So, it is the AntiVirus!

My wife has been bugging me about not being able to copy paste sometimes. She has not encountered this before in her laptop. We have a new computer and since I have not finished fixing yet the Wifi connection or make an additional line for her laptop, she shares this computer.

This is what she always sees, "You do not have enough storage space to process this command". She gets mad and really nags me every time she sees this. Well, it really annoys her maybe. Today or right now, I also experienced that a while ago. Yes, I understand now why she reacts that way.

So, where else should I seek help but here.

Thanks to Google. I found this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/177078/en. It is the antivirus!

Now, I have to fix this and never be nagged again because of it.

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