Skinny me

Lately, I am beginning to worry about my looks.Is it time for me to consider what is written in creatine supplement reviews and maybe try it? Well, not getting skinnier, huh! I really need to have some muscle as people might think that I am not being fed or I have a certain disease. Well, I do. I am diabetic and a lot of weight and food intake watching, that is what is going on. Anyways, one thing sure and the best thing to do is go and see my doctor.

And the winner is Scotty McCreery

Scotty won twice the last American Idol Season 2 Finale! Oh, what could a boy wish for but a Kiss from his lady love! Let us admit it, there was full of love in the air and looking at Scotty and Lauren, they looked so in love and real caring for each other! It seemed that they did not care at all what will happen in the show or who would win...

I wonder if Lauren won, would Scotty kiss her too?

Anyways, Scotty won! America loves country music. Who does not?

A for A

Vitamin A for Acne! I can hear my wife saying. Oh, she loves to say rhyming words as she is also a poet somehow. She was able to write a couple of poems when she was younger, you bet, mostly about me, err... about love. ;)

Going back to acne, it could be one of the the most serious face affectation. Nobody would like to have that. My younger brother almost had that and so is my nephew. Good thing that they are brave enough to visit facial salons and the dermatologists to examine their faces. Well, why brave enough? During those times, society has not accepted yet the beauty for men idea.

Lucky me, I have a fairly behaved hormones and glands or whatever it is that is causing acne. Just the same, it pays to read about acne reviews like accutane side effects just in case that the Big As need to meet.


Running in different directions

Plans, plans, plans. Nag, nag, nag. I do not know what to do anymore. Maybe I am at fault. Maybe I am trapped but what's done is done. But she could not forgive me, I guess. I understand her but support is what I need right now.

Well, for a man, it is hard to admit his fault. For a woman, she likes her man to be miserable and lower down his pride. Oh, man and woman, why do you co-exist when your minds run in different directions?


Physical and emotional

It is always a painful news every time that you hear about accidents and casualties. You know, especially those cases wherein the patients would have to give up a portion of their life or literally, a limb or a part of their body. There are instances that the person affected might even go to depression thus it is not always just physical but emotional as well. Worse, the disability application might take long to be approved or get something that is not worth it. All of it makes a real bad situation. If you happened to be caught in this scenario, seek help. Yes, someone can help you. Get what you deserved.


Would it be Scotty McCreery?

American Idol Season 10 Finale is very near! I could not wait! Would it be Scotty McCreery? Yes, I am now making my "fearful" forecast.

Why Scotty?

Let us just spell Young, Country, Good Looks, Charm and Appeal, Unique Voice= Scotty!

Well, it will be very easy to sell Scotty. He can sing country,pop, love songs that would cater both young and old. Young meaning age 4 to 40. Old meaning 41 to 84!

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We love bananas

We love bananas! There are always bananas on the dining table for us to munch on whenever we are hungry waiting for the main meal. Yes, I eat bananas as snack too. It is a good thing that bananas are considered to be one of the foods that increase testosterone. Well, obviously, I need a male hormone and testosterone is a male hormone. Other foods include my favorites also like salmon, avocado, oysters and watermelon!


Office surprise

One day, my wife came home and she said that she wants to surprise her office mates thus she has to go to Cincinnati beauty school. What? She was just kidding around and told me that maybe she should change her image. Well, she goes to the office with her hair tied up and without a make up on. I always remind her to at least remove the oils by some powder and according to her, she fixes her face when she is already in the office. Well, she still has to commute for two hours and maybe she does not want her efforts to just be removed or redo something again so better yet do it there.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 4450 Eastgate Boulevard – Cincinnati, OH 45245


American Idol Season 10 Top 5

Would it be Scotty, Jacob, James, Hailey or Lauren? I mentioned before that Scotty is my favorite. Well, he has the voice and the fan base. Look at those girls screaming over him. Lauren on the other hand has always been the judge's favorite. I think the underdog here is Hailey. Well, she showed what she got today. Let me share her rendition of, the House of the Rising Sun.

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Batteries for gadgets

Even though we already have a generator in case of brownouts or lost of electrical supply, we still have batteries. Yes, we make sure that we have 9v batteries working for some of our gadgets and tools. Our TENS needs 9v batteries to work and it does not have a DC supply. Also, believe it or not, our son loves batteries. We do not know why too. :)

His first customer

My good friend who came from abroad has decided to stay in the country for good. According to him, he has saved enough and will just have his own business. He does not like to go abroad anymore and be far from his loved ones. The business that he chose is brochures printing. Good choice! Well, every other business needs a brochure for advertisement. You bet, his first customer is his own business.

Cold is best

Summer time! One of the seasons that kids love because it means swimming time! My wife? Oh, she is having a hard time because of the heat. She feels uneasy. She is always sweating and is having some breakouts too. She needs acne treatments that work fast or she will go crazy! Kidding aside, she hopes that summer will be over in no time. Cold is still the best for her.