The main thing

I have written in the past my wife's obsession with hotels' bathroom suites. She dreamt of a big bathroom. Maybe she got it from cousin who lives in the States. Her cousin has a real big house and a big toilet and bath, yes hotel-like!

There are millions of ways to beautify your bathroom and turn it into a place where you might like to stay. The basic one, of course is to keep it clean. Put some bathroom accessories. You can also change its paint from time to time. There are tons of designs to choose from. What is internet for, right? Find a model that will fit your space too. You might be taking a look at a bigger one that will fill all of the house area already, then it will not be possible. You might want a motif too, from shower curtains to towel bars and cabinets and all. Decide also if paint or tiles. Carpeted or not? Whatever suites your budget.

Another thing that makes a good bathroom is the main thing. The shower, faucets, sinks and the water closets. Make sure that you have enough water supply too!And, oh, do not forget those bath soaps and shampoos!

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