My detailed wife

My wife sometimes annoys me especially when she makes a big deal out of small things. She is always right. Well, growing up with a lawyer Dad, having jobs as purchasing officer, billing officer and now business analyst maybe the cause of her being too detailed in everything. We are really the exact opposites as I take life lightly. To me, a problem becomes a problem when you think about it. If you just let things be then it is a good life, do you agree?

One example, my medicines. I just take what the doctors give to me. Well, I trust my doctors. It should be that way, right? One time, she asked me if the doctor was able to advise me when to stop taking my medications. You know, when you feel better already and all. The issue particularly was the medicine for high blood pressure. I was given a maximized dosage and after a day or two, my blood pressure normalized. However, the medication was for one month. She was insisting for me to call my doctor and ask her if I should stop and maybe settle for a maintenance drug. According to my wife, my blood pressure was already very low as she monitored it. She told me that my liver might give in because of too much medicines. She might be right. I got her point. But then, she would never stop mentioning about a lot of things like the Topamax lawsuit that she read about just because of taking a migraine medication. I also have lots of headaches because of the high BP and diabetes. How did I make her stop in times like this? Hahahaha! I kiss her lips!

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