Excited for my new mobile phone

Choie bought a new mobile phone for Thirty Two Thousand Pesos! That is around Seven Hundred Sixty Two US Dollars. A real big amount for a mobile phone, right? Anyways, she had the previous phone for almost five years now and according to her, it was time to change handset already. Oh, maybe I am just jealous? I am waiting for the best mobile phone that might just come out before Christmas! Wife said that she will give one to me as a Christmas gift! Yipe! This early, I am looking for phone cases. Well, I want something expensive like that be protected. I will buy one for Choie too as her cellular needs one. I hope the camera in her phone is working properly already as last time the pictures from it were not that nice. Maybe because, she did not buy it a phone case. Anyways, I shall be the one to buy already since I will definitely get one! Yes, I am this excited for my new mobile phone. I am waiting!



My wife's office is not fully equipped with security cameras. That is my opinion as she told me that yesterday, a burglar was able to enter their premises. Whoa! That burglar must be really good, huh! Well, to think that there are so many men in blue also in their building. Anyways, the office administrator already did routine checks and decided to install more security cameras. And.. oh yes, some of the real security guards in flesh are to be investigated also.

Here at home, I have been wanting to put a security camera also. That is another project of mine.


Presentation material

My wife is still up trying to finish her presentation material tomorrow. Oh, if only she could just put everything in a tabletop display then maybe all her worries will be gone and she could finally take a rest. Now, she is thinking if she made the right decision, transferring to a new post. Well, I am just here to support her all the way. Whatever pleases her, it is good for me. I just hope that she will finish soon so we could all sleep.


Affordable fashion

You want sunglasses for as low as nine bucks? Then you can go for replica sunglasses. I learned it from a friend who is very fashionable. During summer, he wears different eyeglasses for each day. It goes with his outfit. Yes, men can be vain too, at times, huh! Anyways, he has good pairs. He said that it does not cost him much.

Affordable fashion, it is!


Thank you to mobile internet

4AM and my wife was already in the phone? Who could she be talking to? Oh, apparently, the adaptor for the internet connection is defective. She was talking to the technical support staff of the broadband company. Very quick action on my wife's part. For the broadband company, earliest schedule will be tomorrow. Oh, I guess that is fast already? Anyways, thank you to the ever dependable mobile internet which I am using right now!

Don't worry, be happy

I love funny tshirts. Well, I am a jolly person and I really do not like heavy talks. I attack all situations in a light manner or as much as possible, do not think of any problem at all. If I could not do anything about a particular situation, I just laugh it off.

Whenever I have to meet someone who has a problem, I make sure that I wear my funniest t-shirt! That way, even with no talks at all, I can maker him or her smile. Eventually, he will also forget what's been bugging him.