. I do not miss my daily maintenance of pills. It is hard to be sick. I do not want to continue like this. I do not want to be old and sickly.

Big brother's idea

My older brother told me to sell used books every end of the school year. Well it was a good source of income for me. Because of that, I was able to enjoy my summer vacation. It was not easy to ask for allowance during vacation time unlike during school days when my parents gave me money everyday. So, why not sell my used books? It turned out to be a great idea and from then on, I sold my previous year's books. When my mother found out, it was fine with her. Anyways, my siblings and I did not have the same course in College thus my old books would not be of use to my younger brothers and sister. Thanks for the idea, big bro!


It is Lee Dewyze- the New American Idol!

So, I could be a fortune teller now? Remember my post- Lee or Crystal? I wrote there that Lee will be the next American Idol. He just did it! I am so happy for him. Somehow, I see myself in him when I was younger. You know, a boy who could sing and play the guitar. The difference is, he has this courage and determination to follow his dream and make it come true!

I do not like to dwell in the past and be regretful. I am happy where I am right now. But sometimes it is also good to look back. I used to play with a band. I was the guitarist then. We had some gigs and earned some money. We call it "racket". We had some contracts also to make minus one of certain songs. I just had to stop and concentrate on my studies. So there it is, a little personal stuff about me. :)

Being a parent right now, I have to make sure that my son follows his dream and maybe take advantage of whatever opportunity that may come along his way.

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Hall and Oates at American Idol

Staying home enjoying AI Finals Night. Hall and Oates currently showing right now. Good music, I would like to dance! Where is my wife? Or, should I just get my guitar and jam with them? I really love their music. Batman and Robin! Darryl Hall and John Oates!

Here is my favorite song by Hall and Oates.

One on One

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With internet

Whew! It is really getting hotter everyday. How I wish I own a Tamarindo Real Estate property so that I could go and stay in water whenever I want to. I read that in Costa Rica, there is this place called Tamarindo wherein there is a beach. Well, aside from that, it is also peaceful there. A perfect hideaway or you could actually make it your home also since it is located near the city place. I always dream of living far from the busy town anyways. As I mentioned before, I could actually live in the mountains. Do not forget my disclaimer though. Internet and electricity must be present.

Good voice

I am a music lover. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. I have more than a thousand songs in my I-pod. One of my favorite female artist is Whitney Houston. I feel bad for her losing her voice. I just watched her a while ago and she was singing that theme song from the movie Bodyguard.She did not hit the high note.

It is sort of a wake up call, you know. I could sing too. I am not a singer though. Anyhow, I would still like to keep my voice and be able to sing good whenever I am asked to.

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Artistic mind

So, the winner is... No winners proclaimed yet as far as the presidential and vice presidential elections is concerned. To add, there are now controversies that surfaced in the air. I could not say that it is out of nowhere because in politics, you should have an artistic mind to pave your way through this narrow alley. Yes, I am sure that it is orchestrated. I do not disagree that there are cheaters. There will always be.

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Never depreciate

What I want to do today? I want to buy gold bullion. I hope doing it is as easy as saying it. I wonder how rich the people who were able to trade with gold bars are now! I am sure that all the wealthy members of the society have gold in their safety deposit boxes. You, do you have one?

Why gold? Though, you could always invest money in the bank, investing in gold is much better. The value of money fluctuates. Look at the foreign exchange rate table in your daily newspaper. Though the value of gold somehow follows the trend, still it never depreciates.


Lee or Crystal?

Lee or Crystal?

It is finals night in American Idol by next week. I was not able to watch the final eliminations before Lee and Crystal were chosen. I was able to watch the performance night though and this time, America was right voting out Casey and choosing the better singers.

Casey is actually an American Idol material with good looks and all. Of course, he could sing too. It is just that Lee and Crystal can sing better.

I think that Lee could be a runaway winner here. Well, he has more charisma. Crystal is a better singer though. If I will be able to vote, I will choose Crystal.

Anyways, again, it is American Idol, so who will America choose? Lee or Crystal?

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Not a funny joke at all

My wife noticed that she has edema on her right foot. It really alarmed her. the last time that she had edema was when she was seven to nine months pregnant. Yes, she is getting bigger again. No, she is not pregnant.

Well, what do we do when we experience things that are supposedly not normal and sort of life threatening? We go to the doctor? We should. However, my wife, being medically inclined that she is chose to lie down and elevated her legs. True enough, the edema disappeared. She said that it might be the trauma caused by too much walking last weekend. We went to the province and I noticed that she was limping when we got off the bus. She said that it was nothing. Maybe, she really had some ankle sprain of sort.

I, on the other hand am here, trying to search the causes of edema. It says in Wiki that there are many factors like pregnancy, medications, systemic disease, pressure in the surrounding veins, increase salt and others. I would like to believe that my wife's condition is due to lack of physical activity. But then again, why the right leg only? Does it really mean that the right side of her heart is weak? That is really scary! Actually, she always joke around that she might be leaving us soon. Not a funny joke at all!

Thanks to the net that we get to know the supposed doctor's diagnosis. In some cases though like if you want to really know mesothelioma survival rate, it is best to ask your real doctor and not only doctor internet! Oh, yes, go to the doctor and maybe stop reading much because sometimes it makes you even more sick after reading about it.


Check and balance

I am watching the morning news right now and I am somehow regretting using my time for it. I should have read apidexin reviews instead. Well, some losing presidential candidates are questioning the automated elections results. They are calling it Electronic Garci. I am quite mad because they are indirectly bashing the integrity of the teachers. How could the flash cards be replaced? But, that is what democracy all about. Check and balance.

Perfect attendance

I do not understand why other people could not believe that there is such thing as perfect attendance. In classes maybe and in work but not in election day?

Elections here in our country have always been tainted. There are vote buying, ghost voting, flying voters and tampering of results. Now that it was automated, many believed that it will be impossible to cheat. But then again, how could you be so sure?

I worked before as one of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI). I could attest to the fact that it will be very easy to cheat even with all the watchers around. But then again, I also believe that everybody has a conscience. Give it to them.

Going back to the perfect attendance issue in Mindanao region, why question it? Should not we, the people from Visayas and Luzon be ashamed instead because we did not have a perfect attendance showing in the polls? Should not we be ashamed that we were not able to sacrifice a few hours of our time to cast our vote?

Tell me.

Hold tight

Who likes losing? No one. Nobody would truthfully say that it is okay, I enjoyed the game anyways! That is really a lie! Well, I cannot get over the national elections held last May 10 here in our country. Some of the winners have been proclaimed while the others who are kept hanging should start reading wrinkle cream reviews. Others managed to keep a poker face or a petrified smile. Oh, you should see the losing Vice Presidential candidate! I will not say who I am pertaining to. One thing sure, I am one of those who are still hoping for my VP bet to win. Well, again, I should not mention. As they say, it is not over til it is over so hold on tight!

The free space is more than enough

I just spent some five minutes deleting all the SPAM comments that got in. I was excited to see who visited my blog upon seeing that almost all of my posts had comments. I have also a haunch though that those might be just SPAM ones. Well then, I was right. I wonder if there is a sort of SPAM filter for blogger... that is for free also. Anyways, I can do nothing about it I suppose if there is no free feature like that. I could not ask for more from blogger.com. This free space is more than enough.

Lifestyle change

I have proven to myself that the fastest way to burn fat is actually to stop taking them in. As you know, I am a diabetic. I have been in a strict diet since December 25, 2009. Yes, that was the day that I was brought to the hospital. My sugar level now is almost normal at 106. I must confess that I have been eating again the way that I used to before I found out that I have to make a lifestyle change. I am guilty. I know that I have to go back to that discipline and determination again.


People get ready for Crystal Bowersox

It is May already! Speaking of this month, the grand finals of AI should be supposedly on this month. They started a little bit late? Anyways, there are only five contestants left, right? Crystal, Lee, Big Mike, Aaron and Casey.

Crystal is a favorite. She sings well, that is why. Will America vote right this time? Well, the AI 8 winner was not a popular choice though I will really prefer Kris over Lambert also.

I like Crystal's rendition of People Get Ready. I got the lyrics for you. Too bad the embed code is not working so that we could see the video here. Anyways, just go to YouTube.

People Get Ready

People get ready
There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear diesels humming
You don't need no ticket
You just thank the Lord
Yeah yeah yeah

People get ready
For the train to Jordan
Picking up passengers
From coast to coast
Faith is the key
Open the doors and board them
There's room for all
Among the loved and lost

Now there ain't no room
For the hopeless sinner
Who抯 hard on mankind
Just to save his own
Have pity on those
Whose chances are thinner
Cause there's no hiding place
From the Kingdom's Throne

Ohh people get ready
There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear diesels a- humming
You don't need no ticket
You just thank the Lord
Yeah yeah yeah

I'm getting ready
I - I'm ready yeah yeah yeah
Oh I'm getting ready oh - oh
I'm ready yeah