Real price plus shipping cost

My cousin from Japan supplies us with refurbished computers. No, not for selling but for our own use. My brother and sister benefited from it. These kind of stuff is all over the marketplace though. That is why, we always ask her beforehand how much it will cost her to buy there plus the shipping. Might as well, she sends the money and let us buy here. :)


Health Savings

we have a medical card but it has its limitations. Not all doctors accept health cards. My wife is worried about our son's health condition as for the longest time, his cough and colds seem comfortable in his body and do not want to leave him ever. Wifey searched the net for the cardiopulmonary doctor mentioned by her officemate. She is ready to make an appointment. The doctor is not covered by our health insurance and according to her officemate, the professional fee is not just double the usual but quadruple! He must be really good, huh! That is why, wifey told me that we should really have some form of health savings.

Christmas Present

Our son is into all form of electronic games of sort. You know those that you can play using a game console. He loves searching the net for those and just last night he told me that he wants to buy xbox games. Well, the same with his Mom when it comes to xbox. We actually do not have xbox yet. Maybe, a Christmas present for the house? My wife wants the xbox kinect, as usual because of those dance games that she saw. It was used as an attraction in one of their office functions.


Thanks Honey!

I know when my wife is not that busy in the office. She calls me more than a couple of times. I sort of missed it because ever since she transferred to her new workplace, she has not been giving me a ring. Yesterday, I think I received four to five calls. she was sort of teasing me as I was waiting for that news if she already got my Smart Netphone. As I asked, she always said, not yet. To my surprise, after dinner last night, she put out something from her tiny bag. Your guess is right! My new phone! My new toy! Thanks, Honey!


How many uniforms do you have? In the office, we are not given uniforms but clothing allowance. It is on our advantage because we can choose our own clothes according to our style. However, I still prefer uniforms because you do not have to think of what to wear each day.

Even in hospitals and other health institutions, having a "uniform" in the real sense of the word is not the in thing anymore. Like for scrubs, there are so many designs to choose from already besides from that pure white uniform. One of my friends who works as a nurse, always goes for dickies scrubs. He loves the designs and according to him pretty affordable too.


The edge

What can you do when you are inside the house? My wife said that there are actually a lot of opportunities online. She is bugging me and my sister who also stays home and has no work outside to think of a good business so that we can actually earn. I am thinking of sending my younger sister to a Cosmetology school, then we can put up a Beauty Salon. Yes, an education is a must so that we will have an edge over other parlors and salons in the area. I think that it is a good idea. Now, all we have to do is to find a good beauty school.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 7100 Northland Circle, Suite 312 – Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Smart Netphone

Finally, an affordable Android phone, only from Smart Communications! Where else to get it but from the leader of the industry, right?

I am not really a tech guru but I know a good phone when I see one.

I like to tinker mobile phones and I am excited for my Smart netphone. My wife said that I will be able to get it next week!

What are the features of Smart Netphone? ANDROID and with a SMARTNET portal where you can connect with your friends and even meet new ones! Click here more info!


Spread the news

My wife said that I can search online and actually be a contractor. I saw some Technical Recruiter Jobs. Hmmm... a recruiter, huh! At one point, we tend to be or act to be recruiters by spreading the news of job employments and all. Many companies are now going back to that advertising technique. The " word of mouth" technique. In companies, they also have refer a friend programs giving you incentives if ever you are able to refer a good catch. I think I can do that.