Her own

My wife and I are as usual having this argument about our home. Well, she wants a more defined dining area where we will actually it. Believe it or not, you can only count the times that we have eaten there. We usually stay at the living room most of the time in front of the television. So she said that she will just place the dining table in the living room. For me, it is not a good idea because I do not like a small living room. Then she started her litany of not having the say in any part of the house. she even said that she will buy her own house with her own money and will decorate and arrange it the way she wants it to be.

Even our bathroom, it has become an issue for us already. Well, it has not been completely furnished yet. She wants it to be finished before the end of this year. Good thing there is betterbathrooms. I might just get some ideas there or maybe get the complete package so that I do not have to think at all. Moreover, I know that it will make her happy and I will gain a point! Better yet, I should ask her what she likes this time.

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