Have I mentioned that I stopped working for a while now? My son needs attention. My wife recently attended the parents- teachers first interaction to check on the child. She met parents who are problematic about their kids' standing school because according to them, both parents are working and no one guides the child. One daddy told her that they ended up hiring a tutor so that their child could catch up. Anyways, I think I am doing my job as a good Dad modesty aside, huh! Son is not that super intelligent type but he is okay. I am proud of whatever he has accomplished so far.

I am just having some second thoughts right now. With the increasing expenses along the way, I am afraid that there will come a time that we have to tighten our belts. I do not like that to happen. So, should I go back to the corporate world? If only we have an investment like gold bullion then maybe I will not be having these fears. Anyways, maybe in the future, we will be able to have one. The United States Gold Bureau offers impressive packages. For now, we just have to maybe spend more wisely.

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