Cinderella at the doorstep

It is a Friday? Where to go? This friend of mine always have this Friday night out with his friend playing poker. Beer will not be absent of course! Plus, the whole fun of being your best buddies in a night of poker. What time to go home then?

I just heard my wife talking to her friend and it was already past twelve midnight. The friend could not sleep because the husband is still not yet in. She worries every time her husband is away and in a Boys' Night Out. My wife suggested online casinos to her friend. If you cannot beat them, join them? Well, at least she could learn what her husband is enjoying and maybe, she can even challenge him in the future? Women's tactics, huh!

Anyways, Boys' Night Out are always fun and I really admire women who still allow their husbands to have their own time with their friends. It is a breather. Well, you have to have time for everything and make life balanced so that there will be no point of exhaustion.

Women should have their Girls' Night Out too. Just like tonight, my wife will be with her friends again. There will be a Cinderella knocking by the doorstep again.

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