Fast forward

I could still remember when I and my wife went to her OB gynecologist to know what will be the gender of our child. My wife was around five months pregnant then. The doctor asked us what we wanted or was expecting, a boy or a girl? The usual parents will answer as long as the baby is normal. We were kidding around and was able to even think that if in case our son will be gay, it will be a very big blessing too! There are so many successful gays. The usual imagination and fast forwarding of my wife happened and she told the doctor that she will send our son to the best beauty school like at Florida Cosmetology School. Our son will have his own business and he will be very successful. Yes, of course you know it already that our child is a boy. At present, our son does not show any inclination yet but yes, it is okay for me whatever he might venture to in the future as long as it is legal business.


Retirement plan

I went to my Aunt's place in Cavite. She has a big house. She lives in a middle class subdivision in the town. No wonder my other Aunt wants to live there instead of staying at our small house. The environment was good. There is less pollution as there are many trees planted along the roads. Indeed, it will be a suitable home for the aged.

My Aunt, the youngest among her siblings has only one child. Her daughter is abroad. Too bad, the laws in that country do not allow non-citizens to overstay. In that country, it is either you are a citizen or you are an OFW. No relatives of OFWs allowed. For those who married citizens of that country, it does not mean that they could bring their whole family like a mother and live in that country too. That is so sad. Now, my Aunt is all alone. Worse, she was not able to prepare for her old age. Nursing home is actually not popular here in our country. It is like a sin to bring your old people to a nursing home. It is like a responsibility of the children to take care of their parents when they get old. Thus, parents do all their best to give their child a good future and hope that when they get old, they will reap what they sow. But, not all people are lucky.

Preparing for old age has been a priority for me and my wife. We do not like to go old unhappy and regretful. We do not also think that when we get old, our son will take care of us. We do not like him to have that burden. Yes, I entertain the idea of being brought to a nursing home when I get old. But of course, as much as possible, I would just like to stay outside and enjoy the rest of my life with my wife. We could do that if we age gracefully and do not get sickly, right? Most of all, we should always have that retirement plan that we could depend on when the time comes.

Miracle food

When you are on a diet, you are usually instructed to shy away from food. Good news to dieters! Try food that burns fat. Yes, there is such a thing. I searched for it and would you believe it? Some of the fruits that I love are included! From now on, I shall religiously eat my apple. For spices, cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger are advisable! Speaking of cayenne, my wife had told me about it already and as a matter of fact, she really uses it in all her meals. I wonder why she is not losing weight at all? Well, obviously, these kinds of food will not do miracle. To get that figure that you are dreaming of, you have to work hard for it.

Starting all over again

It is time of the year again. The rainy season is here! Yesterday, it really rained cats and dogs. I am quite worried. Last September, a big typhoon hit our place and we lost so many things. We had to buy new bed mattresses, pillows, linens, chairs, tables, towels, clothes, kitchen utensils, and so many other necessary household items. It was like starting all over again. My wife even got depressed for a few months during that time. Paranoid and afraid of the rain. We really pray that nothing like that will happen again.

Old and sickly

Somehow, I gained a little bit of weight already compared to the previous months. I was on a strict diet then. I know that I should not deviate from it but then again, I really look odd when I am thin. I am now taking the best supplements so that I do not have to depend on too much food. Somehow, I really have to be still in control of my intake. I should not be complacent that I am feeling okay right now. Backsliding is never an option. I should still follow the doctor's instructions. I do not miss my daily maintenance of pills. It is hard to be sick. I do not want to continue like this. I do not want to be old and sickly.

Big brother's idea

My older brother told me to sell used books every end of the school year. Well it was a good source of income for me. Because of that, I was able to enjoy my summer vacation. It was not easy to ask for allowance during vacation time unlike during school days when my parents gave me money everyday. So, why not sell my used books? It turned out to be a great idea and from then on, I sold my previous year's books. When my mother found out, it was fine with her. Anyways, my siblings and I did not have the same course in College thus my old books would not be of use to my younger brothers and sister. Thanks for the idea, big bro!


It is Lee Dewyze- the New American Idol!

So, I could be a fortune teller now? Remember my post- Lee or Crystal? I wrote there that Lee will be the next American Idol. He just did it! I am so happy for him. Somehow, I see myself in him when I was younger. You know, a boy who could sing and play the guitar. The difference is, he has this courage and determination to follow his dream and make it come true!

I do not like to dwell in the past and be regretful. I am happy where I am right now. But sometimes it is also good to look back. I used to play with a band. I was the guitarist then. We had some gigs and earned some money. We call it "racket". We had some contracts also to make minus one of certain songs. I just had to stop and concentrate on my studies. So there it is, a little personal stuff about me. :)

Being a parent right now, I have to make sure that my son follows his dream and maybe take advantage of whatever opportunity that may come along his way.

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Hall and Oates at American Idol

Staying home enjoying AI Finals Night. Hall and Oates currently showing right now. Good music, I would like to dance! Where is my wife? Or, should I just get my guitar and jam with them? I really love their music. Batman and Robin! Darryl Hall and John Oates!

Here is my favorite song by Hall and Oates.

One on One

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With internet

Whew! It is really getting hotter everyday. How I wish I own a Tamarindo Real Estate property so that I could go and stay in water whenever I want to. I read that in Costa Rica, there is this place called Tamarindo wherein there is a beach. Well, aside from that, it is also peaceful there. A perfect hideaway or you could actually make it your home also since it is located near the city place. I always dream of living far from the busy town anyways. As I mentioned before, I could actually live in the mountains. Do not forget my disclaimer though. Internet and electricity must be present.

Good voice

I am a music lover. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. I have more than a thousand songs in my I-pod. One of my favorite female artist is Whitney Houston. I feel bad for her losing her voice. I just watched her a while ago and she was singing that theme song from the movie Bodyguard.She did not hit the high note.

It is sort of a wake up call, you know. I could sing too. I am not a singer though. Anyhow, I would still like to keep my voice and be able to sing good whenever I am asked to.

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Artistic mind

So, the winner is... No winners proclaimed yet as far as the presidential and vice presidential elections is concerned. To add, there are now controversies that surfaced in the air. I could not say that it is out of nowhere because in politics, you should have an artistic mind to pave your way through this narrow alley. Yes, I am sure that it is orchestrated. I do not disagree that there are cheaters. There will always be.

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Never depreciate

What I want to do today? I want to buy gold bullion. I hope doing it is as easy as saying it. I wonder how rich the people who were able to trade with gold bars are now! I am sure that all the wealthy members of the society have gold in their safety deposit boxes. You, do you have one?

Why gold? Though, you could always invest money in the bank, investing in gold is much better. The value of money fluctuates. Look at the foreign exchange rate table in your daily newspaper. Though the value of gold somehow follows the trend, still it never depreciates.


Lee or Crystal?

Lee or Crystal?

It is finals night in American Idol by next week. I was not able to watch the final eliminations before Lee and Crystal were chosen. I was able to watch the performance night though and this time, America was right voting out Casey and choosing the better singers.

Casey is actually an American Idol material with good looks and all. Of course, he could sing too. It is just that Lee and Crystal can sing better.

I think that Lee could be a runaway winner here. Well, he has more charisma. Crystal is a better singer though. If I will be able to vote, I will choose Crystal.

Anyways, again, it is American Idol, so who will America choose? Lee or Crystal?

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Not a funny joke at all

My wife noticed that she has edema on her right foot. It really alarmed her. the last time that she had edema was when she was seven to nine months pregnant. Yes, she is getting bigger again. No, she is not pregnant.

Well, what do we do when we experience things that are supposedly not normal and sort of life threatening? We go to the doctor? We should. However, my wife, being medically inclined that she is chose to lie down and elevated her legs. True enough, the edema disappeared. She said that it might be the trauma caused by too much walking last weekend. We went to the province and I noticed that she was limping when we got off the bus. She said that it was nothing. Maybe, she really had some ankle sprain of sort.

I, on the other hand am here, trying to search the causes of edema. It says in Wiki that there are many factors like pregnancy, medications, systemic disease, pressure in the surrounding veins, increase salt and others. I would like to believe that my wife's condition is due to lack of physical activity. But then again, why the right leg only? Does it really mean that the right side of her heart is weak? That is really scary! Actually, she always joke around that she might be leaving us soon. Not a funny joke at all!

Thanks to the net that we get to know the supposed doctor's diagnosis. In some cases though like if you want to really know mesothelioma survival rate, it is best to ask your real doctor and not only doctor internet! Oh, yes, go to the doctor and maybe stop reading much because sometimes it makes you even more sick after reading about it.


Check and balance

I am watching the morning news right now and I am somehow regretting using my time for it. I should have read apidexin reviews instead. Well, some losing presidential candidates are questioning the automated elections results. They are calling it Electronic Garci. I am quite mad because they are indirectly bashing the integrity of the teachers. How could the flash cards be replaced? But, that is what democracy all about. Check and balance.

Perfect attendance

I do not understand why other people could not believe that there is such thing as perfect attendance. In classes maybe and in work but not in election day?

Elections here in our country have always been tainted. There are vote buying, ghost voting, flying voters and tampering of results. Now that it was automated, many believed that it will be impossible to cheat. But then again, how could you be so sure?

I worked before as one of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI). I could attest to the fact that it will be very easy to cheat even with all the watchers around. But then again, I also believe that everybody has a conscience. Give it to them.

Going back to the perfect attendance issue in Mindanao region, why question it? Should not we, the people from Visayas and Luzon be ashamed instead because we did not have a perfect attendance showing in the polls? Should not we be ashamed that we were not able to sacrifice a few hours of our time to cast our vote?

Tell me.

Hold tight

Who likes losing? No one. Nobody would truthfully say that it is okay, I enjoyed the game anyways! That is really a lie! Well, I cannot get over the national elections held last May 10 here in our country. Some of the winners have been proclaimed while the others who are kept hanging should start reading wrinkle cream reviews. Others managed to keep a poker face or a petrified smile. Oh, you should see the losing Vice Presidential candidate! I will not say who I am pertaining to. One thing sure, I am one of those who are still hoping for my VP bet to win. Well, again, I should not mention. As they say, it is not over til it is over so hold on tight!

The free space is more than enough

I just spent some five minutes deleting all the SPAM comments that got in. I was excited to see who visited my blog upon seeing that almost all of my posts had comments. I have also a haunch though that those might be just SPAM ones. Well then, I was right. I wonder if there is a sort of SPAM filter for blogger... that is for free also. Anyways, I can do nothing about it I suppose if there is no free feature like that. I could not ask for more from blogger.com. This free space is more than enough.

Lifestyle change

I have proven to myself that the fastest way to burn fat is actually to stop taking them in. As you know, I am a diabetic. I have been in a strict diet since December 25, 2009. Yes, that was the day that I was brought to the hospital. My sugar level now is almost normal at 106. I must confess that I have been eating again the way that I used to before I found out that I have to make a lifestyle change. I am guilty. I know that I have to go back to that discipline and determination again.


People get ready for Crystal Bowersox

It is May already! Speaking of this month, the grand finals of AI should be supposedly on this month. They started a little bit late? Anyways, there are only five contestants left, right? Crystal, Lee, Big Mike, Aaron and Casey.

Crystal is a favorite. She sings well, that is why. Will America vote right this time? Well, the AI 8 winner was not a popular choice though I will really prefer Kris over Lambert also.

I like Crystal's rendition of People Get Ready. I got the lyrics for you. Too bad the embed code is not working so that we could see the video here. Anyways, just go to YouTube.

People Get Ready

People get ready
There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear diesels humming
You don't need no ticket
You just thank the Lord
Yeah yeah yeah

People get ready
For the train to Jordan
Picking up passengers
From coast to coast
Faith is the key
Open the doors and board them
There's room for all
Among the loved and lost

Now there ain't no room
For the hopeless sinner
Who抯 hard on mankind
Just to save his own
Have pity on those
Whose chances are thinner
Cause there's no hiding place
From the Kingdom's Throne

Ohh people get ready
There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear diesels a- humming
You don't need no ticket
You just thank the Lord
Yeah yeah yeah

I'm getting ready
I - I'm ready yeah yeah yeah
Oh I'm getting ready oh - oh
I'm ready yeah

More tempting

We said goodbye to credit cards two years ago. I must say though that bringing cards is safer than bringing cash. That is why the idea of debit cards like a prepaid visa is fine with me. I actually enrolled for one and I am waiting for the card to be sent to me by next week. It is just like putting my money in a card. It is more tempting to see the actual cash inside my wallet. :)

From paint salesman to a star

From paint salesman to a star! Will Lee Dewyze be the next American Idol? He is being pushed by the judges but he is really a good singer. He could play the guitar too. He is more of a soul singer though as I see him and not more of the rocker style.

I caught his performance of "The Boxer". Thanks to YouTube.