Househusband role

After 10 days, the second floor at the back of our house is almost done. Who says that we could not start backwards? Our cash flow has been depleted also! Wife is becoming insecure as she does not like to be caught empty handed. As usual, there was the nagging. I do understand her though. However, we will just be able to eventually spend it with other non-important things. At least now, we will be having a second floor. More importantly, that security when the rainy season is here. I do not like to experience that flood anymore. Maybe, she will stop when the construction is finished. Logical! Anyways, I already mentioned in one of my posts that I have no regular employment.That is maybe the reason why she is insecure. One thing that I admire about her is that she does not keep money from me. Since the situation has been reversed, I am sort of the woman in the house or the typical housewife that receives money from her husband. In our country, it is a tradition that the husband gives all the money to the wife for budgeting and the all that the husband does is go to the office and earn money for the family. It is our set up. The only difference is my wife is the one working. Oh, if you will be able to talk to her, she will say that, yes, it is the only difference and everything is the same. Meaning, she still has the same respect to me as the man of the house. Wives in here country would usually do all the domestic chores and serve the family like cooking, washing clothes, ironing clothes, cleaning the house, etc... No, I have not really encompassed that role.

That is the trouble when somebody has worked overseas. When he comes home, there is no work for him anymore or he is too old to find a job that he likes. Also, there are priorities to be considered. For now, since wife has a good job, I will take care of our son. If there will be a better opportunity for me in the future, then by all means, I will grab it and let her stay home. For now, we have to consider the most important person in our life, and that is our son. Sacrificing my pride as a man, I gladly accept this househusband role.

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