Sunday break

I went to the mall last Sunday! Yes, I am happy about it. Well, the rains and some typhoons have been locking us inside our house for a couple of weekends already. Thanks to my wife for allowing me to go out even if it was still raining. She is a homebody, really, thus, she just preferred not to go with me. Maybe she also did not want to spend much as going out would mean extra expense and it might hurt our budget.

What did I do at the mall? The usual: visit the hardware store, do it yourself shops, house and home appliances and furniture store, and the phone shop! There are new phones out in the market as I mentioned in my posts, it was my time to interview the promo girls. Aww, the one I spoke with did not even know how the phone works! I was disappointed. When I got home, I told my wife about it and advised her to bring it to the attention of their Marketing department. Oh, yeah, I visit the branch of the telecoms my wife is working for. Hahahaha!

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