Batteries now and then

Do you still buy batteries? I could still remember that time when there is always a need to buy batteries. You know, we need one for our analog camera, remote control, calculator, tape recorders, CD players, and so many other things. Oh, do not forget the wall clock! :) Today, not many people use batteries anymore. Except of course if you have a kid like mine. Well, he always grabs batteries at the store every time we go for our groceries. Where will he use it? For his toys!


Disappointed over Pacquiao's latest fight

Pacquiao has proven himself to be a good fighter. He has made some history, or shall I say a big boxing history. He is now considered the biggest boxer of all time... as of now. Well, he is the pound for pound king. He should thank his trainer and all his promoters for that. And of course, everybody knows how hard he works for it also. It takes so much discipline to be able to gain such strength, speed and stamina.

Let us face it, Boxing has not been only a sports to watch but it has been a great entertainment for all. But this latest fight, I think I somehow fell asleep. Unlike the Cotto- Pacquiao fight which was really good and full of excitement.

Boxing is a show. The latest one was really dull. Oh, Clottey, what have you done? Manny Pacquiao tried his best though to keep the fans awake.

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My practical wife

She came home last night quite excited. She was carrying this promo bag by a famous food company. Then she put out a manual which contains weight loss programs. I guess, she went to the nearby grocery store and participated in one of the promos there which are usually available during weekends. True enough, she bought a can of milk of a popular brand and got all those freebies which include an environment friendly bag, a towel, and that manual. That is my practical wife!

Something that she needs

My wife's birthday is very near! I must surprise her. She has been very good to me and our son. They say that when we give gifts, we should make sure that the recipient will really love it. I have given her so many gifts before. Mostly, watches. I know that she wanted bags though. Anyways, there is always a next time, right? Okay, I will not give her phentermine diet pills which I think what she needs. Bags, bags, bags. Shoes also, I guess.

Forty years more

I have been taking multiple vitamins and I think that it is doing me good. I just had my lab tests last week and everything is fine with me except of course the sugar level that has not been controlled yet. I must admit that I am a stubborn patient. Anyways, the account for my meds is slowly depleting thus I must really follow the doctor's instructions more religiously. I do not want that time will come when I do not have the money to buy for my meds anymore and nowhere I will go but six feet under the ground. My wife and I had this conversation last night. She was asking me to live longer. She is asking for forty years more. I wish too!


Pacquiao VS Clottey

Another day for Filipinos to be proud of? It is PACMAN! Well, everyone is predicting that Manny will win. Who is Clottey? I am not really into statistics but I love watching boxing. yes, I subscribed to the pay per view service. I am not the only one watching but the rest of the neighborhood. They bough long yards of wire so that we could place the TV at one of the wider streets in our village. No, there is no pirated or money making business here. I would just like everyone to see the boxing hero. They could not fit inside my small house thus let the TV go out!

Go, Pacquiao! Make Filipinos proud again!

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Good service

We passed by the parlor that my wife went to a few months ago and she saw the guy who murdered her eyebrows. She did not like the way those pairs above the eyes looked and she walked out even if the session was not finished yet. She managed to pay though. First, she was disappointed because of the smell of smoke in the hands of the personnel. Apparently, he just finished smoking and even without washing his hands with soap and water or even rubbing it with alcohol, he already attended to a customer who happened to be my meticulous wife. She went home that day furious and she said that maybe the guy did not go to an accredited cosmetology school thus he was not doing his job well at all. I really wonder. Anyways, the guy did not look clean. As a matter of fact, he was having another stick of cigarette when we saw him. Well, the parlor happened to be located opposite our favorite grocery store. I hope that the guy will wash his hands this time. working in a parlor or SPA means the personnel should be the one to manifest how good the service they could offer.


Learn from the past

Because of some financial constraints last year, we were forced to sell one of our life insurance policies. That was my wife's. Anyways, there are a lot of cheap term life insurance rates available today that we could choose from. Yes, my wife will buy another one. Anyways, this year seems good for us. Thanks, Heavens! We should learn from our past mistakes. You know, overspending and all. We must follow certain rules now. We are not that stable yet but we are going there, I hope.

After the treatment

I am now a skinny fellow. I will be visiting my doctor this coming Wednesday. I will ask if I could have human growth hormone supplements after my treatment. Well, you know, I have to at least look muscular even with a leaner stature. I am not sexy at all. I am thin. I think I look sick. Well, yes, sometimes I feel weak. I hope this battle will end already.

Mind power

Okay, no more chips and no more sweets. No ice cream and cake. No rice, no chicken skin. No pork dishes and tons of rice to go with it. Hey, could you just give me the best weight loss products, instead? But, I am not into losing weight. I am controlling a more serious condition. Okay, it takes a little sacrifice. As they say, the taste buds could be trained. Mind power! Anyways, it is for my health.

Feel the stretch

Face off. Peel off. Every time I see my wife peeling off the facial mask, it reminds me of the movie, Mission Impossible. Well, there was some scenes there that Tom Cruise was not really Tom Cruise, right? He was just wearing a mask... Anyways, are facial masks really good treatment for wrinkles? It seems that the face is actually being stretched after the session. Do I see it or do I feel it? Okay, I must admit, I do use facial mask. I do not see anything wrong about it at all!

He is lucky

My son loves cars! Oh, no, it is not that he is asking from me cash for Ferrari parts this early, but only toy cars, of course! Yesterday, we bought two more for his so called "collection". He said that he will buy more next Saturday! Huh? Yes, he is making his own schedule. If only he knows how lucky he is being able to get what he wants. But, no, he is not really a spoiled brat especially to me. I am the disciplinarian in the house. He still responds to our commands and yes, obeys us most of the time.


Everyday is a family day

Everyday is a family day. That is the tag line of one cable company here in our country. Well, I have nothing against television. I love watching TV. However, a family day for me should have more quality, I guess. I am working on that. You know, a trip to the park, maybe.

We usually spend our family day going to the mall. I know, it is not a very good choice of spending a family day too.

Anyways, more often than not, we are like many families, spending it in front of the TV.

Yes, we really need to work on that , more!

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Weird combination

It is a beautiful Friday morning for all of us! The sun is up! The weather is good! We had tuna sandwich and Coke zero for breakfast. Weird combination, huh! Then, we had mango for some dessert. To think that it is 849AM in the morning, it really gets more and more weird! Anyways, time for my pills! Yes, my multivitamin, anti- cholesterol and anti- diabetes capsules all their way to my throat and full tummy! Please do not harm my stomach. I do not want another pill for gastritis or bleeding gut.

We stopped dieting for a while. My wife has so many things to do and she said that she could not function well when she is weak. Thus, eat all we can!

Look younger

Beauty fades. Thus, there is an antiaging product that you can turn to, as they say. Of course, a happy disposition in life could also help. Stay happy always. Smile a lot. A happy face will make you look even ten years younger! Well, you could not hide those wrinkles though. Thus, yes, using creams could be helpful. Are you finding it odd for a man to talk like this? I am not shy at all. I am proud to say that I do not look my age. Older? Hahahaha! Younger, of course!