Consider it done!

My wife likes to have one of those clawfoot tubs in the market. I say, yes, it can be bought as somehow, it is sort of mobile? Well, one thing, we do not have a place for it yet but since our second floor is not yet being used by anyone, maybe we can park it there first. We should also get a tub cover. Well, another person who is excited about it is our son. He loves to swim. According to him, the tub can substitute for a pool as of now. All he needs is cold! Summer time is near so I guess, it will be a good buy. Okay, consider it done, guys!

Forget me not

It is Christmas Time! Oh, first, Happy Thanksgiving to all my relatives and friends in the US. That reminds me, I have to send the Zeal Goggles that my cousin has been asking from me for such a long time now! My apologies Bro for not being able to buy it sooner. It is in the box already! ;)

So, what's up with you this season? In exactly one month from now, we will greet each other again, Merry Christmas!

Happy gift shopping, and oh, forget me not!


Nephew's project

My nephew is about to graduate but before that, he has to submit a project. He will graduate from a Computer Engineering course! I am so proud of him. He has big dreams and I know that he can do it. Right now or even for the rest of his College, he pays half of his tuition fee not only because of his good academic standing but also because of his athletic skills. He was half a point short for the full scholarship for this semester. Fifty percent tuition fee discount is better than nothing, of course!

So, on with his project. He needs so many things like Prototype SMT Stencils, computer parts, some guide books and money! Well, for obvious reasons why money is needed.

What can I say? I am here for you, Neph!

Getting ga-ga over Android

Having an Android phone is the best. Limitless possibilities. Everyday I can change my phone's desktop. There are so many free applications too. I am really loving my Android phone!

I really like iPhone but it is way too much expensive. I really do not know if I will buy one this Christmas. For now, my SMARTNETPHONE takes my time. Good thing it is Android.

Love and Hate Relationship

I lost this blog's PR again and I am quite sad about it. Well, as you know the importance of a PR for a blog like mine. Anyways, I know that I will have it back again soon. It has always been a love and hate relationship broken heart between this blog and Mr. G. I know that I have my share of shortcomings and I must act on it if I want to have his attention once again.

As we get older

As we get older, diseases are becoming more frequent. We tend to catch more viruses as our resistance decreases. As they say, health is somehow indirectly proportional with age. Thus, as I always tell myself, age gracefully.

It pains me as I learned about my body age. I am only 50 yet my body age is already 63. I have too many visceral fat and that is not good, I know. Worst, I have diabetes.

There are many products available in the market that can control sugar or even block carbohydrates as they say. I saw one commercial that the lady was just offered a diet drink then she can already afford to eat all the sweets that she wants and even rice and other good food! Well, all I can say is beware! I just read about actos bladder cancer and it is unbelievable for me. Well, I always believe in medications prescribed by the doctors of course. I suggest though that we can also do our own research before taking any medication.


What everybody wants

My nephew is thinking of shifting to another course. He is eying Respiratory Therapy Technician Jobs abroad. I could not blame him as life has been quite hard for them these past few years and maybe landing a job abroad would really make him earn money. He wants to realize his dreams. Big ones! Actually, he just wants a house and a car and money in the bank. Regular cash flow, like that. Well, everybody wants that, right?

Very slow broadband connection

I am actually losing my patience right now because of the very slow broadband connection. I already called the customer and technical service of the broadband company but I am redirected to the IVRS telling me that there is a technical activity going on here at our area. Imagine, we cannot watch videos in YouTube and other platforms. Moreover, even visiting blogs is very slow. Thus, I am really losing my patience. I am getting irritated already because it has been since Wednesday! Imagine that! It is eight days tomorrow!

I am thinking of switching to another kind of connection.