Wife is extra sweet

My wife was extra sweet these days. I wonder what is running inside her mind. Should I ask or should I just let her be? After all, I am the one benefiting from it. I can get anything I want. ;) Kidding aside, I really wonder still.

Finally, I found out why. My wife is quite paranoid sometimes. She read about Crestor lawsuit and one night before we embraced dreamland, she asked me how I was doing. How do I feel? How was my urine output? How's my leg muscles? Do I experience any muscle cramps? Then, she blurted out, she loves me and does not want to lose me. She prayed loudly and even asked the Lord for me to reach one hundred five years old! Oh, she really loves me that much, huh!

Anyways, it is a good thing that my wife is aware of those things. Her being medically inclined is somehow an advantage. Sometimes, we did not even have to go to the doctor. She always tells me to read the labels and look for the contraindications and precautions whenever I am given a new drug for my lifestyle condition.

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