Excited for my new mobile phone

Choie bought a new mobile phone for Thirty Two Thousand Pesos! That is around Seven Hundred Sixty Two US Dollars. A real big amount for a mobile phone, right? Anyways, she had the previous phone for almost five years now and according to her, it was time to change handset already. Oh, maybe I am just jealous? I am waiting for the best mobile phone that might just come out before Christmas! Wife said that she will give one to me as a Christmas gift! Yipe! This early, I am looking for phone cases. Well, I want something expensive like that be protected. I will buy one for Choie too as her cellular needs one. I hope the camera in her phone is working properly already as last time the pictures from it were not that nice. Maybe because, she did not buy it a phone case. Anyways, I shall be the one to buy already since I will definitely get one! Yes, I am this excited for my new mobile phone. I am waiting!


Anonymous said...

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