Talk and read

Night time! Wife is home, child is asleep. I and my wife are still awake as we try to communicate with each other to keep us updated and for a healthier relationship, I guess. Oh, my wife loves to talk! :)

Our topics? SD cards, kobo wireless ereader, tablets, and other gadgets. Yes, gadget talk it is for tonight!

As much as my wife loves to talk, she loves reading too! That is why, she is thinking to buy a tablet!


What is iMessage?

What is iMessage? Some of my friends who own iPhone have been tweeting about this. I read that it is BBM for iPhone? What happened to twitter and short messaging services and Facebook subscription then? Is iMessage free? It is hard when you do not have an iPhone. Yes, I want an iPhone!

Chocolates and Berries

Caught my wife looking at online husband gifts! Mouth watering! Strawberries in chocolates! Now, I am afraid she will let go of her first day of diet. I will count a few minutes. Before I knew it, I know that she has gone to the refrigerator and eat some custard cake.

I appreciate the gesture that wifey is in hunt of a gift for me. Christmas is still far. Or, maybe, this alarmed me. I should think of something for her too already this early.


Cinderella at the doorstep

It is a Friday? Where to go? This friend of mine always have this Friday night out with his friend playing poker. Beer will not be absent of course! Plus, the whole fun of being your best buddies in a night of poker. What time to go home then?

I just heard my wife talking to her friend and it was already past twelve midnight. The friend could not sleep because the husband is still not yet in. She worries every time her husband is away and in a Boys' Night Out. My wife suggested online casinos to her friend. If you cannot beat them, join them? Well, at least she could learn what her husband is enjoying and maybe, she can even challenge him in the future? Women's tactics, huh!

Anyways, Boys' Night Out are always fun and I really admire women who still allow their husbands to have their own time with their friends. It is a breather. Well, you have to have time for everything and make life balanced so that there will be no point of exhaustion.

Women should have their Girls' Night Out too. Just like tonight, my wife will be with her friends again. There will be a Cinderella knocking by the doorstep again.

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Sunday break

I went to the mall last Sunday! Yes, I am happy about it. Well, the rains and some typhoons have been locking us inside our house for a couple of weekends already. Thanks to my wife for allowing me to go out even if it was still raining. She is a homebody, really, thus, she just preferred not to go with me. Maybe she also did not want to spend much as going out would mean extra expense and it might hurt our budget.

What did I do at the mall? The usual: visit the hardware store, do it yourself shops, house and home appliances and furniture store, and the phone shop! There are new phones out in the market as I mentioned in my posts, it was my time to interview the promo girls. Aww, the one I spoke with did not even know how the phone works! I was disappointed. When I got home, I told my wife about it and advised her to bring it to the attention of their Marketing department. Oh, yeah, I visit the branch of the telecoms my wife is working for. Hahahaha!

Wife is extra sweet

My wife was extra sweet these days. I wonder what is running inside her mind. Should I ask or should I just let her be? After all, I am the one benefiting from it. I can get anything I want. ;) Kidding aside, I really wonder still.

Finally, I found out why. My wife is quite paranoid sometimes. She read about Crestor lawsuit and one night before we embraced dreamland, she asked me how I was doing. How do I feel? How was my urine output? How's my leg muscles? Do I experience any muscle cramps? Then, she blurted out, she loves me and does not want to lose me. She prayed loudly and even asked the Lord for me to reach one hundred five years old! Oh, she really loves me that much, huh!

Anyways, it is a good thing that my wife is aware of those things. Her being medically inclined is somehow an advantage. Sometimes, we did not even have to go to the doctor. She always tells me to read the labels and look for the contraindications and precautions whenever I am given a new drug for my lifestyle condition.


Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition : Like

Speaking of "do not get too excited", huh! My wife screamed, "Honey, come here!". I was in the bathroom and the door leading to the bathroom and kitchen area is always closed, she really had to shout. Well, what was the commotion all about?

The Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone edition! Well, I already have the Smartnetphone, is she going to buy me another one? ;)