Stop then start

My brother went to our house yesterday. We were not home but my sister was there as she was tasked to be with our son who opted to stay home. I learned that he was sick and needs some assistance with his medicines. He is jobless these days. He used to work in the seas as a seaman. He used to have high salary enough to buy a gold bullion. However, he was not able to invest. If only he had known of the United States Gold Bureau who could have helped him with a business. Anyways, what are families for, right? We hope that he gets well soon and all his problems go away in no time. Once that he is back to work, he knows what to do already. Save, save, save, invest, save, save, save and save! Look who is talking, huh? I am also a spendthrift just like my brother. I am just luckier because I have someone to tell me when to stop... then start.

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