Stay at home

Can you actually just stay home and never go out? My wife can do that. I must be thankful that she is not very outgoing. Sometimes her friends think that she is boring or kill joy. Maybe because she grew up in a family that is like that. You know, home, school, home, work, home, church, home, market. I am actually the one who is encouraging her to have some social life. Her world revolves around me and our son.

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Nokia N8

My wife gave me a new phone. It is a fully loaded Nokia N8! I never thought that she would buy something like that for me. We promised ourselves that we will not spend big anymore on mobile phones. Besides, my cousin abroad just gave me a preloved one. I really appreciate such gesture. Thank you, wifey!

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Improve the life that we have now

Vacation! Our child's sem break is here in time for the All Saint's Day. Now I have more time to go online and search for some good businesses. I saw bullion and I think it is promising. I just have to research about it because we could not afford to let go of a big sum and not profit from it. Worse, loose it in the process. Return of investment is very important and of course, stability in the future. Sometimes, I could not help but just blame Adam and Eve whenever there is hardship. Anyways, we must move on and just find ways to improve the life that we have now.


We had plans for yesterday but it was not pushed through. My wife was very busy with facebooking adding friends and commenting here and there. I just allowed her to because she was really sad because some of her friends already resigned from office. I am now thinking if she was really sad or she wanted to join them?


Bridge Over Troubled Water

I would like to dedicate this song to all of my friends who are in doubts right now. Those who are feeling insecure. Those who might be losing trust. Hey, this song could actually be a gospel song. I really like this song.

To all of my friends, enjoy this song, Bridge Over Troubled Water!

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Rush or advance

Hey, guys! Are you thinking of advance Christmas shopping? Actually, it is already November in a few days and you might experience the Christmas rush already. I already searched for gifts and I am glad that coogi shirts are on sale! There are actually many offers for the season especially those inventory sale as next year, I am sure that there will be new designs. Excess stocks must go also thus, why not take advantage of it?


I have not seen my friend who is a businessman lately. The last time I heard, he will invest in gold bullion. I wonder if he has been to United States Gold Bureau already. I need to contact him immediately. There might be some extra cash flow in the coming months and we also want to try putting our own business already. We are sort of tired working for others already. It does not mean that we will stop working though. It is just good to have a fall back always. We do not know the future and the only way to be able to live is to think in advance. Draw the future as they say. Write it. Be what you want to be. The only way to realize that is by preparing for it.


Not a hearty eater anymore

My wife will never stop in trying and testing diet plans that work. She came home last night with two boxes of a certain beverage. According to her, it has been effective. It works as an appetite suppressant. I noticed that she is not a hearty eater anymore thus maybe it does work. She really loves to eat. Last night, she told me that she misses eating ice cream. We have not bought one for a long time now except for those desserts at restaurants. Maybe I should give her a weekend treat then through a gallon of strawberry ice cream which is our favorite. But, wait! She is drinking that beverage right now.


During rainy days

I get tanning bed lotions during rainy days. Why? That is because when the demand is low, the price is lower too. Sometimes though, we see on sale products for the season. Going back to tanning, I am sure that those who have gone to the beaches this summer tried to get that perfect tan. Beautiful, is it not? Good business for the makers too!


I saw another business opportunity in the web and that is through weight loss affiliate program. It is just easy. You just have to convince people to purchase weight loss products or join gym programs. Actually, you might be doing that already but not being paid for it. Well, I know people who write about their experiences about certain services and products. I actually think now that they might be affiliates already. Why not? That is one job that is somehow effortless. Now, it got my interest. I will research more about it and maybe I can become an affiliate too.

It can happen to anyone

Money could be spend fast. In no time, you will not even notice it but your bank account is zero! Oh, that happened to one of my friends. As they say, regret comes last. Good thing he has supportive parents who are there to help him rise up again. He promised that he will buy gold bars instead of merry making all year round as if the world will end any minute. he has learned his lesson.

It is really hard that when you are on top before then suddenly, you will be at the bottom of the wheel of life. It can happen to anyone.



What is outsourcing?
For me, outsourcing is just like having a manpower being managed by an external source or not by the company itself.
Sometimes, it means that the company that needs the employees do not actually employ people but instead employ another company for its manpower requirement.
Most people think that outsourcing is similar to contractual but it may or may not be the case.
There are many definitions but one thing sure, a regular employee does not want to be turned over or be released because his or her job because the company is lowering its cost.
If I were a businessman, yes, I would agree to outsourcing but maybe from the very start and not when you have regularized employees already.

Jealous over a game

I cannot speak to my wife these days. She is very busy. Well, she is always at the writer's block...actually, it is a game in facebook, Writer's Blox. It is like scrabble though the letters have the same score. You have to place all the letters inside the block forming an array of words connected like a crossword puzzle. Funny, my wife competes with herself. I do not know what satisfaction she gets from it because she stays late until wee hours of the morning playing that game. Well, she found some new or unfamiliar words already but is it worth it? Okay, I am jealous over that Writer's blox.

The friend's husband

Regency Beauty Institute is the school to go if you want to pursue that dream of beautifying others! Check out the cosmetology school in Phoenix. I wonder if the wife of one of our office mates is studying there. They have decided to go for that long distance love affair even though it means lot of sacrifices. It will pay off in time, anyways.

The husband of one of our friends is also a hair dresser. He said that he might go to Regency Beauty Institute for more knowledge. He plans to have his own salon too. His wife, who is actually the friend of my wife will be the one to spend for his education. It is a good investment. Now, my wife is asking me if I want to go too! :)

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Our talkative son

Our son is very talkative already. It is nice to see his development. He is more sociable now and he has lots of stories. Sometimes, because of his innocence, he does not know if what he will say will hurt someone or not. Good thing that most of the time, it is only me who can hear his stories. Like one time, he asked me why the face of one of his teachers has many bumps. I found out that the teacher is in need of the best acne treatments there is in the market. I do not know how to answer his question in a very good manner. Well, Mom is always there to the rescue. I told him, ask your mother.

Together now

A certain tablet, bananas, milk and others are believed to be insomnia treatments. Do not forget reading a boring book or watching a dull film. I do not know but I think I need to consult the doctor regarding my sleeping pattern. Could it be voluntarily as I do stay long hours in the computer or I really could not sleep early? I am easily disturbed also that is why I really sleep alone in the past. Yes, we sleep in separate beds before. Anyways, we are together now and maybe I should just change my habits.

Courageous woman

"Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared."
- Eddie Rickenbacker

Ironic, is it not? You are courageous but at the same time scared. Very true for us. We tend to be brave when we are afraid of things to happen. We pretend that we can do it, then eventually, we really can.

One courageous woman I know is my wife. I really admire her strength and courage at all times. She moves me. I hope that she will not tire taking care of our family.

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Wake up call

Our son is showing signs of becoming a businessman in the future. I do not know how he gets the idea that we need to earn money but at least he already has this sense of hard work if he wants to have money. Well, his last attempt to earn is through writing. He loves to draw and he got the idea that he will earn by writing from his mother. One time, he has this notebook and he was busy for almost thirty minutes. Then, he presented to us what he has been busy with. Would you believe that it was sort of like a comics? He told me publish it so that we will have many money. I asked him why he wants money. He said that he wants to buy many toys. Millions of toys! That made me laugh! I was expecting gold coins! Kidding aside, I am glad that at least, he still maintains that innocence.

On the other hand, we should really learn from our kids sometimes. They give us a wake up call at times that we tend to be complacent and contented on what we have. I do not mean to say that it is wrong. However, as of me, I think that I should learn from my son. I should strive harder for his future. He is still very young. I am thinking of considering United States Gold Bureau. Well, yes, investment in precious metals. Gold, maybe. I have not decided yet. I have to learn more about it at http://www.usgoldbureau.com.


Water droplets

It is raining hard. Perfect for pond plants? Well, at least the water in the pond will not dry up if it is a Sunny day. Too much rain will not be good also or the plants might be washed away. I just love to see those lilies with water droplets after the rain. What a great capture if only I have a good camera.

It is still raining. I hope that it will stop in time when all of us have to go out of the house already. We do not have our own car thus it will really be uncomfortable for us to commute when it is raining.


Her own

My wife and I are as usual having this argument about our home. Well, she wants a more defined dining area where we will actually it. Believe it or not, you can only count the times that we have eaten there. We usually stay at the living room most of the time in front of the television. So she said that she will just place the dining table in the living room. For me, it is not a good idea because I do not like a small living room. Then she started her litany of not having the say in any part of the house. she even said that she will buy her own house with her own money and will decorate and arrange it the way she wants it to be.

Even our bathroom, it has become an issue for us already. Well, it has not been completely furnished yet. She wants it to be finished before the end of this year. Good thing there is betterbathrooms. I might just get some ideas there or maybe get the complete package so that I do not have to think at all. Moreover, I know that it will make her happy and I will gain a point! Better yet, I should ask her what she likes this time.



There is something wrong about her. Maybe she is feeling something again but she could not tell me. Maybe she is just on PMS? Sometimes I am having a hard time understanding her or maybe I am just being a man. You know, insensitive and all. Would you believe that sometimes, we converse through the internet just because if we try to talk face to face it would mean WAR!? Sometimes...

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Sure business

Silver or gold bullion? Which is which? How about ingots? Oh, my friend told me that she badly needs an investment. Why? She is not getting any younger. It is hard to get old and at the same time feeling like financially unstable. Yes, life is short and we have to live life to its fullest. But what if we live longer and because we did not think or did not prepare for it, then our life will be miserable. Getting into a business is still the best thing. Once you establish a good one then you are on your way. It is just a matter of planning, positive thinking, working hard and yes, should I include luck? In everything we do, careful study is needed. Business should not be an adventure and not knowing what lies ahead. Business should be focused and sure. So, if you want to be sure and always want to win, go for gold. Contact United States Gold Bureau.

I got a new phone: F906i

I got a new phone: F906i!

Thank you to my cousin who gave me her old phone.
Confused? Yes, I got a pre-loved mobile phone from my cousin. I still have to go to a phone shop though to have it opened so that I can use it here in the Philippines. It was actually my wife who needs a new phone but she is loyal to Nokia. She said that she will just buy a new one. Well, she deserves it. She should really think of herself once in a while. Until now though, she has not decided to buy. Maybe I should just surprise her.

Meantime, I am excited with this new phone. It might not be popular but it is worth discovering.

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