Heavy downpour

The skies welcomed the new month with a heavy downpour. My wife was quite scared because of the memory of Ondoy. Last September 26, it has been a year since Ondoy. It was deja vu because it was a Saturday morning then and she was also watching a TV show online. Then it rained. She told me to be alert and watch out. Oh, I thought that she has recovered already. Maybe not fully.

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Serious about a business

My wife always asks about gold particularly gold coins. At first, I thought that she was just kidding or it is just part of her daily stories. To my surprise, she is serious about it. She said that the Christmas money that she will receive must be put into good use this time. Well, I am actually asking her a new motorcycle for me. She said that it must be set aside. She even encouraged me to read about United States Gold Bureau so that I will understand. I really hope that she will be successful in her plans to put up a business. I will just be here to support her all the way.


No matter how expensive your shoes are

Glee is here! Many Filipinos are waiting for this popular American show because Charice Pempengco is a guest star! We really hope that she will break a leg there! Way to go Charice!

What is admirable with Charice and her family is that they remained humble in spite of the international stardom that Charice is having right now. Her mother told Charice that no matter how expensive her shoes are, it remained stepping on land... Yes, no need to fly high since you do not have wings. Well, you know what I mean, right?

Go, Charice. Continue make us proud! Surely, we will love you and your charcter in that show.

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Hoping to wear it again

My wife got a call from her friend who lives in the States. Apparently, she is now into selling of good weight loss pills. She got one client in my wife knowing how big my wife has become since she gave birth. It has been a long time since my wife could fit in that skinny jeans. I really hope that what she will take will work this time so that she can wear again those clothes that she has not let go of. Yes, she did not give away her favorite pair of pants, some skirts and blouses hoping that she could wear those again.

Living testimony

My sister and my wife are not the best buddies but they do have things that they agreed upon. Guess what! Food? Kids? House? Problems? Believe it or not but they are both on the heavy side and yes, they love to chat about fat burners that work. My sister encouraged my wife to try a particular brand as she said that it worked for her. Funny but my wife could not believe her instantly because my sister is still big. Yes, she needs more proof. That is why my wife seemed to trust the one selling that miracle shake in their office because according to her, the one selling is real slim and sexy. A living testimony of how the product she is selling really works, huh!

Bright kid

Bonding time! Guitar time! Play time! My son excitedly told me that they do not have classes tomorrow thus he could play Guitar Hero with me! It will be their Sports fest also come Wednesday to Friday. No studying! My son is really not the studious type but he can catch up. I am proud to say that if he will be like the other students who reads and reviews everyday, then he might be one of the top in his class. Yes, I am a proud Dad saying that my child is a bright kid!

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Maintain a healthy skin

sometimes that there are particular products that are prescribed to use for certain conditions like for example the body acne wash. I wonder if you can use that also even if you do not have acne, like if you just want to maintain a healthy skin or maybe to prevent any break out. What do you think? You know, like drinking health juices that boost immune system. Oh, pardon me for thinking this way. Women are interesting and so are their obsession with beauty.

Men should look good too

It is not only women who could be beauty conscious. For all you know, men could be more vain. Browse through your male friends' profiles in the social network and look at their pictures. You know, how they also transformed all through the years. Sometimes, it is true that some might have applied the best face cream and now they gained that flawless skin. Others, they just did some tricks with the photo shop. Anyways, there is nothing wrong with that. If woman should look good all the time, men should too!

Struggling to lose weight

As usual, my wife is obsessed again in finding the best fat burning supplement. Everyday, she reads about this diet program and somehow trying to convince herself if she will invest in it or not. Her friends did already. However, her friends are really disciplined and following their diets strictly. I really hope that she will find that determination too. I can see how she is struggling to lose weight.

Here she goes again

My wife came from office and then attended a wake. She told me that the father of her office mate died from complications of diabetes at the age of almost 76. Whew! I would be happy if I reached that age alive and kicking and just die the natural way. By that time, my son would be around 32 years old. Maybe I already have a toddler for a grandchild also. My wife said that if I want that to happen then I should go back to my doctor and go back to my diet again.

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Career path to follow

Sometimes you still want to pursue a higher education but you cannot do it because you have a job to keep. That is what we all thought until online education has been invented. Even those who serve in Military can enroll at MilitaryDegree.com. Yes, even if you are currently serving the country or even those who have ordinary jobs can actually go back to school and study again! Besides there are military benefits and one of those is educational benefits so you have the resources to pay for your schooling. Go and research degrees that you might like to take. Choose the career path that you would like to follow.


Son shines

My son is a lovable child. It is hard for fathers to express love to their sons. Sometimes, we are hard, trying to protect our image. I hope that my son still loves me even though I am quite strict on him most of the times. Wife says that I am getting into the level of cruelty already.

You know what? My son still shine on me. He loves me still as her Mom asks him if he wants me to work abroad and just see me through chat. At first he will think about it. There was a long pause... Then, he will say, NO. Then he will flash that sweet smile. That melts my heart... I do not show him though.

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I-Pad or I-Touch 4

Thinking of a Christmas present for the family. Will it be an I-Pad or I-Touch 4? Why for the family? Well, because all of us will surely use whichever of that gadget we are going to purchase.
My friend told me that there will be a new model of I-Pad to be released soon. Just like I-touch 4 which already has a camera and a videocorder for that matter. It even has a facetalk...
Anyways, there are actually lots of other options for us to choose from. We are also thinking of an LCD TV, a new computer, and a motorcycle.

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I am a Heart fan too!
I am glad that Barracuda is in Wii and it is one of my son's favorite game.
I found this at YouTube and I really like this one.

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Last read

It is 1240AM here. I must go to bed and wake up earlier than usual after six hours maybe? Well, for my last read, I have Accutane Lawsuit. Anybody of you who have heard of that? Let me change my question. Do you know anybody who had suffered other diseases because of acne treatment? That is the Accutane Lawsuit. Taking accutane could be harmful to you. If you already have the symptoms, then stop. Actually, the product has already been shelved from the market because of known cases. You do not like to suffer from IBD or Crohn’s Disease. All you wanted was for that Acne to go away. You were given a medication that was very harmful causing worse conditions. If you suspect that you are one of those affected, then go and consult a lawyer that could help you.

Only the three of us

I have always been good with sales jobs. Having worked in a department store for more than five years is proof enough. I did direct selling as I was the only one in that store. Oh, with one saleslady and a bodyguard of course. Selling inside airports was real thrill for me as I got to meet many people from different nations as our place or the country I worked in is a tourist destination. Yes, I miss working. I miss selling. There is always that satisfaction or fulfillment whenever you are able to please a customer with a product or two then they will come for more.

Touch screen

My wife is still having second thoughts of buying a new mobile phone for herself. She has always been like that. Always practical and all. She worries too much of the future also. Anyways, if I have enough money, I might just give her the mobile phone that I like complete with iphone 4 accessories. Yes, we have always wanted an I-phone. It is just that, for now, we have to be contented with our I-pod Touch also from Apple. But then again, the idea of buying a new mobile phone should be pursued. Let us all embrace the modern world of touch screens!


It is a happy day today. Sundays are always family days. I had almost everybody here at our little home. My son enjoyed the company of his cousins as they played Wii. My two brothers came too. There was good food courtesy of my sister and my other brother who gave the money but he was not able to attend this small party. What was the celebration? It is my late Mom's birthday...


Gold profile

Almost everybody wants to have his own business. Nobody would like to just be an employee all his life. Well, there will come a time that whether you like it or not, you have to retire from work. It is best to have a sideline. If you are thinking of that, better start early and make sure that what you will invest in will not fall. Nobody wants that, I know but it only means that you have to do a lot of preparation before going to a business of your own. How about, buy gold bullion? Gold is a good option as many already benefited from this business already. Much more, someone could actually help you along the way. I am talking about United States Gold Bureau. The people from this organization could help you build your gold profile.


Turning 50

The year is about to end in no time. I will be celebrating again another year in my life. I will be turning 50 years old! I feel so old already. I think that I must have a lifestyle check. My wife always tells me that I must live long... long enough to see my son graduate from college. I will be 63 years old by then...Okay, I must work on having my body or physical condition to be ten years younger than my actual age. That would mean hard work and lots of sweat.

Shop for all

My wife seems getting tired to wake up everyday and go to the office. She said that she wants to just stay home and have control of her own time. You know, be her own boss. I could understand what she is going through right now. It is not good since I can see that it is affecting her in a major way. So, be it! Let her stay home and just have her own business in wholesale apparel. That is the nearest that we can think of and something that might succeed. She loves to shop so now, she can sell and shop also at the same time but not only for herself but for her future clients as well!

Think again

The Black Friday madness is very near! Have you made your list yet? It is better to be prepared on what to buy so that you will be able to buy more! Shop, shop, and shop. It is a good venue for your Christmas shopping. I am sure that you find many good things that fit your budget at the same time! So, for those who are thinking of early gift buying, you might think again. You might want to wait til Black Friday!


The main thing

I have written in the past my wife's obsession with hotels' bathroom suites. She dreamt of a big bathroom. Maybe she got it from cousin who lives in the States. Her cousin has a real big house and a big toilet and bath, yes hotel-like!

There are millions of ways to beautify your bathroom and turn it into a place where you might like to stay. The basic one, of course is to keep it clean. Put some bathroom accessories. You can also change its paint from time to time. There are tons of designs to choose from. What is internet for, right? Find a model that will fit your space too. You might be taking a look at a bigger one that will fill all of the house area already, then it will not be possible. You might want a motif too, from shower curtains to towel bars and cabinets and all. Decide also if paint or tiles. Carpeted or not? Whatever suites your budget.

Another thing that makes a good bathroom is the main thing. The shower, faucets, sinks and the water closets. Make sure that you have enough water supply too!And, oh, do not forget those bath soaps and shampoos!


No more coffee in the house

My wife told me that I should cut on my coffee in take. Well, I am hypertensive and coffee might not be the next best thing for me. Anyways, we love to take a cup of coffee in the morning. We have stopped dieting and my wife is getting worried. She always reminds me to go back to my doctor also. One day at a time, I guess. She has to make me healthy food if she wants me to be healthy. :)

Going back to coffee, just like anything, there are good and bad effects. These days though, the good benefits are more popular. I guess, the best thing really is to consult my doctor.

Good design

Last night, my wife was asking me to get up and look at some of the pedestal sinks that she wants us to buy for our bathrooms. Yes, she wants an additional feature in one of her favorite rooms in the house. Anyways, I was really sleepy and I told her to just bookmark it and I will check it out in the morning. Good choice, huh! I also like one design. Moreover, I am sure that it is available here in our country.

I want a pair of shoes

How often do you buy a pair of shoes? For women, they say that they should have at least thirty pairs. That many, huh! Well, no wonder my wife always look for shoes whenever we go to the mall. As of me, I am not much into footwear. However, I would like to purchase a pair of mbt shoes. There is an ongoing sale right now and the discount is real huge! I hope my cousin in the States who will be coming home for Christmas will be able to grab one for me!