Take care of your body

Diet pill names are very catchy. One example is detoxufree72. It is obvious that the main word is detox. I need that. everybody must do a detoxification to wash out waste materials from the body. You can take pills, take supplements in other forms and do not forget to exercise and include fiber in your diet. That is coming from a healthy buff like me. Seriously, we need to reassess our habits. Only you have the control of your own body.



If there is such thing as the Transunion Settlement here in our country, maybe I am already rich. I think that I have been exposed in some ways. I receive phone calls and text messages from people I do not know. Mostly, they claim to be representatives from financial institutions. I am being offered all kinds of loans like salary loans, car loans, house loans, and others. I also get offers to sign up for new credit cards. When I asked how did they get my contact number, they will just say that I am one of those who are listed. I really could not believe it because I did not have that hefty income when I worked here in my own country. I am really wondering.

I changed my theme

I changed my theme. I realized that I have been using the old theme for such a long time already. Go with the times. Blogger offers new themes for free so why not take advantage of it? Well, if you frequent this blog, you can say that it still got the old feel. Clean and blue.

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Do not settle for less

For anybody who wants to invest in any form of metal, it is best to consult the best authority regarding that. If you want to buy gold bullion then get in touch with the United States Gold Bureau. When you are going to a certain business of course what you want to achieve is not only return of investment (ROI) but moreover, profit. Sometimes or most of the time, you cannot do it alone and you have to depend on the expertise of other people. Make sure to get your money's worth in securing such service. Do not settle for less because you deserved the best!

Another boring boxing match

I watched another boring boxing match a while ago. It is between Johnriel Casimero and Ramon Garcia Hirales in Mexico. It was a painful loss for the Filipino boxer but he really did not perform well that time. My wife eve got mad at me as she wanted to watch another TV show. She kept on saying, why can I stand such a boring match like that?

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Support the dieter

If she does not eat, then nobody eats. I do not know if that is one of the rules in diet found at www.loseweightfast.net but I do understand that dieters need all the support from the people around them. Just like my wife who has been struggling to lose weight ever since she gained those unwanted pounds that made her double. Yes, she said that she feels like that. Well, from barely 110 lbs to almost 180 lbs, that seems true? I just tell her that she still looks beautiful in my eyes. That is truthfully speaking, huh! I am proud to say that we are going to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary this August.


Retirement age

I think I have written here that I always want to buy gold coins. I actually have a jar of coins in the house because I save it for Christmas to give to the carolers. The gold coins are of course of a different thing. My wife actually is the one who is more into it. She would like us to have an investment. Something valuable enough that has a good increasing value. As I have also mentioned also in my previous posts, we want to save for our old age. Thus, we must have something that could get us by when we are already at our retirement age.


Bernabe Concepcion did not use his head

I am disappointed with the boxing match I just watched in Puerto Rico. Through TV of course! I am still here in the Philippines!

I just wonder, while some boxers run around the ring, Bernabe Concepcion did the other way. He was being beaten already by Juan Manuel Lopez but there was no sign of retreat in him. He was already broken physically yet, he wanted more hits! He did not use his head at all. If he did some pacing then maybe he could have won the fight. Thank you for the entertainment but what we want is a win. He showed strength also by hitting his opponent once. I think that was what he wanted to prove, that he could land some jabs also. Yes, he could. He could have done more though.

Anyways, congratulations to Donaire who won his fight.

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PNoy's tardiness

PNoy or President Noynoy Aquino is being criticized for his tardiness. True, he follows traffic rules and does not use wangwang or siren but is it really for the good of the Filipino people? Setting an example is good but how about other traits like being early for work? If he is really going to burden himself the traffic then he should wake up early for him not to be late. Better yet, stay in Malacanang where the President should stay.

I think that PNoy is observing for himself the traffic situation and maybe be able to come up with something to improve it. In time, he might use the wangwang already or maybe will have no need to use it anymore once the traffic problem has been resloved.

All eyes are on him. It has been a week since his inauguration. Too early to judge the man, I know.

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Let the skin breathe

I really do not know if I had offended my friend who has an eczema like lesion on his left arm. I was not really looking at it but my eyes went toward in that direction. He immediately covered it and gave me an angry gaze. This friend of mine has sensitive skin and maybe even the clothes that he is wearing is irritating his skin. Someone very close to me is like that. My sister also has eczema. It really pains her because she could not wear anything of leather material. Her skin could not breathe in that.

Unexpected things found

My wife was trying to find her mobile phone's USB cable. She sort of misplaced it or forgot where she placed it. When she is looking for something, she brings the whole house upside down. Funny but things that you do not look for appears. Would you believe that she still has unconsumed prenatal vitamins in one of her bags? Oh, that was more than six years already. Obviously, those are already expired. She immediately threw all of that in the waste basket. How about the USB? Nothing yet. More things to be found.

Sleep early

Sometimes, women are annoying. They dictate men what to do. My wife is not an exemption though I love her very much. Last night, we had a disagreement and she wanted me to sleep early. She even told me that she will put sleeping pills in my water so that I will go to bed early. Well, I must admit that lately, I have been up until the wee hours in the morning. I was still awake until 3AM. Because of that, we woke up late also at 9AM. Last night, my wife insisted that we sleep early. Her reason? She has to wake up early and leave house by 6AM.

Who won in that fight? My wife was late in the office today.

Animated stories

We just had dinner. After eating, we had some bonding time, meaning talking about what happened to both of us during the day, my wife and I. Well, as usual, girls have more gossips. She was telling me about the person she stumbled upon at the grocery store. Wife said that the man looked like that because of human growth hormone side effects. I asked her, was she able to see incredible hulk? Sometimes, she is full of animation when she tells me stories. She just said that she had not seen anyone as muscular as that man. Anyways, I jokingly told her that I am beginning to get jealous of that guy since she seemed amazed. ;)