Quality and time

I can do it in a minute. I can do it in less than one minute! The time left in the dashboard said that I only had less than a minute to submit that assignment! Yey! I was able to do it! I just do not know if what I have submitted makes sense. Hush, hush you can say. Anyways, I am back on track. I somehow lost or forgot the password for this blog. Thank you to Google that it is very easy to request for password reset.

So what is new with me? I will be turning 50 by January! My wife told me that we should celebrate it in a big way. Well, I want a gadget instead. As usual, huh!

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No more what if

My business partner before asked me to invest in gold bullion. I was not that decisive then or should I say that I was afraid to let go of a big amount of money especially that I am not really a businessman. I am more of an employee, meaning work under someone and be paid regularly rather than be challenged and be my own boss. Should I say that I regret that decision? Yes and no. The money that I was bale to save lasted us for many years. But then again, it lasted and was depleted. What if I invested some of it in a business? There is the what ifs! If ever I will be in that position again, I will definitely do things that I think will be for the better. I will definitely shy away from indecisiveness and no more what ifs!


Everyone is into diet

Facebooking. Everybody is dieting. I wonder why there are still no ads about appetite suppressants over the counter. Almost all of my wife's friends are into this lifelong diet struggle. My wife herself already lost some pound, real ones after almost seven years. ;) Seriously, she is now down to a XL from 2XL. I just do not know after a week or two because she went back to eating... Yes, she sort of lost her appetite because of this beverage. She stopped for a while because of the colds thing. She believes that she will not get well if she will continue dieting...

Colds, colds go away!

All of us are down with colds. It might be because of the change in weather. Too bad for our kid who has asthma. Right now, he could not eat anything because he will just throw it away afterward. He is lying down at the couch right now and trying to feel better by watching his original favorite cartoon show... Dora, the Explorer! He learned speaking the English language because of that show. Thanks to his Mom too, of course.

I hope that son gets well soon before Monday. School time!

Who is the best?

There has been a very long debate about the best diet pills for women. One company claims that their product is the one and the other company also does the same. The battle is with advertising and endorsers. Posting of testimonies in written form and pictures of before and after are always included. But you know what? The real one or the person who is to be congratulated for any successful diet is the dieter herself. Do you agree?

Be updated

One of the things that a business should have is a company website. Do you agree? Internet now is the place where everybody goes. Thus, a company website is a good medium to advertise your products and services. Just make sure that it is always updated so as not to turn off your potential customers. I just had an experience with that when a telecommunications company offered a particular product in their website but the details are incomplete and moreover, their customer service hotline representatives seemed not aware of it.


Bag it

Christmas season, bonus season. Lots of offers around...Well, you know, sellers. They sell anything and everything. You will be offered insurance quotes, house quotes, car quotes, and others. In my wife's office, look around and there are shoes, bags and clothes for sale! The place is being turned into a small shopping mall! Almost everyday, wife comes home with a plastic bag. Ooooppppssss, good thing that in some days, those are grocery items for me and my son.


Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao!

Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao!
He won again.
His eight?
He was asked, how about Mayweather?
He said that he does not need him and he is contented on what he has accomplished so far. But, if ever there will be a fight then it will be good news for boxing fans!

After twelve rounds Pacquiao got his eight win! We had finished a can of candies and maybe all of us will go to the dentist tomorrow. We had our chicken porridge for lunch but still the fight was not over after past 1PM.

It was a good show. Congratulations, Pacquiao!


The agony

My wife is a Physical Therapy graduate. During her internship, she had encountered several orthopedic cases. She even had one patient that she monitored even at home post op. During that time, she told me stories about her patients and the pain that they had gone through especially after the operation. One case that she specifically got attracted to was the hip patient who happened to be our neighbor. The post-op experience was really painful and she could see that agony in her patient's face.

I wonder...could it be that she was one of those patients who should go back for another surgery? I just read about this DePuy Hip Replacement lawsuit and there was or there are really such cases. She could file for a liability claim.