Popular gift

Paper. My wife loves paper. The journal 1st anniversary gift that we received on our first wedding anniversary, she still has it. She also collects stationery and post its and index cards and others. Sometimes, I could not get it. Anyways, I just think that it is a very affordable collection compared to others like shoes, bags and slippers and jewelry!

A journal, together with planners and calendars has always given out during any occasion. It is a popular gift. I am sure that you receive one this Christmas! I did!


Act now and save

It has been a year! Almost. Well, with only few days left, let me be the first one to greet you Happy 2011! Another year to make plans. I dare not to look at my previous resolutions because I feel that I was not able to accomplish anything. You know, all those things I wrote about savings and investment like buy gold bullion and all. We have not really realized that yet. I know that we should not be hard on ourselves. One of our friends always says that life is short and we should make the most out of it. Live and let live? I do not know… Our son is only seven years old. I always put that inside my mind. His future is very important to us. Thus, I guess, we should stop procrastinating. We should act now. Plans are good. Implementing is better. Benefiting from the previous two is best!


Weight loss or weight gain?

My wife has been going out lately...a lot! Eat there, eat here, eat everywhere! She already gained ten pounds! Blame it to the season? Just a while ago, her friend posted the picture of the blueberry cheesecake that they tried at a Vienna cafe. She said that it was very delicious. She also mentioned that she will try that in our favorite bakeshop. I cannot help but comment that she will definitely need weight loss products again. She said that maybe she was able to buy the wrong supplements, instead of weight loss tablets, she got the weight gain supplements. I could not agree more!



We were shopping for toys yesterday. My son's favorite cartoon character is Ben 10. Well, thank you to the show. There are popular items and even collector's ones and I asked my son if he wanted one of those. His expression was, "a trophy"? It really made me laugh. Maybe he was able to say that because we just saw some baseball trophies in gold. It happened that Ben 10's figurines were also made of gold.


Focus on weight loss

Okay now. The problem of my sister and my wife and all overweight women in the world is how to lose weight. Obsessed sometimes but yes, they are always backsliding whenever the see cheesecake! Well, good food is really irresistible. At least, they will be able to lose it again by dieting afterward. Yoyo, it is.

Health is wealth. Obesity should be out of the picture. How can somebody really stay focused in losing weight? It is not me, asking.

In my eyes

My wife woke up at around 4AM. She said that she is going to the surgeon very early in the morning for wart removal. I told her to also ask about home remedy for blackheads. She has so many blackheads too. She is a very busy person and sometimes, she forgets to take care of herself physically as in her outside appearance. Anyways, she will always be beautiful in my eyes. I hope she reads this. ;)

Taste test

I think it is time for our son to go back taking multivitamins. We have given up to the fact that he is not ready yet to take in solid foods. What? How? You may ask. Yes, he is not lie other kids who love chicken and spaghetti. He eats noodles though and yogurt and potato chips of a particular brand only, and of course, his milk. He even failed his exams about different kinds of tastes in Science because he really does not know or have not tasted yet sour and bitter. Maybe we have not taught him also about sweet and salty... but his favorite chips flavor is sour 'n cream! His yogurt is more of sweet and sour too, right? Anyways, I know, we have to focus on that in the coming days.