So, it is the AntiVirus!

My wife has been bugging me about not being able to copy paste sometimes. She has not encountered this before in her laptop. We have a new computer and since I have not finished fixing yet the Wifi connection or make an additional line for her laptop, she shares this computer.

This is what she always sees, "You do not have enough storage space to process this command". She gets mad and really nags me every time she sees this. Well, it really annoys her maybe. Today or right now, I also experienced that a while ago. Yes, I understand now why she reacts that way.

So, where else should I seek help but here.

Thanks to Google. I found this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/177078/en. It is the antivirus!

Now, I have to fix this and never be nagged again because of it.


American Idol Season 10- Emma Henry

American Idol season once again! It has been two weeks here in our country, as we watch the show at Star World. There are so many talented young Americans as young as 15 who have tried out. Some were accepted but some were heart broken. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are doing a great job. They are so refreshing. Randy, of course is always at his best. I saw one 15 year old, pretty young lady who auditioned and Jennifer said no. Steven Tyler said, yes. Then Randy, as Steven put it, hast turned from a dog to a pussycat because the young girl cried. He was forced to say, yes? The contestant is Emma Henry.

You judge for yourselves.


Perfect combination

It is real cold here nowadays that I need a perdomo, some winter clothes and hot coffee. Perfect combination for a very cold night. Oh, do not forget a wife beside you as you talk by the terrace and watch the moonlight. What a romantic evening. After that, cuddle and sleep well.Then, wake up to a very cold morning again. Now, it is more hot choco!


The achiever

Time for my wife's stories! Well, she told me about one of her girlfriends who is planning to go to Regency Beauty Institute. This friend of hers, I know also. She is close member to the family, actually. This early, this friend of ours already bought the most expensive makeups in town. She also wants to invest in brushes. I wonder how much it really costs since I am a man, huh! Anyways, she is beautiful even without make-up thus I know that she will be the most beautiful make-up artist if ever. Well, she said that she wants to be called a stylist, instead. She will also study hair cutting and overall body make-up. I know she can do it as she has always been an achiever.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Happy 50th Birthday To Me

I am turning 50! The exact date is January 25 but we are celebrating it on a Sunday so that everybody could come! Yes, you could come too! Everybody is invited! Just do not forget to bring some wine!

Kidding aside, it will be more of a family occasion. It is my wife's idea. She said that she will invite the whole clan. My side only though. We never really had a complete family reunion. At least at my side. Wife said that my 50th birthday is a good date for all of us. Dinner at 6PM!

thank you to 123greetings.com for the image


Eating time again

I will be turning 50 by next week! Yes, eating time again. No worries because I am not that fat. My wife though gives me the constant warning about my eating habits. She said that I might not need the safest diet pills that work but it does not mean that I can eat everything! Oh, I forgot, the tricky D! Well, I know about my health. I am the one who feel it. Doctors say otherwise as lab tests might show but I am fine.

Three waves

Wife talking:
Sometimes even if you do not look for information, it will just come to you. I am really thinking What diet pills work the best when I received an e-mail and a prompt or tag in my profile at a social network site about a weight product. It got my interest especially when I learned that my friend is into it already. I just have to finish my medication for my tummy and eventually I will try a diet regimen again. Wish me luck guys!

My wife is again on her diet mode. Well, she said that she is tired of my teasing her that she got three waves.

Warning sign

Beware of the security cameras! I hope that each establishment will have that warning sign even though they do not actually have it. Seriously! Well, I just thought about it because my friend lost her cellphone inside a shop which sells clothes. The store is quite high end that is why she asked if they have security cameras. To her dismay, they did not have any during that time. My friend was devastated because her phone was brand new and it was her Christmas gift to herself.


Afraid to let go

Afraid to let go? Studying the pros and cons? Just the right thing to do, I guess. It is just like hitting your heart with a knife if you happened to let go of something that you need and no replacement yet. Like, a job that you do not want anymore, for example. Hey, do you have enough savings for you to be brave enough to submit that letter? Think twice.

Business phone

If you want to know about blackberry playbook, who are you going to call? Choi! Hahahaha! That is a public joke amongst us. Yes, she is my friend. She is someone who is really in the know about Blackberry. To think that she does not have a Blackberry phone, she can navigate the handset with her eyes closed.

Blackberry has really gained popularity here in our country. It is a good thing. It is like embracing the modern world. Blackberry is still the number one business phone! It has so many nice applications that you can use in your everyday life. Do not forget the games for entertainment too.

Blackberry, I want to have it. Another birthday wish?

Doors and windows

January is a good time to find jobs. As they say, start the year right and what a good way to do it by landing a job. Hey, it is a new you! It is always a good feeling to be able to work and be paid for it. So, what are you waiting for? Are you still jobless? There is no reason for you to be. Get up, dress up, and walk through doors and windows of opportunities. There are a lot out there. You just have to find it.


Coughing again

Coughing again. My wife said that it is because I stay late at night. I sleep past midnight already most of the time. Blame it on the computer and internet? If only she could spank me I know she would have done already. Anyways, I know that I am not a good patient. One of the things that I should work on, I guess is to follow the doctor's advice.

My wish

I did not get my Christmas wish. Wife did not grant it. Oh, I wanted a new motorcycle. She is so afraid that something might happened to me. I told her not to think about it or the mind is very powerful According to her, she witnessed so many accidents already and most are motorcycle accidents. You know, either hit by big trucks, cars, buses and other vehicles on the road. Wife would even have her litany a.k.a. nagging and sometimes even blaming the lack of lawyers here in our country that cater to vehicular accidents. Maybe she has read about the Texas truck accident attorney.

Maybe I will get my wish my coming birthday. I hope so.


No excuses

It was a dreaded Holiday season for me. I had and still have sore throat until now. My wife told me that I should go back to the doctor already. I am getting so sickly. It goes with age? I do not want to be like this. I know some people who are in their 70s and 80s but still healthy and can still do a lot of things. My wife has been reminding me of my diet. I am a diabetic and has not been following the diabetic diet. Stubborn me?

We have been eating. What do you expect in a Holiday season? There are lots of party invitations. We get out of control. No excuses, I know. If there is a will, there is a way.

It is New Year. I know we have to change bad old habits.

By the way, I guess I have not greeted everyone a Happy New Year? Have a great year ahead, folks! Cheers! Here's to a fruitful 2011!


Stable at 40

My friend posted pictures of his brand new home! I am so proud of him. At 40, he already has his own house and car. He has a good job too. Better that he keep his present work so that he will be more and more stable especially that the house is still on mortgage. Anyways, his house is very well kept. Nice savoy house lighting and those wall decors that he even bought in Thailand! His other things were given by his very generous Mom so you could imagine!