Cool down

This is the first time that I read about energy auditing and I like the idea. Well, it is quite hot in our country today. We tend to use much energy. It could be seen in our high electric bills this summer. Anyways, I read some articles on how to cool the house. Example is not making use of the stove in cooking. Well, we love our microwave so it will not be a problem. We just have to find healthy recipes that could be cooked using the microwave.

High maintenance

One thing that I might not need to have in the nearest future is shampoo for hair growth. We are blessed with thick hair. All of us. My wife, my son and me! What we actually need is the opposite. Well, we do not like to lose all of our hairs. What we do is we just wear it short most of the time. Having thick hair is quite high maintenance.

Older than my age

Weekend! So many things to do. We hope that we could at least relax a little. My son is getting restless and too much addicted on the computer. Just this morning, I woke up with him crying because his mother would not allow him to play. My wife usually writes in the morning. I got mad with my son that I had to send him to the room for him to keep quiet. Yes, somehow, I was cruel. Effect of diabetes and high cholesterol levels? Yes, I become irritable. Anyways, I have to go out of the house for me to calm down. I must keep a cool disposition. I look old already as my wife told me. Before, I look younger than my age but now it is the other way around. Would you believe that I am also in need of acne medications? Yes, a 49 year old fellow could still have breakouts!


Buy me a bag

When friends abroad come here for a visit, they usually ask us what we want for them to bring to us, you know, we call it here "pasalubong"!

I could still remember my wife when I was still working abroad, she never asked me what to buy for her. She always wanted to be surprised. The thing is, now that I am already here, she sometimes nags me for not buying her bags or shoes that are somehow more affordable abroad than here. She would go, something like this, " I saw this rebecca minkoff bag and I really heart it! If only you could have bought one for me then..." I would just shrug my shoulders and tell her that she should have told me. Then she would say, she did not have to tell me if I were thinking of her.

Women are sometimes hard to calculate. Anyways, I still love her. She is actually a simple woman. She just says those things but she does not really mean it. I hope. Hahahaha!


Where to put the money

My wife's birthday is very near. I bought a game console recently and I hope she will think that it is my gift for her already! Hahaha! Well, she is still asking for a dance pad. Yes, another attempt to lose weight for her. Anyways, I think I will be afford it. Buying a dance pad is very much more affordable than her previous request for me to buy gold coins. It is alright if she means gold chocolate coins, but not! Seriously speaking, it is okay for me to buy gold coins but I do not see its use yet. My wife said that it is good investment... then she does not stop her litany. Well, I am at fault because I am really a compulsive buyer at times, especially when I see a good deal. Just like the game console that I bought. My wife said that she will appreciate it if I put my money in good use, and that is like buying gold coins. (Sigh!)