My Favorite Cowboy Without a Hat

17 year old, a good boy with a kind heart and real pure spirit who gets guilty over every wrong… He could not get any whiter than his skin. Yes, I see a halo in him. Meet Scotty McCreery, I hope that he will make it to the top 12 or even at least top 6. He has a unique voice, good for Country music. More importantly, if only for his good soul, he should win.

My Favorite Cowboy Without a Hat.

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The belly fat stayed

Because of too much beer, I suppose, getting rid of belly fat is one of the biggest problems if not the biggest problem of men in terms of gearing towards a beautiful body. Women have the same problem but when you talk of belly fat, the picture that immediately enters your mind is a beer drinking fellow, right? Just like me, I am now very light at less than 150 lbs but the belly fat stayed and maybe contributes to the 30 lbs of my present weight right now.

The Maid Made It

Lauren Turner, the housekeeper. That was before she auditioned for AI season 10. Now, the Maid made it as Ryan Seacrest had put it. Indeed, dreams do come true. You just have to pursue it. Even if she does not win the title, maybe she will not go back to housekeeping anymore. Good luck, Lauren!Continue to turn America on!

Smooth skin

No acne. Just smooth skin. Have you noticed this with a flight stewardess? Of course, I only look at women. ;) Seriously, I could imagine the application process that a future or wanting to be a flight stewardess goes through. I remember that there is already a movie about this that stars Gwyneth Paltrow. Have you watched that cute film? I just do not know if it really was able to depict the whole picture like the trainings to become a flight attendant and all plus of course the beauty aspect as a qualification or requirement for the job.

The Fan

I have been an American Idol fan. From Carrie Underwood to the present winner or Season 9’s winner who I already forgot. Yes, you remember some and you forget some, right? One of the most successful winners, I think is Carrie Underwood. It is just that she already got married. No, I do not have a crush on her. ;)

Where is Taylor Hicks now? I have been asking. Jordin Sparks made some hits, I think. Who is not a fan of David Cook?

There is a new flavor to AI! Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler! They blend well with Randy Jackson. Good judges for the American Idol season 10.


Insomniac no more

I wonder if my insomniac friend has discovered natural sleeping pills already. Being not able to sleep really affects her day to day activities. It is not like that she is very much active during night time but she just could not sleep. It has been her problem ever since and many times that she got in trouble because of that. You know, being tardy at work and sleeping at work too! It was really hassle. I am thinking of her right now as she is not with us anymore. She went abroad.

Thia Megia is an old soul

Chasing Pavements. Who's Loving You... Those are the two old songs that I heard sang by Thia Megia, an aspirant in the latest season of American Idol. She is fifteen. She joined America's Got Talent but did not win. Hopefully, in AI, she will have more exposure and maybe win? And, oh, she is a Filipina by blood by the way.

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In just three days

There are new ice cream flavors that my wife is currently crazy about! Last Friday, she brought one for dessert. Today, another flavor during lunch! Yes, you are right, she might consider what oxyelite pro reviews say and she might just jump into a fitness program to loose the ten pounds she gained in three days! Oh, she is actually angry with me right now for finishing her 22 oz. black pearl shake! She is in this hormonal stage whenever the red visitor is here. Oh, women!


Bruno Mars in American Idol

Bruno Mars in American Idol. That is my impression after watching Hollywood's week. Well, one of the tests or indications that a singer is already popular is when other people are already singing his songs. Bruno's Just the Way You Are and Grenade are all over the Hollywood Week. Just last Sunday, Charice's opening number in her TV special here in our country was Grenade. My impression was Bruno's version is still better. Last night, some contestants in American Idol were able to give justice to his songs and one group was able to sing it as I expected to compare it with the real singer.

The manager and the cashier

She is in a good mood or what? My wife was asking me if I still have money. How sweet of her! Well, since she has all the money or she is our cashier in the family, she never forgets to ask us or give us not just enough for what we need but even some excess. She herself does not want to limit her expenses or maybe push it in a way that she will be pressured or both of us will just think and compute everyday of what to spend and what to save. Budgeting is hard, I know, that is why I leave it to her. So far, so good. We have a little savings. At times, we have to make a payday advance though, especially when there are unexpected expenses like birthday party invitations, office gatherings, or emergency matters. I salute my wife because in spite of financial challenges at times, she still can manage.

Gift giving technique

Do you have a blackberry phone? If you have one, then lucky you! I have always wanted a blackberry phone. You know, for businessmen, it proves to be really useful. I am not a big businessman yet but I guess, that should not stop me to buy a Blackberry. I will in no time, I am sure. Well, my wife and I have this technique of giving gifts to each other but the gift that we will give is something that we also like and we can also use. Hahahaha! Well, find it weird or funny or what but I think it is practical. Well, she has given me a Nokia N8 already, which I think she likes very much as she loves taking videos and pictures. Now, it is my turn. I will buy her a Blackberry phone complete with blackberry case for her birthday. I hope that she will love it too!


My idea of a Valentine's date

Valentine's Day falls on a Monday. I am sure that many people will already go out this weekend. Are you one of those? Have you made some reservations already? As of me, I do not really like to go out with the rest of the world. I might opt for a restaurant delivery service. You know, bring the food to my home then maybe I will just be setting a table for two. I guess a romantic candle night dinner that is personally prepared will be more appreciated. Lovely!


Good choice

We would like to go to Baguio City this summer. It is known as the summer capital here in country. That is because, despite the sunshine, it is still quite cold there thus people flock there for some cold breeze. I really love that place. My wife loved the idea and she is also thinking of making thank you strawberries baskets for her friends. It will be my wife's 38th birthday this April and as part of her treat, she will be distributing fruit baskets. Strawberry is a good choice.