I love Beatles

I did not search for the actual date anymore or tried to find out if there is any truth to the claim of the morning show that Aug. 31 is Beatles' anniversary. Anyways, the show celebrated the legacy of the Beatles.

I love Beatles. When I was younger... okay I am not about to sing or write about the popular song, "Help"... :) Anyways, what I mean is that when I was younger, I even had that haircut. My former girlfriend and I even had Paul and Wings as code names...

Today, I have more than 200 songs of the Beatles in my I-pod.

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I have a friend who loves to invest. I will not be surprised if she will be able to buy gold bars anytime soon. As of the moment, she already purchased a condo unit and a brand new car. In five years time, she will be able to pay these two investments thus she is set for a new one. What is good about her is she actually projects her plans and really saves for it. she asked me about gold bars and I told her that I am really no expert. I suggested that she visits sites that might help her. United States Gold Bureau is one. Just yesterday, she told me that she went to the site already and she was impressed.

Excited for his 7th day birthday

Do you also make it a poin to celebrate your child's 7th birthday? Our son is in grade 1 and he has received many invitations for the 7th birthday celebration of his classmates. Others were held already at school when the date falls on a weekend. My son's birthday will fall on a Saturday, no classes. I was actually thinking of just celebrating his birthday in school because it will be more practical. He said, no, there should be a place because it is a Saturday... we still have to convince our son about other things...

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At the arcade

Playing at the arcade? Imagine a 49 year old male playing guitar hero at the arcade... Say that he just know how to enjoy? Okay, he was just accompanying his son! Well, that is me! I find fun in playing at the arcade once in a while. You know, having some audience applauding your talent! Hahaha! Kidding aside, I was just comparing the guitar being used there and the one that I have right now. Well, the one in the arcade has to be that heavy and durable enough as many people are going to use it everyday! ;)

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Stop then start

My brother went to our house yesterday. We were not home but my sister was there as she was tasked to be with our son who opted to stay home. I learned that he was sick and needs some assistance with his medicines. He is jobless these days. He used to work in the seas as a seaman. He used to have high salary enough to buy a gold bullion. However, he was not able to invest. If only he had known of the United States Gold Bureau who could have helped him with a business. Anyways, what are families for, right? We hope that he gets well soon and all his problems go away in no time. Once that he is back to work, he knows what to do already. Save, save, save, invest, save, save, save and save! Look who is talking, huh? I am also a spendthrift just like my brother. I am just luckier because I have someone to tell me when to stop... then start.


The first cardigan

The BER months are in a few days. That means cold season here in our country. I should look for women's sweaters as my wife does not have new ones. She has outgrown her "winter outfits". Seriously, the first cardigan I gave her is still intact and she is still using it but it is already 19 years old! Yes, I gave it to her when she was 18. Realizing that, clothes are good investment besides the fact that wearing one is a must. ;)


Son in the clinic

I do not know what happened but maybe it was too hot that my son had nose bleeding again? I received a text message from an unknown number asking me to fetch my son at the school's clinic. My son has asthma. He also has cough and cold all year round? That is what my wife always says. We treat him with decongestant and nebulize him also so that he could breath freely. He was cognitive and we were still reviewing this morning... I wonder what happened.

So, he vomitted. Because of the cough. He was sent home for him to rest. Now he wants to watch TV. He has to rest, I told him. I hope he gets well soon.

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Have I mentioned that I stopped working for a while now? My son needs attention. My wife recently attended the parents- teachers first interaction to check on the child. She met parents who are problematic about their kids' standing school because according to them, both parents are working and no one guides the child. One daddy told her that they ended up hiring a tutor so that their child could catch up. Anyways, I think I am doing my job as a good Dad modesty aside, huh! Son is not that super intelligent type but he is okay. I am proud of whatever he has accomplished so far.

I am just having some second thoughts right now. With the increasing expenses along the way, I am afraid that there will come a time that we have to tighten our belts. I do not like that to happen. So, should I go back to the corporate world? If only we have an investment like gold bullion then maybe I will not be having these fears. Anyways, maybe in the future, we will be able to have one. The United States Gold Bureau offers impressive packages. For now, we just have to maybe spend more wisely.

Next time

145AM. I am still awake. Insomnia? No, just finishing some tasks. It is hard when you do not have anyone to talk to at this very quiet dawn. You could not turn on the TV or you might wake your wife and kid up. That will not be good. Anyways, I hope to finish in a few minutes...

147AM... sometimes your mind just go blank. You want to just stare in the darkness until your eyes get tired...

You bet, I am trying to write a poem here. Not successful though. Maybe next time.

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Rain or shine?

What do you prefer? Rain or shine? The fickle minded weather affects us already. People get sick. Common colds, cough, flu, viral infection, fever, and others are all around. No matter how you try taking care of yourself, still you might be hit because you do not have control of the people you will meet everyday in the office, while you travel, at the groceries, or anywhere you go.

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The answer

My niece stopped schooling. She was supposed to be in third year College already taking up Business Management. I asked her what can I do to help her. She is my goddaughter also. She said that she wants to shift courses and would like to enter one of the hair schools in Wichita. I thought that she was just kidding. But then again, she told me that she is really serious about it. She has been into cosmetology courses last summer and she enjoyed it a lot. That kept me thinking. We have been looking for the right business for so long. Maybe a beauty salon is the answer. It will be like killing two birds in one stone. We will be able to help my niece go to school and we have our own manager in the making. I hope wife agrees.

A celebration

In a month's time, there will be a celebration here in our house. My oldest brother decided for a family gathering. He said that he will bring food. Wife said that we should cook also. I am sure that it will be a big celebration, a sort of family reunion. I just hope that everyone will be present since it is not often that I see my siblings.

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Smart's TGIFreeday!

Have you heard of Smart's TGIFreeday? The largest telecommunications company in the Philippines offer free mobile internet for the third time. It is being done every Friday. I just do not know how long it will last. I am sure, many would like it to be a permanent freevice! Yes, I call it free service. I have read from other forums that people are not satisfied with the regular internet service. But you know, compared it to the millions of subscribers that use Smart, I am sure that the satisfied ones outnumbered those few discontented ones.

I am proud to be a Smart subscriber. I have been using SmartBro for three years now and I have not encountered any major problem.

Go, Smart! Keep up the good work!

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Dinners and gadgets

Arguments cannot be avoided. You are two different people and do not jive all the time. My wife and I are no exception. We quarrel from time to time. I do not like to admit but sometimes we fight over our finances. Between the two of us, it is me who do not spend wisely. I love gadgets and when I see one that I really like, I buy it. She on the other hand spends much on dining out. Of course, that includes the whole family, thanks to her. Yesterday, we sat down and discussed our finances. I told her that we must limit our going out because if we sum up all the money we spend for dinners, it is enough to buy gold coins. She retaliated by saying that all my gadgets are already worth a fortune. We decided to agree. From now on, anything that we spend for dinner and gadgets, we must put the same amount in our savings. Sounds reasonable?


Another pair of concert tickets

It was quite a long time ago since I purchased concert tickets. That was the first and I hope not the last paid concert that I watched with my wife. We were not married yet during that time. Would you believe that it was more than a decade ago? We have celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary last August 8. It was raining and we had to shop for our kid's school clothes. It is Dengue month and the school administrators thought that wearing long pants could somehow help preventing the mosquitoes bite the kids. Yes, I am saying that we did not have a formal celebration. I am quite sad that I did not follow my wife's lead a day before that. Well, a famous local artist held a concert last August 7 and my wife was asking me if I would like to watch. Oh, me! I was not even able to buy her a gift. She on the other hand gave me a guitar. Anyways, maybe we could watch another artist. I will definitely plan to buy another pair of concert tickets.