Wake up call

Our son is showing signs of becoming a businessman in the future. I do not know how he gets the idea that we need to earn money but at least he already has this sense of hard work if he wants to have money. Well, his last attempt to earn is through writing. He loves to draw and he got the idea that he will earn by writing from his mother. One time, he has this notebook and he was busy for almost thirty minutes. Then, he presented to us what he has been busy with. Would you believe that it was sort of like a comics? He told me publish it so that we will have many money. I asked him why he wants money. He said that he wants to buy many toys. Millions of toys! That made me laugh! I was expecting gold coins! Kidding aside, I am glad that at least, he still maintains that innocence.

On the other hand, we should really learn from our kids sometimes. They give us a wake up call at times that we tend to be complacent and contented on what we have. I do not mean to say that it is wrong. However, as of me, I think that I should learn from my son. I should strive harder for his future. He is still very young. I am thinking of considering United States Gold Bureau. Well, yes, investment in precious metals. Gold, maybe. I have not decided yet. I have to learn more about it at http://www.usgoldbureau.com.

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