A for A

Vitamin A for Acne! I can hear my wife saying. Oh, she loves to say rhyming words as she is also a poet somehow. She was able to write a couple of poems when she was younger, you bet, mostly about me, err... about love. ;)

Going back to acne, it could be one of the the most serious face affectation. Nobody would like to have that. My younger brother almost had that and so is my nephew. Good thing that they are brave enough to visit facial salons and the dermatologists to examine their faces. Well, why brave enough? During those times, society has not accepted yet the beauty for men idea.

Lucky me, I have a fairly behaved hormones and glands or whatever it is that is causing acne. Just the same, it pays to read about acne reviews like accutane side effects just in case that the Big As need to meet.

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