You Are My Boss

Congratulations to the Filipino nation! We found a public servant in the real sense of the word at least according to his inaugural speech yesterday. He said, "You are the boss so I cannot ignore your orders." It is refreshing.

Noynoy Aquino, the 15th Philippine President. He represents hope. There are even campaigns today trying to ignite among everyone to do his own share too towards progress.

So, Filipinos, let us all do our part. As PNoy said, " if many of us will bear the cross we will lift it, no matter how heavy it is."

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In plastics and drums

Not all residents here in our country has a garbage disposal system. Usually, we keep our garbage in garbage plastics and others then store it in a stainless steel drum. What we have right now is a plastic drum with cover and it is really wearing off. I guess I really have a steel drum the soonest especially that rainy days are here and the garbage collector has less visits. Yes, I think that the city mayor or just the barangay captain should look into that or sanitation situation will become worse.


His idea of saving

My son is trying his best to save money. At the age of six, he already has this idea of saving money for the future or for buying things that he wants. That is why, he always wants us to let him buy some of the things that we missed in the grocery at the nearby small store. What does he do then? He asks us for the change then he will put it in his coin jar. Clever! Anyways, if he will buy books, then it is fine with us. His mother did not buy the book about dinosaurs and dragons that he has been asking for since we watched that movie about dragons.


Manage it right

Do you want to be rich? I think most people want to get rich or at least have the basic things in life like own house, own car, some savings, and maybe some business. Now you might say that it is not basic at all, huh! Anyways, who would not like to just buy gold bars whenever he wants to right? Okay I must wake up! Kidding aside, I believe that if we work hard then we will reap what we sow. There could be some obstacles or trials along the way but still if we live a clean and honest living then there is no way that misfortune will come along the way. We just have to know how to manage our finances and of course we have to put our money to right investments.

Young crush

Yes, I am watching PBB teen edition. For those who watch Big Brother reality TV show, there is a local version here in our country. The episode today tackles young love or young crush. It feels good going back to the past, you know. I could still recall my first crush too. Oh, girls really make boys smile.

People grow up though. We do not stay young forever. We could just smile reminiscing those memories. Somehow it makes us feel light and somehow young again even in our hearts. :)


Faithfully and Somewhere Over The Rainbow

One of the songs that is greatly popularized by the band journey is Faithfully. I am proud that the lead singer of Journey today is a Filipino. He is Arnel Pineda. The season 1 finale of Glee featured the song, Faithfully. That made me feel more proud. Arnel Pineda sings that song so beautifully and perfectly.

Speaking of Glee, I really liked that final episode especially the song, To Sir With Love and of course, the last song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

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My only option

My wife told me to research college degrees that I could take while I am at home. I have stopped working and is now taking care of our only child. We could not find any nanny or leaving our child in a kid's center is not advisable here in our country. So, I decided to resign from my job and be a house husband. Yes, you might think that it is not a good decision but for us, it is the best for our child. Anyways, I will go back to work when I get bored. Kidding aside, we are planning things and for now, a parent with our child is necessary. So, should I just study online? I think that is the only option left for me.

There is no place like home

There is no place like home. It is true for all. We are the kings and queens in our own homes. We can do everything inside our houses and no one will command us what we could not do.

Remember my Aunt who I sent to her sister a few weeks back? She arrived yesterday. She mentioned so many reasons why she decided to go back. She said that she prefers being along inside her own house. I totally understand her but I worry for her. Anyways, I just told her that our house is always open for her. I hope that she will definitely come to a decision and realize that yes, there is no place like home but when you are old and weary already, you need someone around to take care of you.

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Creating an e-mail address

Creating an e-mail address is not that easy anymore. Well, at least for robots. I created a new e-mail address and I was required to enter a mobile phone number for the verification code. I did eneter my mobile number and a text message with the verification code was immediately sent. I just wonder if I was charged for it. Anyways, a small thing for a free e-mail address? I think it is just fair.

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More time please

It is June already! Imagine that! One morning we will wake up it is already December! Time flies real fast! Sometimes it seems not enough for all the things that we want to do. Just like my wife, she was telling me yesterday that her rest day is over and she has to go back to work again. She said that she still needs more rest. To think that she slept almost the whole day already, huh! Anyways, she said that she is preparing herself for all the activities that she has to do for the rest of the week. Does it include exercise? She wants to. Besides the weight loss supplement that she is taking right now, she wants to couple it with a religious work out. Her feet could not carry her weight anymore that is why she complains of aching feet when she gets home from work. I hope that she could really keep her goals.

Career shift

My wife's books are still new even though we have bought those a year ago. She planned to have her review but then again I wonder what is keeping her to do so? Actually, she has so many excuses. One time I caught her reading really seriously. I thought that finally she has started but then again, I saw that it was just pronexin reviews. She said that reading her medical books makes her sleepy. She could not finish a page. Maybe her brains are telling her, why read again? What is the purpose? It is hard to make a career change especially if what you have right now is already rewarding.