Light dinner

One of my friends in the previous choir group that I belong to invited me and my wife for dinner. Apparently, he has a new house and he wants us to take a look at it. What impressed me are the wall sconces in most parts of the house. Pretty nice to look at. He said that his interior designer suggested for wall scones for a tamer lighting especially if you are just going to lounge around and no strong light is needed. Hmmm... bright, err... dim idea?


The Best Gig in the World

I am watching Randy Jackson at David Letterman Show right now. First topic? Paula Abdul leaving the show and Simo doing too by the end of the season. David asked why they are leaving, don't they want to work anymore? It is the best gig in the world, being one of the judges of American Idol, that is.

Then, they talked about family, Randy's kids following his footsteps? Funny and entertaining conversation between these tow, though cut short!

Anyways, I do miss PA, Paula Abdul. Definitely, I will miss Simon too. Anyways, good thing Ellen would be there.

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So many Talent Search shows

There are so many talent shows nowadays, local or international. Here in the Philippines, there is Show Time which has been controversial because of Rosanna Roces. It is all over the news that the show was suspended because of that. However, it is now back in the air! They say that this show has a high rating. Then there is Talentadong Pinoy. These two shows are almost the same.

My favorite of all talent show is the singing competition which is American Idol. Season 9 is now on its second week. I missed the first two episodes and just got a glimpse of the third episode. The audition was in Chicago and the first one who auditioned is the 19 year old girl who said that what drove her to join the show is to forget their family problems. Her Dad left her Mom. How painful! That lead her to Holywood! She got four Yes’s from all of the judges – Shaina Twain, Simon, Randy and Kara! I hope that she makes it to the finals. She is pretty and young and I think she has a lot of potential.

So, expect me to write more again as far as the show, American Idol is concern!

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Take advantage of the health card

My follow up check up with the doctor happened yesterday. As usual, the taking of vital signs but nothing conclusive was performed. Maybe she just wanted to see me and she could tell from my physical appearance that I am okay already? She advised me to continue with my medicines and come back next month. Well, she wanted to take advantage of my health card? Maybe my wife is right. If I do not have the health card then maybe I will not see a doctor as often because that will mean I have to pay for it. Getting sick is really costly. Outpatient medicines are not covered by the insurance, though. I could feel that my wife is not happy that I am sick. First, she loves me and would want me to live longer than her if possible. Second, even if she does not verbalize it, the medications are really taking a bulk of our savings. But what can I do, huh? Maybe I should be a good patient? But, everybody loves eating!

Male and female

I got a buzz from my nephew and he is asking if I know the best acne solution for his face. Good thing, I have just finished reading some articles about it. I hope I could help him. I also told him that it is expected because he is growing up. His father brought him to the dermatologist and he is now following a "beauty" regimen. Who said that guys should not have that? Look at the celebrities! They ahve good skin because they take care of it! Male and female!

Conserve energy

I will tell you a secret! My wife is trying to lose weight and she is on her third day today! I know it is not a secret at all. It just makes me laugh every time that she will grab some crackers to fill her stomach. Ha,ha,ha! That is not allowed in her diet! No snacks in between, eh! Anyways, I salute her determination. ;) I must support her because that is what is right. After all, I will also benefit from its outcome if ever. ;) Anyways, I think that she is already in search for safe weight loss supplements. She needs help already because she could not really resist food most of the time. Not being able to eat or feeling hungry also has an effect in her behavior. She is irritable and does not like to talk. She said she is conserving energy!

Skin cuts

When you are in front of the computer, the mouse brings you to so many places and it is good because you learn a lot, get entertained, interact with others and so on. So, where did the mouse bring me today? It brought me to www.tazoracreviews.com. Well, yes, I think it is advantageous to read a little bit of everything. What is this site about? It is about acne treatment. You might think that I am being so conscious about my skin lately? Not really. I am just being careful and at the same time being prepared. As you know, I was diagnosed to have diabetes and I fear any form of skin cut. I wonder if acne could be considered as a skin cut?

It depends on the purpose

When the tree is full of fruits, it is very attractive that many would like to have a taste of its flesh. Manny Pacquiao was in a very big controversy lately because of a fellow boxer's accusation about him taking steroids. Is it really a NO,NO IN SPORTS COMMUNITY? I know a friend who was prescribed to take some to increase lean muscle mass. Maybe it depends on the steroids and its purpose? I have another friend who takes it for medication. Even my own son was prescribed steroids to immediately arrest his asthma attack before.

Anyways, no more fight between Pacquiao and the other famous athlete. Too bad because everyone is excited to watch it. Sorry, folks!

Beneficial exposure

Exposes are good though the connotation is not that positive. The recent one that caught my attention is the exposed acne treatment reviews. It is very important because many people get acne and many seek treatment. We have the right to know its pros and cons.

I am lucky to have been blessed with good skin. How about the others? The best thing as I always say and as we read in warnings, consult the doctor if symptoms persist.


I warned my wife about taking in diet pills after reading adipex reviews. According to the review that I read, this pill is accepted in the market and it is really effective. However, be aware of the side effects also. Anyways, in anything there is always something that we should look out for. I like her to lose weight because she is really big but no compromises. I want her to be healthily fit. I do not want her to be sickly just to get that ideal weight.


Good food

I hope that time will come that I could eat good food again. My wife is browsing through new orleans hotel reservations and particularly the restaurant part. She loves to eat! We love to eat! Look where it got me!

I am taking 15 capsules a day. The good food budget is now allocated for my medicines. My wife is trying to discipline me regarding my food intake. I must admit that I am quite stubborn. I know that she should not get into the point of applying an iron hand or I should not allow myself to be in that situation. Okay, I would be a good patient already!


Anything with water is profitable business

If there is a fabric softener, there is also a water softener. Is there a connection? I do not know but according to some of my office mates, a water business and a laundry business should be together. I am proud of one of my friends who recently joined a laundry business. Now he is planning to venture in a water business. That was when one of our colleagues told us that indeed, it's a very good idea.

Here in the Philippines, there is a term called "tubong lugaw". It means that you will profit from it a lot. Any business that involves water, as they say, is very profitable.


Groovy at 75!

We visited my wife's Aunt before I was hospitalized. Her Aunt is already 75 years old and still looks very healthy and groovy. My wife told her that she looked like she is only fifty years old! I agree! That is healthy living, perhaps. To think that she had bypass surgery ten years ago. She could still move freely. She was even cleaning their house when we arrived. Their place was also affected by the monster typhoon that hit our country. Her husband is also looking very handsome.

It is really good to visit relatives. You keep in touch. In the process of conversation, you also learn new things. Uncle said that after all the disaster, he is now studying a home insurance quote. The property damage that the typhoon caused was big and they have to replace all furniture and appliances. That gave me an idea. I guess, home insurance is important.