A glimpse of my frozen shoulder

Hey guys, here is a picture of me trying to do right arm flexion. See the difference between the two arms? I have frozen shoulder on the right. In medical term, it is called adhesive capsulitis. I am in the second stage where pain is really on its peak. I am doing home therapy already. Actually the doctor said that it will disappear on its own. That is actually the last stage. Anyways, I have this as a complication of my diabetes.

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TV and places

There is always a child in us... My wife, still watches Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers and other shows that seem more appropriate for teenagers.

Television is good. It depends on the channel and the show. I could still remember my father. He saw TV as something that could bring you to different places. Well, there was not internet before and moreover, he did not really like reading books or maybe he just did not have time to really do. Watching TV is easier and more entertaining for him and for the many.

Right now, one of the scenes in the show my wife is watching is the characters went to a ski vacation. It looks really cold! Snowy, snowy white!

I agree with my Dad. Television could really bring you to places.

Not a hardcore writer

When I was new in blogging, I tried almost everything to boost traffic. I even even searched for free seo software. Yes, I want more people to get to like my blog and not just drop and bounce. I know that I should do my part too. I am not a hardcore writer though. I am just here to write some thoughts.

What is good about this thing is that I got to know more people. I learned a lot also and is continue learning. It is a very good past time, you know.

Most of all, if I want a good laugh, there are bloggers who are here to make you smile. Thank you, guys!

Doctor prescribed

Because of too much stress in the office, my wife kept on eating. That is her therapy? There are tons of work to do and she could not afford to get hungry. She totally lost her one month of sacrifice and almost ten pounds loss. She is now very alarmed and obsessed with weight loss again. She is actually preparing for a family reunion this May. She promised a leaner person to her relatives and most of all to herself. Could diet pills be the solution? I do not like her to take some but if it is doctor prescribed then might as well, take it.

Excited Dad

My son is going to graduate from preparatory school this March! He is ready for the big time! We have been searching for a bigger school for him. At first, I am thinking, do I need to prepare photo graduation announcements? I am an excited Dad here. This is what I have been missing all the past years of my life. Well, you know, I married late. We had our son even later, that is after six years when we said our vows.

Stay young

I wonder how it is to have body acne treatments. First, I do not like to have acne at any part of my body. Sometimes though, it is really in the food we eat or it is hereditary. Others are thankful if they have breakouts at any part but the face.If only all could just stay young. Yes, I do not really want to grow old that fast. Most of all, no acne please. No kind of sickness. No additional ailments for me.


Gone are the days

My brother is the most beauty conscious of us all! He even wanted to undergo acne spot treatment before. Well, we are six men in the family. Our only sister is blessed with good white skin. Good for her. As of my beauty conscious brother, luckily his two sons did not inherit his tendency to have breakouts. If not, they might have the same problem of being mistaken to be not that manly or have another preference. There is nothing wrong about it, though. Sometimes people could really just be so judgmental. Gone are those days!

More blood flow

My wife only tasted vitamins when she had to take those prenatal vitamins prescribed by her OB. As f me, I always have Vitamin E and multivitamins in tow. I never forget to take those two everyday. That is why, my wife sometimes asks me why do I have to get sick even if I am health conscious enough. I told her that maybe because I stopped taking at least a sip of red wine before I go to sleep. You know, they say that red wine is good for the health.

When I was still working abroad, we used to have this bottle of red wine inside our fridge. Well, we were working in a duty free shop and all kinds of wine came in handy. I think I need it to aid more blood flow in my veins?

Repeat meals

To have our family vacation in a local destination is as expensive as that of having it outside the country. We will also have to purchase an airline ticket, make hotel reservations, and all the hassles of preparation. Thus, I prefer to go out of the country. In my experience, when I was still working abroad, I just have to bring my passport and clothes, ticket and a little cash and I was all set. I want a worry free vacation.

I read about this destination in Mexico. This place is managed by Karisma Hotels. what impressed me is the Gourmet-Inclusive place. I want to taste new food. A real treat! Maybe, wifey could learn new recipes too. Finally, we could get rid of repetition in our meals!

Speaking of... dinner time! What do we have? Let me guess... pasta!


Next time

I went to the repair shop for the check up of my motorcycle. I learned that this small shop pays a big sum of money for business tax. Maybe they are earning that much.They do not have a business insurance yet though. I advised them to get one. After all, they have worked for that business all their life thus an insurance is a good investment.

I could still remember all those paper works we had to go through when we are about to put up our own business. Too bad, it did not materialize. Anyways, there is always a next time.

Could not bear the pain

As the days go by, I am experiencing increasing degree of pain that it is becoming intolerable already. There was even a time that I could not put on my own shirt. That is really delimiting. I do not want this to progress. Do I really have to consider something like spine surgery Mexico? I also have a disk condition in the cervical level. I think that it is a contributory factor to my frozen shoulder besides diabetes. The therapy is not working for me anymore. However, I am afraid of any operation. It is written in the books that any operation could cause your life. As my wife always tells me, you bear the pain or you want to die already?


The one who takes care of her

Happy Chinese New Year to all! What are your plans in this year of the metal tiger? Some would like to land a job to end their couch potato days, while others would like to take a break. Some would like to lose weight, while others would like to at least add some fats to the skinny bones. Whatever it is, I wish you all the luck!

As of me, just one thing. Well as you know, I am unhealthy these days. I hope and pray that I will be the man that my wife married. The one who takes care of her and not the one who adds weight to her shoulder.


Crazy stories

The sweet wife went home. It was late already. She kissed her husband and offer him some chocolates with the encouragement that two pieces would only be 60 calories. Then the wife lovinlgy asked her husband if it is okay to use up their savings to buy gold bullion. What? The catch? The husband is diabetic!

Crazy story? I just made that up. Sometimes, I like playing stories inside my mind. It is just that, I am lazy to write.

Anyways, if that will happen to me, okay I will tell my wife to just do whatever she wants to do. Anyways, gold is okay!


Casino bookmark

My wife has always been a dedicated employee to the point that even at home, she still works. That is what you get when you can access everything online, huh! Yes, she opens her office e-mail even when she is at home. Right now, she is obsessing with the deviation that she got from the transaction monitoring group. She wants it to be lifted and she is harassing the auditor. Ha,ha,ha! Well, if it is like sending an e-mail every hour with different versions of her justification. Believe me, she will not stop until she gets what she wants. I do not really understand her job because it is confidential and because billing is really difficult. Why obsess over a one deviation? That deviation could make or break her grade by the end of the year. Very advanced, huh! You know how obsess she is? Or, maybe pressured or stressed? Well, she forgot about her diet and ate two boiled eggs! Later, the next thing that she would do is sleep and do not speak to anyone. Oh, women! But, it is okay for me. She has been obsessed with many things lately like some games in the internet. Are you thinking casino online? Secret! Ha,ha,ha! No, she does not gamble. Not just yet. Thankfully. But if ever, it is alright if she would like to have some fun. She has been asking about playing in a casino lately. However, I do not have any idea if she is into it. Wait, let me see the bookmarks. Oh, I see http://www.casinoscandinavia.com. A casino guide! Maybe she needs it for research? Ha,ha,ha! You know, it is good to be of know how of everything if possible. At least, if she will converse with someone who loves casino, she will be able to tell some stories. You know, payouts, poker rooms, players, blackjack and all!

Okay, I think this is one of my longest post. I hope wifey will not be able to read this. Anyways, I am sure that she is also writing about me.